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What to avoid after breast augmentation?

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After having breast augmentation, you should perform your daily routines properly to avoid getting unwanted complications. Read this article to know what to avoid after breast augmentation!

What to avoid after breast augmentation
What to avoid after breast augmentation

What to avoid after breast augmentation is something that many wonder about to their breast in the best shape. Certain activities and routines can directly determine if your breast will be perfect or not. Here is some advice for you to have the best breasts after getting the surgery.

What to avoid after breast augmentation

Avoid certain food after breast augmentation

The aftercare of breast augmentation is one of the priorities at major cosmetic hospitals.

Aside from the medications prescription given by the doctors, the nurses will also remind you about the diet and resting as they are ready to support the customers 24/7 until your breasts are in form and stable.

After getting breast augmentation, you will need to think ahead of your diet to avoid damaging the breasts. Here are some of the food that you should avoid.

  • Beef: as beef can cause scarring to the wound, it can affect the aesthetic aspect of the breasts after recovery.
  • Eggs: this product can make the wound expands, forming tinea versicolor that is very ugly and tough to treat.
  • Water spinach: this can create keloid scars, which can become hideous afterward.
  • Chicken: although this is rather nutritious, eating chicken while having breast implants will have you feel itchy and heal longer.
  • Glutinous products: they can cause purulence, higher infection risk, and longer wound healing.
  • Seafood: this product will make you feel itchy at the wound, causing you to scratch.
  • Alcohol and stimulants: these things can cause drug reactions after implant placement.

You will need to avoid using the products above and follow the exact instructions given to heal faster without leaving any scars.

In addition, you should also supplement more food with vitamins A, C, and E. Eating more vegetables, fruits, and water will also help a lot.

Sau nâng ngực nên ăn nhiều rau xanh và trái cây tươi
You should eat more fruits and vegetables after breast augmentation

Avoid having sex

Sexual activity is one of the answers to what to avoid after breast augmentation.

For the first week after the surgery, all sexual intercourse is forbidden. To ensure the best breast contour, you should avoid having sex for at least 3 weeks as this can affect the breasts.

After 1 month, you should follow the instructions from the doctors to take great care of your breasts and do minimal impact on the breasts on bed.

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The recovery time will depend greatly on the condition of each person as it can last between 3 – 6 months. After 6 months, your breast will be much more stable and more naturally beautiful. After this time mark, you can have sex normally again.

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Avoid sports and heavy tasks

For the first 3 months after the breast augmentation, you should avoid participating in activities like golfing, going to the gym, swimming, or lifting heavy objects.

How to take care of your breasts after the surgery

What to avoid after breast augmentation and how to take care of the breasts? Here is some advice for you to keep your breasts safe and sound.

Take great care of the surgical wound

You should not scratch or touch the wound to avoid bleeding or blood clots. You should consult the doctor before using any type of antibiotic, painkillers, or scar ointment. Remember to change the dressing 24 hours after the surgery. For 10 days after the breast augmentation, you should rest plenty.

Chú ý chăm sóc vết mổ cẩn thận sau nâng ngực
Take care of the surgical site carefully after breast augmentation

Avoid intense activities for 7 days after the surgery

You should not do heavy tasks for 7 days after the breast augmentation. It is best that you should only get back to playing sports after 2 months.

Don’t go sauna or wear a bra

You should not go sauna for 4 weeks after the surgery as it can affect the healing of the wound.

You should wear your bra properly as doing this incorrectly can impact your breasts. You can take shower again after having suture removal.

This is the information you need to know about what to avoid after breast augmentation. We hope that after reading this article, you now know the way to protect your breast as best as possible.

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