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Can facial paralysis reoccur?

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Cranial nerve 7 paralysis is not a rare condition nowadays, and it can totally be treated by many methods. However, many have questioned if cam facial paralysis reoccurs after being treated or not? Some even experience a crooked mouth or stiff facial muscles once the weather gets cold. Are they also the signs of reoccurrence.

Can facial paralysis reoccur?

The answer is YES. Cranial nerve 7 paralysis can reoccur at any moment as you will not be immune to it once it got treated. You can even have the condition, get treated, and have it again, forming an infinite loop. When it gets cold, the face can become stiff and unable to control the saliva.

The condition can leave some complications that affect the facial muscles, causing pain and irritation to chewing and daily communicating.

In fact, it is not rare for cranial nerve 7 paralysis to reoccur. The number of people having reoccurrence is rising over the years. But you should not be too worried as modern medicine has a way to treat you regardless.

Can facial paralysis reoccur?
Can facial paralysis reoccur?

The causes of facial paralysis reoccurrence

The causes of facial palsy reoccurrence are various. However, the most common one is due to the improper care of the body, especially for those with weak health. You must remember that for people who had and are having cranial nerve 7 paralysis, toxin wind is your number one enemy. Regardless of the original reason that causes your condition, the toxic wind is the deal sealer that makes your condition worse.

In addition to the toxic wind, incomplete treatment is another culprit of the problem. This can be due to some positive recovery signs during the treatment that make the doctors believed that the problem is solved and stopped the therapy.

However, they are just “fake” signs, showing that the person is recovering, not treated entirely. At one point, when the weather gets cold, the incomplete treatment can cause the condition to reoccur, with the severity based on each individual’s health.

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All of the cranial nerve 7 paralysis surgery performed at Gangwhoo are operated by the hands of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – the Expertise Director of Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, along with a team of experts and professors from Korea. After inspecting and diagnosing the condition, the good doctor will discuss with Korean experts to give out a suitable and safe method that will not cause any pain to the patient.

Most patients after having facial palsy surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital gave positive feedback with great recovery. They are happy with their new look and stop being self-pity.

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How can you treat facial palsy reoccurrence?

Once you have the answer to whether can facial paralysis reoccurs, the next thing you should do is to have a check-up at a prestigious hospital. Your previous treatment could continue if it is unfinished, or you can be undergone a different therapy with better effectiveness.

Overall, the treatments for facial palsy reoccurrence are not too difficult to perform. The doctors will have a solution to end your problem once and for all.

How to lower the risk of having facial paralysis reoccurrence?

The simplest way to prevent the condition from reoccurring is to take care of your health. You should have a logical diet and rest and do regular exercises. Moreover, you should smile and laugh more. They will not only boost your mental health but also improve your muscle’s function as well.lietmat kh 4 kh lietmat 6

With our honest advice, we hope that you can no longer wonder about “can facial paralysis reoccur”. If you are still worried about this condition, feel free to stop by Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive the best advice for your problem!

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