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Will fat return after Abdominal Liposuction? How and Why?

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“Will fat return after Abdominal Liposuction?” is frequently asked by customers interested in liposuction services. Find out via this article.

Will fat return after liposuction?
Will fat return after liposuction?


What is our resident experts opinion?

According to experts at Gangwhoo, It is possible to regain fat after abdominal liposuction through daily activities. The fat is more likely to return if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. 

An improved waistline, without worrying about fat returning when done at Gangwhoo
An improved waistline, without worrying about fat returning when done at Gangwhoo
After liposuction, the amount of fat returning is usually not much and are distributed in other areas in the body. To ensure that fat doesn’t return after liposuction, you need to establish a diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially important to ensure that the surgical results are long-lasting and that you can enjoy a slim and attractive figure.


Knowing it’s possible for fat to return, what can one do to prevent this situation? The formation of excess fat is common caused by the following causes:

1. Improper diet 

After liposuction, following a healthy and scientific diet is extremely important. In general, eat whole food and a variety of food. Avoid processed food.

You need foods that are rich in protein such as pork, fish, and whole milk to ensure a plentiful supply of material for the body to use to heal post-op wounds.

You should also control your carbs and sugar intake. There’s a close relationship between excessive carbohydrates intake and weight gain.

Source of carbs such as rice, bread, noodles, vermicelli, or pho should not be avoid but consumed in moderation. It’s better if you can use whole grain variations to slow down carbs metabolism while provide you with extra vitamins and fiber.

You should avoid food with a lot of added sugar such as cake, biscuits, milk tea, … and soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi and 7Up.

The following foods are linked to promotion of scar formation, melatonin concentration or irritates wound healing and should be avoided: Water spinach, beef, sticky rice, seafood

You also need to avoid stimulants and alcoholic beverages: tea, coffee, wine etc.

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Will fat rebound after abdominal liposuction?
Fat is more likely to return if you have a bad diet

2. Excess fasting 

Some think there’s no worries of fat returning if they don’t eat anything at all. This is very wrong and potentially life threatening.

After liposuction, like every surgery, your body needs nutrients to repair itself. Excessive fasting puts you at risk of exhaustion and stomach diseases.

Without enough nutrients, your body goes into a low metabolic state that can impedes recovery, resulting in bad scars and higher risk of infection that can further damage

3. Lacking exercise to maintain the result of liposuction

Another reason that leads to the possibility of reappearing fat after liposuction is most likely due to a lack of exercise and not maintaining a fitness routine. If you are not active, your body doesn’t burn calories, which if not consumed will store into excess fat.
Will fat rebound after abdominal liposuction?
Will fat return after abdominal liposuction?


Knowing that fat can potentially return, what do you need to do to avoid the fat coming back?Here’s how to maintain the effective of your liposuction and keep your waist slim.

Maintain your result after abdominal lipo without the fat returning
Maintain your result after abdominal lipo without the fat returning

Eat sensibly

You should eat enough nutrients and a variety of foods, focusing on sources of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Limit foods high in sugar, starch, fat and sodium. Drink plenty of water to help the body purify and support metabolism

Exercise regularly

Maintain exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to maintain health and weight. You can choose cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming… to increase energy consumption and burn excess fat. You should also incorporate high-intensity exercises or muscle training to increase muscle and lose fat

Follow your doctor’s instructions

Don’t forget to closely follow your doctor’s instructions about taking medication, resting after surgery, taking care of your surgical wound, and having follow-up visits. You should also avoid factors that cause inflammation or irritation to the liposuctioned skin area to worsen, such as sunlight, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. You should also not smoke or drink alcohol during recovery.


While unusual, liposuction can be performed again without danger to your health. However, to do this, you must meet certain conditions to ensure success rate and safety for the body. Ask a doctor to know if a second abdominal liposuction is recommended.
  • Sound of health, no chronic diseases or serious allergies
  • Weight remained stable for 6 months before the second liposuction
  • Good skin elasticity, no sagging or keloid scars left by the first liposuction
  • Visit your doctor and follow your doctor’s instructions before performing liposuction a second time


Talking about the top quality and prestigious cosmetic facility in Ho Chi Minh City, you are probably no stranger to the address of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Thousands of customers come there to perform liposuction every year. And they all got their desired result as well as satisfaction with other services.

Mother of 3 children satisfied after Gangwhoo help her reclaim her slim waistline
Mother of 3 children satisfied after Gangwhoo help her reclaim her slim waistline

When you come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital (meeting the 83-criteria standard of the Ministry of Health), you will no longer have to worry about whether fat will return after abdominal liposuction. As well as experiencing the types of aesthetics with the best standards: the equipment and machinery are tested and imported from abroad; modern technology always catches up with trends and constantly innovates day by day; the team of doctors consists of highly skilled and reputable people; Every year, doctors at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital take long business trips to gain more experience from famous countries in the field of beauty such as the US, Korea, Japan, Europe…

Most of the women who need liposuction and have spent time learning about it, perhaps more or less know about liposuction (High Technology Lipo Ultrasound) – a modern technology to remove excess fat transferred from the beauty kingdom – Korea. This fat reduction technology has many outstanding features such as:

Easily dissolve a great amount of excess fat, the process is quick (in 60 minutes), showing immediate results.

Completely remove excess fat from many different areas of the body such as the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and biceps…

This method is also minimally invasive, painless, and lessens swelling and bruising.

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Safe does not irritate the skin and supports pathological problems caused by excess fat.

Lipo Ultrasound method liquefies fat with focused ultrasound, then excess fat will be extracted through a small surgical hole of about 0.5cm – so you don’t have to worry about bad scarring, or taking time to rest due to loss of strength.

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