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Will fat return after Abdominal Liposuction? What are the Causes?

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“Will fat return after Abdominal Liposuction?” is a frequently asked question of most customers interested in liposuction services. The answer to this question depends on many factors 

Let’s find out via this article to know about the details and give a general view of liposuction!


Most of us when feeling fed up with a strict diet, exercise, injection, or slimming pills to archive our desired weight, cosmetic liposuction is a choice. So it can be said, for many people, this can be seen as a last resort solution for an oversized body.

So abdominal liposuction can be considered an advanced method to eliminate excess fat fast and effectively. This method is usually applied to those who desire to lose weight fast or have already experienced many failed attempts with other methods.

Will fat rebound after abdominal liposuction?
Will fat return after abdominal liposuction?


According to Prof.Dr. Park Sung Yong (a well-known cosmetic surgeon, who is currently working for Gangwhoo hospital), it’s not coincident that liposuction in general and abdominal liposuction, in particular, has always been a priority when choosing a method to improve weight problems. Some significant advantages can be listed below:

– Fat is liquefied and extracted from the body, so the improvement in weight and body measurement will be immediately noticeable.

– Only performed in around 60 minutes but can bring maximum results.

– This method is carried out quite smoothly so customers can resume their daily life right after.


So we have come to our main topic, will fat return after abdominal liposuction?

The answer to this question depends on your post-surgery care… You may know, this method is performed by liquefying fat via machine and then extracting it directly out of the body so it can be said that the prevalence of fat return almost equals “0”.

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1. Improper diet 

According to Dr. Park Sung Yong, in order not to have to worry too much about the fat return after liposuction, following a healthy and scientific diet is extremely necessary.

Firstly, you need to add foods that are rich in protein such as pork, fish, and whole milk; as well as vitamins-rich foods like fruits and vegetables…

You should also limit your sweets intake. Everybody knows there’s a close relationship between sweets and weight gain. That’s why you should avoid cake, biscuits, milk tea, … and canned drinks like coca, Pepsi, Fanta, sting, and 7up…

Too much carbs intake can boost fat accumulation and form faster. Your liposuction results may return to “0” if you do not cut back on the following products from your diet, which can be mentioned as Rice, bread, instant noodles, noodles soup, vermicelli, or pho,…

Besides, as for eating and drinking after liposuction, the following foods are easy cause scarring and you need to avoid the most: Water spinach, chicken, beef, sticky rice, seafood, egg whites… And you also need to avoid stimulants and alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and tobacco.

You need to keep in mind that, the self-care factor after liposuction (or in particular, dietary compliance), if not properly addressed, this will not only waste all the results, but it can also cause many serious consequences such as leaving bad scars, causing bodily harm, or causing pus, bleeding, poisoning… so please follow strictly the post-operative care measures as advised by your doctor!

Will fat rebound after abdominal liposuction?
Will fat return after abdominal liposuction?

2. Extreme diet 

To lessen your worries about whether fat will return after abdominal liposuction, please note that do not follow a too-extreme diet, instead, you need a healthy and safe one.

Excessive diet not only puts you at risk of exhaustion, and stomach diseases, and sometimes it even backfires. You can contact us via (0901 666 879) to get more detailed answers from the leading experts in cosmetic surgery at “Gangwhoo”.

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3. Too lazy to do exercise to maintain the result of liposuction

Most experts recommend that, for a short time after liposuction, you need to limit excessive exercise so that the wounded area has time to recover. But then your exercise time needs to gradually increase (follow your doctor’s advice)… because this is the leading factor that helps the metabolism of your body, burn calories – thereby helping to keep your body healthy. Your body maintains a moderate amount of nutrients, preventing fat re-occurrence.

Will fat rebound after abdominal liposuction?
Will fat return after abdominal liposuction?


Talking about the top quality and prestigious cosmetic facility in Ho Chi Minh City, you are probably no stranger to the address of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. Thousands of customers come there to perform liposuction every year. And they all got their desired result as well as satisfaction with other services.

When you come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital (meeting the 83-criteria standard of the Ministry of Health), you will no longer have to worry about whether fat will return after abdominal liposuction. As well as experiencing the types of aesthetics with the best standards: the equipment and machinery are tested and imported from abroad; modern technology always catches up with trends and constantly innovates day by day; the team of doctors consists of highly skilled and reputable people; Every year, doctors at Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital take long business trips to gain more experience from famous countries in the field of beauty such as the US, Korea, Japan, Europe…

Most of the women who need liposuction and have spent time learning about it, perhaps more or less know about liposuction (High Technology Lipo Ultrasound) – a modern technology to remove excess fat transferred from the beauty kingdom – Korea. This fat reduction technology has many outstanding features such as:

Easily dissolve a great amount of excess fat, the process is quick (in 60 minutes), showing immediate results.

Completely remove excess fat from many different areas of the body such as the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and biceps…

This method is also minimally invasive, painless, and lessens swelling and bruising.

Safe does not irritate the skin and supports pathological problems caused by excess fat.

Lipo Ultrasound method liquefies fat with focused ultrasound, then excess fat will be extracted through a small surgical hole of about 0.5cm – so you don’t have to worry about bad scarring, or taking time to rest due to loss of strength.

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