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What Is Carving Rhinoplasty? How Effective And Safe It Is?

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Carving rhinoplasty is still a relatively new procedure in the cosmetic industry. However, this surgery is not a stranger thing to the Vietnamese people. So what is carving rhinoplasty?

What is carving rhinoplasty?

Carving rhinoplasty is a method of makeover that originated in Korea. This is a safe technique that involves the use of artificial cartilage to elevate the nasal dorsum. With the dexterous hands and great expertise from the doctors, the carving rhinoplasty will form a harmonious appearance and correct all the flaws of the face.

To form an impressive nose shape, the carving rhinoplasty must be done carefully. The surgeon will calculate and determine the measurement and ratio of the face to make sure the surgery goes as planned.

All the flaws like an ugly, flat, or asymmetrical nose will be handled and corrected effectively yet still offer safety. It can be said that carving rhinoplasty is the procedure that is ahead of time and chosen by many ladies.

Normally, the result of a carving rhinoplasty will look like this:

  • The projection of the nose is from 22 – 24 mm, with the dorsal height being 11mm.
  • The length of the dorsal will be between 60 and 70mm, while the length of the dorsal bone is 1/3 of that.
  • The width of the nose is around 42 to 52 mm, or 70% of the length.

The curve of the perfect nose is at 120 degrees. That way, the nose shape will be perfect in the multi-dimensional structure. People with these nose shapes will be very confident and are able to express their attractiveness.

The benefits of carving rhinoplasty

  • This procedure will create the perfect yet still natural nose shape.
  • With the dexterous hands of our experts, we will create a beautiful and elegant nose shape that fits the 4 criteria using 100% imported cartilage material.
  • The operation time is relatively short, just under 45 minutes, offering a quick recovery while causing no pain or work deficiency in any way.
  • The carving rhinoplasty makes use of the quality implant material that is certified by the FDA for its safety and quality.

The process of carving rhinoplasty

  • Step 1: The doctor will begin a general health examination to determine the condition of the nose and create a regimen for the patient.
  • Step 2: The doctor will calculate the correct ratio and mark the new nose shape.
  • Step 3: The surgical area will be sterile and anesthetized to ensure a painless procedure.
  • Step 4: The surgeon will carve the material, create a small incision that opens up the nasal cavity, put the cartilage inside, and make some adjustments so that the final nose shape will be suitable for the face.
  • Step 5: The wound will be closed and follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

How to take care of your nose after carving rhinoplasty

  • Keep the wound dry and clean it using the only saline for the first few days.
  • Avoid eating beef, water spinach, shrimps, crabs, etc. to keep the wound from forming bad scars.
  • Apply ice to the wound regularly to keep it from being swollen.
  • Apply hot compression to subside the bruises.
  • The wound might get itchy, but this is just a normal body reaction.
  • Take medications as guided. Do not skip any dose of medications.
  • Work and daily routine are permitted but avoid all the intense exercises.

Discover the best place for carving rhinoplasty in HCMC

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, among hundreds of modern cosmetic facilities, is the top renowned and quality brand. We are always ahead in bringing popular cosmetic procedures all over the world back to Vietnam.

The carving rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is 100% safe and certified. We also have a team of dedicated doctors with over 15-year of experience in the industry. Before the surgery, the patients will get to consult the doctors directly and have their noses inspected. Depends on the flaws, as well as the desire from the patients that the doctors will make a distinguished procedure for each customer.

The carving rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo involves the use of quality cartilage from Korea, assuring your safety. In addition, our team of experts will give you the best care, guidance, and tips on how to keep the nose shape stable and lasting.

What is carving rhinoplasty?

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All the questions on what is carving rhinoplasty have been answered. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital hoped that you will soon get yourself the breathtaking nose shape. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have any doubts and queries. We will give you immediate consultations on how to get yourself the beautiful nose shape that you desired.

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