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Whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars – Experts Explain

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You want abdominal liposuction to improve your appearance, and make your daily life easier… but still wonder whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars. Does it hurt or cause any danger?

All your questions will be explained in detail via this article below!


According to Prof.Dr. Park Sung Yong (Korean surgeon – currently working for Gangwhoo hospital), abdominal liposuction is a method help eliminate excess fat directly and fast by liquefying it. Usually, people choose to do cosmetic liposuction after failed attempts at diet, exercise, injection… or just want to lose weight fast.

Whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars
Whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars


To answer whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars, Prof.Dr. Park Sung Yong explains that it depended on which method and place you choose to undergo the procedure.

Therefore, if you choose Gangwhoo hospital, in which High Technology Lipo Ultrasound transferred directly from Korea is applied in the liposuction procedure; fat will be liquefied and then extracted from the body via small incisions 0.5cm width. All customers who undergo this procedure here will be ensured that their health condition is safe and no worries about bad scarring after.


1. Condition of customers

The condition of each customer is one of the core factors determining whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars. Depending on the reaction of the customer’s body, it’ll affect the level of traces the method will leave after the procedure.

2. The skill of doctors

Regarding whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars, the skills of the doctors are one of the most important factors. Besides, it’ll not only affect whether there are scars after the procedure but also how the customer’s weight will improve and if there are any complications or dangers.

3. Post-surgery care

There’s one more factor affecting whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars, it’s their post-operative care. To not leave any bad scars after undergoing the procedure, need to follow a proper diet, rest well, exercise, and take care of yourself as instructed by the doctors.

Whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars?
Whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars?


For a long time, Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital has always been proud to be an aesthetic hospital that performs safe liposuction by advanced technology Lipo Ultrasound, transferred from Korea, and helps customers reach the dream of owning a slim body easily and quickly.

Here, you will experience a professional examination and consulting environment according to international standards, with modern equipment and a medical team who is well-trained from abroad and has many years of experience. Doctors at “Gangwhoo” often attend seminars, research, and scientific publications on international cosmetology in countries such as Korea, America, Europe…

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abdominal liposuction scar 2
The waist measurement improves significantly after liposuction at “Gangwhoo”

Beauty lovers are probably not strangers to the address of Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital. For many years, this place has always been proud of the Korean technology – Lipo Ultrasound in liposuction surgeries. Thousands of customers have come to this address to perform liposuction every year. And they all archive their desired result as well as satisfaction with the service.

When coming to Gangwhoo, the concern about “whether abdominal liposuction leaves scars” seems not to be a huge obstacle. Because with the leading line of technology transferred directly from Korea such as Lipo Ultrasound – all problems of safety, health, aesthetic improvement … will always be guaranteed.

Accordingly, for performing abdominal liposuction by Lipo Ultrasound method, a technology transferred directly from Korea, the procedure will be carried out following steps according to medical standards as follows:

  • Step 1: Check the customer’s condition and area with excess fat. Then have a general health check to see if they are eligible to do it or not.
  • Step 2: Measure the weight and body measurements of customers before the procedure. At the same time, determine the amount of excess fat to be extracted, and decide the method and commitment after performing Lipo Ultrasound.
  • Step 3: For areas of fat that need to be extracted, the doctor will clean them with a warm towel to open the pores.
  • Step 4: Perform therapeutic acupressure and massage with essential oils. This step helps the skin to stretch, soften and make way for the essence, ultrasonic waves to go deep to break the structure and link between the fat tissue.
  • Step 5: Using advanced liposuction technology, Lipo Ultrasound penetrates deep into the fat tissue to push the fat out.
  • Step 6: Review the results after performing Lipo Ultrasound, and compare the measurement before and after to see the effect. At the same time, schedule a follow-up examination and provide appropriate home care and eating instructions.

abdominal liposuction scar 3

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