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What to avoid eating after breast augmentation?

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The nutrients intake after breast augmentation is extremely crucial. To ensure your breasts recover quickly and be in good shape, you will need to have an appropriate diet. You will need to know what to avoid eating after breast augmentation to prevent inflammation and purulence. This information will be provided in the article below.

What to avoid eating after breast augmentation
What to avoid eating after breast augmentation

What to avoid eating after breast augmentation

There are many people who decided to have all the food at their disposal, leading to purulence, inflammation, or even necrosis that can affect their health. Therefore, you will need to have a logical diet. Here is the list of what to avoid eating after breast augmentation that you should remember.


What to avoid eating after breast augmentation you may ask. Beef is. Although this product contains a lot of good iron for people post-fever, you should cross this thing out of the menu if you just had a breast augmentation. This is because beef can cause the wound to take more time to heal, resulting in scarring and dark spots.

Sau nâng ngực nên kiêng ăn thịt bò
You should not eat beef after breast augmentation


This is another type of food that you should avoid after getting a breast augmentation. Having eggs will cause the incision sites to expand, affecting the surrounding regions. Moreover, it can also cause Tinea versicolor that is tough to treat, making you less confident in wearing exposing apparel.

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Nên kiêng ăn trứng sau khi nâng ngực
You should not eat eggs after a breast augmentation


Chicken is another nutritious product that exists in a lot of dishes. However, you should keep yourself from having this type of meat after breast augmentation as eating chicken will make the wound itchy, and purulent.

Sau nâng ngực nên kiêng ăn thịt gà
Avoid having chicken after breast augmentation


This group of products can make the incision site itchy inside out. This can cause a great disturbance, raising the urge to scratch the surgical sites. The wounds, therefore, can become open, bleed, and be harder to heal.

Không nên ăn hải sản khi vừa mới nâng ngực xong
You should not eat seafood after getting breast augmentation

Glutinous products

All the food made from glutinous products is forbidden if you wish to get the desirable breasts. Avoid eating this for 1-2 months for the wound to heal completely and prevent infection.

Sau nâng ngực nên kiêng ăn xôi nếp
Glutinous products are a no go after breast augmentation

Water spinach, amaranth

Finally, this is the type of food that you should not eat after breast augmentation. You can have them back after the wound is completely healed as before that time mark, eating them will cause ugly keloid scars at the surgical sites.

Ăn rau muống, rau dền có thể gây sẹo lồi sau nâng ngực
Eating water spinach and amaranth can cause keloid scars

Avoid having sexual intercourse

As much as you don’t want to hear it, you will have to postpone your “steamy bedtime” after breast augmentation as these activities can greatly affect the new breasts. For 1 month after the surgery, you should follow the exact instructions from the surgeons and take good care of your breasts.

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The recovery period is varied by each person, lasting from 3 – 6 months. After the sixth month, your breast will be stable and naturally beautiful. You can also have sex normally.

Sau khi nâng ngực nên kiêng quan hệ vợ chồng
Avoid having sex after breast augmentation

No sudden movement or intense exercises

For 3 months after the breast surgery, you shouldn’t participate in activities like golfing, going to the gym, swimming, or lifting heavy objects.

Không vận động mạnh sau nâng ngực
Don’t do anything intensively after breast surgery

What to avoid eating after breast augmentation – How long should it be?

Just 1 day after the surgery, you can eat and do some gentle daily routines. Aside from keeping your body sanitized, you should also remember what to avoid eating after breast augmentation. 2 – 3 months should be the suitable duration.

Depends on the body condition of the patient that the wound can heal in a month or two. Therefore, you should notice if the suture at your armpits or the in breast folds (inframammary). You should only get back to your previous diet and routines once they are completely healed.

Aside from remembering what to avoid eating after breast augmentation, you should supplement your body with plenty of vitamins A, C, and E. Furthermore, you should have more fruits to improve the body’s immune system, keep the body healthy, and aid the healing process after the surgery.

Some notices for breast augmentation post-operative care

In addition to the strict diet, you should also keep the following in mind:

  • Have a logical lifestyle and take care of the open wounds appropriately to keep them from being inflamed. The next 24 hours right after the surgery is very crucial so you should not compress or made contact with the breasts.
  • For people that get inflammation easily, antibiotics and painkillers from doctor’s prescriptions are a must. It is important to have a five to ten-day rest before getting back to work.

The article has explained to you what to avoid eating after breast augmentation. We hope that this information will be useful to you when shopping for your daily groceries and building a scientific diet to support your breasts’ healing.

If you are still questioning the breast augmentation procedure, whether if it leaves scarring or side effects or not, you should contact a reputable facility for it. Contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive consultation and advice for your choice of safe cosmetic makeovers!


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