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What is Chinese Rhinoplasty?

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In the early of 2021, women and sisters are spreading that the new nose shape that is the Chinese style nose shape is becoming more and more popular. So what is Chinese rhinoplasty? The following article shall give you the answer you are looking for.

Chinese style rhinoplasty
Chinese style rhinoplasty

What is Chinese rhinoplasty?

In recent years, Chinese cinema is beginning to regain its popularity among Vietnamese audiences from Korea. The Chinese stars receive the love of Vietnamese fans not only because of their acting skills, but also their beautiful appearance.

What makes the appearance of Chinese actors so attractive comes from their beautiful nose shape. Since then, the Chinese nose shape has been received great attention from beauty followers.

To have this nose shape, the Chinese rhinoplasty method is needed. It may sound strange at first, but in fact, Chinese rhinoplasty is an S Line rhinoplasty, but there is a slight change in the nose tip to give a higher nose shape.

The doctor shall form a small nose tip than the normal S Line nose shape.

In short, the Chinese style rhinoplasty method brings a slimmer, more delicate just like the nose shape of Chinese female screen stars – graceful and aristocratic.

Chinese style rhinoplasty is structural rhinoplasty
Chinese style rhinoplasty is structural rhinoplasty

3 Things to remember when having Chinese rhinoplasty

Whether it is a Chinese rhinoplasty or a structural rhinoplasty, in order to have a beautiful, natural nose shape, well-proportioned with the face as well as ensuring high safety, you need to remember the following:

Appropriate face shape

The Chinese rhinoplasty method will be most appropriate with women who have slim, oval faces. Because this nose shape shall be a highlight for this face shape. In fact, most Chinese stars who have Chinese nose shapes have round or oval faces.

Appropriate nose defects

  • The Chinese structural rhinoplasty technique is suitable for women with a small nose shape, a naturally beautiful nose with few defects, and they just need a little improvement in the height and tip of the nose.
  • In addition, it should be noted that Chinese rhinoplasty will not be suitable for noses with thin skin.

Having rhinoplasty at prestigious cosmetic facilities

In fact, Chinese rhinoplasty is a structural rhinoplasty technique. This is a relatively complicated rhinoplasty method. Therefore, you must find a prestigious cosmetic facility that has good rhinoplasty doctors to ensure the best results and safety for customers.

3 Things to remember when having Chinese rhinoplasty
3 Things to remember when having Chinese rhinoplasty


Chinese rhinoplasty is becoming more and more popular. However, not everyone is suitable for this method. Therefore, you should not follow the hot trends, you should listen to your doctor’s advice to find the best nose shape for your face.

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Hopefully, the above article on Chinese rhinoplasty has brought you interesting and useful information. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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