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Will A Blepharoplasty Leave Any Scar?

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Will a blepharoplasty leave any scar is a very understandable question of many. However, the answer to this will depend on many different factors. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will list out the important things that you should remember to allow the eyelids to recover quickly without having any swelling or scarring.

Will A Blepharoplasty Leave Any Scar?
Will A Blepharoplasty Leave Any Scar?

Will a blepharoplasty leave any scar?

According to experts, blepharoplasty is the technique of removing excess skin and fat to create a new crease. Therefore, it will leave a scar.

However, this scar line is rather invisible and can be hidden under the new crease line. It is extremely difficult to spot it with naked eyes.

Experts warn that scarring is rare but not entirely impossible. There are cases that scarring is visible after a blepharoplasty, affecting the person’s aesthetics.

Therefore, you will need to have a good understanding of the factors that can affect the procedure to avoid ugly scarring.

The cosmetic facility

Will a blepharoplasty leave any scar or not the way to determine if the blepharoplasty was a success or not. If you head to a non-prestigious facility without advanced equipment and an operating license, the risk of complications could be very high.

The expertise of the doctors

This is also a good factor to determine will a blepharoplasty leave any scar.

Regardless of the position that you wish to have a procedure on, an exceptional surgeon with lots of experience is required.

To be more specific, the doctor must be skilled and has performed many blepharoplasties in the past.

A good surgeon with exceptional skills will have to diagnose the condition of the eyes before performing the procedure. Based on their knowledge, they will determine the condition of the eyes and propose the best possible technique.

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If you made a good decision of choosing yourself a skilful surgeon, you will definitely receive the results of your dream.

In contrast, if your eyes are placed in the hands of a low-quality surgeon, you will have the of having asymmetrical eyelids, bad scarring, protruding eyes, infection, etc.

The technology and technique

As mentioned above, will a blepharoplasty leave any scar or not also depend greatly on the machinery used. Whether the scars will be small or big is greatly affected by how advanced the technology involved is.

If the blepharoplasty is done using an advanced technique and the latest technology, the risk of scarring is very minimal, especially if combined with the years of experience of the surgeon. You will certainly get yourself the beautiful crease with no sign of scarring.

According to the statistic, over 90% of the failed blepharoplasties are due to the technique of creating the incision.

In fact, almost all the blepharoplasties done using advanced technology leave no sign of scarring 1 – 2 months after the surgery is completed as the scars are well-hidden under the creases.

However, if the technology applied is obsolete, the risk of bleeding and invasion can cause the eyelid to take longer to recover, causing the creases to be more visible and big.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of bad scarring after blepharoplasty, you should only choose a reputable facility licensed by the Ministry of Health because these places will be fully equipped with advanced equipment and infrastructure.

The aftercare regime

Combining both the expertise of the doctors and the proper aftercare is the key for scarless eyelids. Remember to follow the exact instructions of the doctors on the daily routines and the resting to allow the eyelids to recover without leaving any scars.

If the patient is careless during this step, bad scars or even infection is totally possible.

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Therefore, whether will a blepharoplasty leave any scar or not depend greatly on the mentioned reasons. Aside from finding yourself a reputable and trustworthy facility, you should also know how to take care of your eyelids to ensure their scarless nature.

How to take care of your eyes afterwards to lower the risk of having scars

To lower the chance of having ugly scars after having blepharoplasty, you should keep the following things in mind:

You should obey the instructions given by the doctors during the first 24 hours. Sleep with a high head pillow and void intense activities. This will help to prevent complications and allow the eyes to quickly recover, forming the best condition for the scars to heal safely and aesthetically.

Your diet

You don’t have to be too strict with yourself after a blepharoplasty as you only need to ensure a sufficient amount of nutrients. You are recommended to avoid water spinach, seafood, chicken, etc. as this food can increase the chance of having keloid scars and itchiness at the wound. In addition, you should also add more vegetables to your meal to supplement yourself with vitamins, especially vitamin A and C to allow the eyes to rest and heal properly.

Your resting

After the surgery, the eyes will surely be sensitive. You should void direct eye contact with the sun and ultraviolet light from electronic devices as they can cause edema on the eyes, making the wound takes longer to heal. In addition, you should also rest plenty and avoid working multiple hours in front of the screen. Remember to sleep early.

You should also avoid physical activities and lifting heavy objects during the first few weeks.

How to take care of your scars

After the surgery, the doctors will prescribe certain antibiotics ointment to moisten and allow the wound to heal faster. Other creams for scarring like Scar Gel, Dermatix, etc. can be used after a few weeks.

After a few weeks, you will be instructed on how to massage the areas with hard scars. This will make the scars stable and heal faster.

In some cases, the doctors will inject medications directly into the scars to soften them.

You should also avoid direct sunlight from 10:00 to 14:00 to prevent dark scarring.

A facility for safe and reputable blepharoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the only place that established a department for eyes makeover. We also update the most advanced technology to bring about the best experience for the customers.

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The advanced blepharoplasty technique

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is currently applied the 4 in 1 Plasma blepharoplasty technology. This is the most advanced blepharoplasty technology at the moment as it is more superior to the traditional technique.

The technique meets all 3 requirements of non-invasive, quick recovery, scarless.

A team of exceptional surgeons

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the team of doctors have had over 15 years of experience in eyes makeover. They follow the regulations provided by the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety and the lasting results of the procedure. The eyelid, therefore, will be extremely natural without any sign of scarring.

Over the last 10 years, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has performed over 20,000 cases of blepharoplasty, ensuring a bright and youthful look for thousands of customers.

We hope the answer to the question of will a blepharoplasty leave any scar has helped you to be more confident before having the procedure. If you have any further questions, please go ahead and contact our website to receive an immediate consultation.

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