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What is The Standard Procedure of Cartilage Rhinoplasty?

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To have a more natural, higher, and more beautiful nose shape in a short time, the cartilage rhinoplasty method is the best choice for you.


Nowadays, cartilage rhinoplasty is a popular method among customers. By combining 2 types of cartilage: autologous cartilage for coating the nose tip, artificial cartilage for lifting the nose bridge. It it easier than ever to get rid of the nose defects on your face such as snub nose, thin nose tip skin, redness on the nose…

The Cartilage Rhinoplasty Procedure
The Cartilage Rhinoplasty Procedure

The cartilage rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is guaranteed to comply with medical standards, performed in a sterile and quality operation room and is performed by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong who has years of experience performing rhinoplasty. The artificial cartilage materials have been tested for origin, safety, and compatibility with the customer’s body.

The cartilage rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The doctor shall directly examine the customer’s condition and suggest the most appropriate Korean rhinoplasty method for the customer’s face.

Step 2: General Health Check and Anesthesia

The customer will undergo a general health check before the surgery. Then, the doctor shall anesthesia for the customer to not feel any pain during the surgery.

Step 3: Start the cartilage rhinoplasty procedure

The doctor shall dissect the ear cartilage from the customer’s body, dissect the nasal cavity to place the autologous and artificial cartilage, then the doctor shall reconstruct the nose structure.

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Step 4: Close the wound

After implanting the cartilage, the doctor shall use self-dissolve thread to close the wound.

Step 5: Finish the surgery and instruct the customer how to do self-care

After closing the wound, the customer can leave the hospital right away. The doctor shall instruct on how to do self-care at home to shorten the recovery process.

Step 6: Following check-up and thread removal

The customer shall do the following check-up as scheduled and have thread removal. The doctor shall recheck the nose, and suggest the most appropriate diet and hygiene for the nose.


Cartilage rhinoplasty is a minor surgery that affects the tissues, cartilage, and bone. You must avoid food that can negatively affect the recovery process, and eat more food that can enhance the recovery process. The following will show you kinds of food that you must notice during the recovery process:

1. Kinds of necessary food

During the process of the body adapting to the new nose shape, you need to replenish the necessary energy, so that the recovery process is carried out normally and smoothly. Certain foods will help you speed up the adaptation and recovery of your nose.

  • Kinds of bean: Red beans, green beans, soybeans, black beans, cashews, brown rice, oats, almonds…
  • Fruits: large guava, kiwi, orange, apple, papaya, grapefruit, cherry, lemon, raspberry…
  • Root vegetables: Sweet potatoes, spinach, cabbage…
  • Vegetables: Pumpkin, spinach, gac fruit, carrots…
  • Foods containing a lot of protein: Tofu, lean pork, peanuts, lamb, …

The antibiotics prescribed by the doctor will heat the body, acne, and constipation. When the effect is gone, this condition will end.

During this time, you need to increase fiber intake and laxatives to limit this side effect.

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2. Kinds of food you should avoid

The following foods contain ingredients that make it difficult for your nose to heal. Some types of food also make you allergic and uncomfortable.

  • Foods that make wounds difficult to heal: Carbonated water, sweets, beer, wine, coffee, pickles, salted eggplant, chili, kimchi, animal fat, animal organs, etc.
  • Foods that cause scar: squash, beef, egg whites, water spinach, sticky rice, etc.
  • Foods that cause allergies: Goose meat, chicken, seafood, seafood, etc.

In addition to the foods mentioned above, you should avoid vegetables, fruits, tubers, and meat that your body is allergic to. The dieting process should last from 15 to 20 days.

If your nose continues to swell due to other reasons, you will still need to stay on the diet until your nose has recovered.


The doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital also regularly undergo intensive training for many years abroad and are re-trained every year to be able to update their technology. new, catch up with the aesthetic trend of the world, thereby improving the skills to serve customers better.

When having cartilage rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the doctor will use specialized soft cartilage to enhance the bridge of the nose: This cartilage is designed to be extremely soft, available in many sizes in terms of thickness and thinness. This cartilage is suitable for many customers.

Hopefully, after going through this article, customers have a clear understanding of the cartilage rhinoplasty procedure. If you have any further questions or concerns, please come directly to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City for the most thoughtful consultation and advice. Or you can contact our Hotline 0901.666.879.

Images of our customers before & after rhinoplasty Images of our customers before & after rhinoplasty Images of our customers before & after rhinoplasty

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