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What To Eat After Rhinoplasty

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After rhinoplasty, you must follow all the guidance and advice from the doctors on the diet as this is a very important element. There are some products that you must not eat to protect the wound during post-operative care. Therefore, what to eat after rhinoplasty is something that everyone cares a lot about. This article will explain it all to you.

What to eat after rhinoplasty
What to eat after rhinoplasty

What to eat after rhinoplasty?

As mentioned before, what to eat after rhinoplasty is the question that many have. If you just had your surgery done and want the nose to recover as quick as possible, make sure to eat the following food.

The types of food that you should eat after rhinoplasty:

Juicy fruits

Fruits are very valuable sources of Vitamins. After rhinoplasty, the wound requires a tremendous amount of Vitamins, especially Vitamin A, C, and E, to improve the body’s immunity system and fasten the healing speed.

The types of fruits that you should choose includes:

  • Juicy fruits like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, grapes, etc.
  • Citrus fruits that provide a lot of Vitamin C like orange, lemon, tangerine, pomelo, etc.
  • In addition, there are also all sources of nutritious fruits like avocado, banana, papaya, kiwi, etc.

Green vegetables

Same as fruits, vegetables also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are very necessary to the recovery of the wound after the rhinoplasty. Moreover, green vegetables also provide the fiber needed for the digestive system.

You should choose vegetables with dark green color as they provide much vitamin C. Some of them are spinach, lettuce, etc. Some other mentionable choices are carrots, onions, potatoes, etc. (remember to cook them properly before you eat).

sau khi nang mui nen an gi

Products that are rich in protein

If you want your nose to recover quickly and offer a beautiful contour, protein is something that you cannot leave out of your meal. However, not all sources of protein are good for patients after rhinoplasty.

The types of food that you can choose to supplement yourself with good protein are pork, tofu, beans, milk, and dairy products like yogurt, cheese, etc.

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Rice and other cereal products

After rhinoplasty, you can still eat rice normally. In addition, you can also consume some cereal products like oat, brown rice, corn, spaghetti, etc. to make your menu more diverse.


Water takes up 70% of the body; therefore, it is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system, helping the wound to heal faster. That is why you should drink from 2 – 3 liters of water every day after rhinoplasty.

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You should eat more fruits and vegetables after rhinoplasty

What not to eat after rhinoplasty

Aside from the food that you should consume more, what you should not is also receiving a lot of interest. Let’s continue reading the article below to understand what we should not eat after rhinoplaty.

Hard products

After rhinoplasty, you must avoid eating hard food as they are difficult to chew and swallow. This greatly affects the healing process of the wound. Moreover, chewing hard food can cause pain in the nose area.

Allergic food

After rhinoplasty, you should not eat seafood or glutinous products as they can cause itchiness, allergy, or purulence at the nose.

Food causes keloid scars and bruises

To avoid forming keloid scars, bruises, and skin discoloration after rhinoplasty, you must get rid of all this food from your daily menu. For example water spinach, beef, chicken, duck, eggs, etc.

Stimulants and addictive products

Alcohol, bears, fizzy drinks, cigarette, or toxic stimulants must be avoided at all costs as these products are very impactful to the recovery of the wound.

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You should not consume beef, seafood, stimulants, etc. after rhinoplasty

How long do you have to keep this diet after rhinoplasty? 

You should not worry about this problem too much as it would not take too long. After 1 – 2 months of diet and once the nose has become stable, you can get back to your everyday diet.

Can you eat ducks after rhinoplasty?

Same as chicken, duck meat can cause allergy and itchiness at the wound; therefore, you should not eat ducks after rhinoplasty.

Can you eat tofu after rhinoplasty?

Tofu is a rich source of protein that you can definitely eat more after rhinoplasty.

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Can snail be eaten after having rhinoplasty?

There are a lot of parasites inside snails that can harm the recovery period. For that reason, eating snails is forbidden after rhinoplasty.

Can you eat instant noodles after rhinoplasty?

Instant noodles affect not only the wound after rhinoplasty but also your skin and shape. Therefore, you should lessen your instant noodles consumption after rhinoplasty.

Can you eat bread after rhinoplasty?

Bread is made out of wheat and flour, which is quite similar to rice; therefore, bread is consumable after rhinoplasty

Can you try goat meat after rhinoplasty?

Goat meat although is very rich in nutrients, it has hot nature. Therefore, eating it can lead to wound infection. That is why you must not have goat meat after rhinoplasty.

Can you eat frogs after rhinoplasty?

Frogs, although might be delicious and nutritious, also contain a lot of dangerous parasites. Eating them can cause immense harm to the nose.

Can you eat sweet potato after rhinoplasty?

Sweet potato is a very valuable source of carbohydrates and fiber that are good for the body of a patient.

Can eggs be eaten after rhinoplasty?

Eggs can cause discoloration at the wound, making the area unaesthetic.

Can you eat sprouts after rhinoplasty?

Eating sprouts will not affect the healing process of the wound in any way, so the answer is yes.

Can you eat peanuts after rhinoplasty?

Peanuts are the kind of product that provides fat and good protein, accelerating the recovery speed of the wound.

The article above answers the question about what to eat after rhinoplasty, what not to eat, and how long do you have to follow the diet. At the same time, it also answers some related questions. We hope that the reading will help you to build a logical diet to fasten the healing process of your nose, bringing you the best nose shape without causing any complications.

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If you still have any questions about what to eat after rhinoplasty, leave a comment down below or contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital through our hotline 0901666879.

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