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Where Should Shippers Have Covid-19 Tests?

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On September 21st, shippers were allowed to work again to serve people after months of suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The condition for shippers to be allowed to work is to comply with strict regulations on Covid-19 testing. The question is, where can shippers get tested for Covid-19?
Where Should Shippers Have Covid-19 Tests?
Where Should Shippers Have Covid-19 Tests?

Where Should Shippers Have Covid-19 Tests?

Shippers must take samples for Covid-19 testing every day to be able to deliver shipments to serve the needs of the people.

Although there are many testing sites in the city, they are all overcrowded. This situation slows down the speed of testing and receiving test results, affecting the work of the shipper. Moreover, the overcrowding situation at the testing sites also has the potential for cross-infection.

In order to meet the needs of constant and quick Covid-19 testing to ensure the work of shippers, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital launches COVID-19 TESTING FOR SHIPPER in the city.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital guarantees all necessary equipment and human resources to ensure ABSOLUTE SAFETY and up to 10.000 SAMPLES/DAY.

Having a Covid-19 test at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, shippers DO NOT NEED TO WAIT OR CUT THE LINES. Shippers will receive results IN ONLY 15 – 20 MINUTES.

  • Special: Shippers will be granted a valid test certificate, in accordance with the law.
  • Only 30.000 VND/DAY for shippers to have a covid test.

To sign up for a Covid-19 test and more information, shippers please contact Hotline/Zalo:

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