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What Are The Effects Of Laparoscopic Breast Augmentation? 5 Common Dangers

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Many women today who intend to breast augmentation often have questions such as: What are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation? Is it painful and dangerous? Who are not suitable for breast augmentation?
And if you are also one of those who have the above questions, then this article is for you.
what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?
what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?


For those who still wonder about “what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation ?” there are currently no studies showing that breast augmentation can lead to problems/ serious complications (of course, that’s on the condition that you perform breast augmentation at reputable, quality facilities and are directly performed by skilled surgeons).


1. Who can do it?

Because breast augmentation is major surgery, not everyone is eligible. Accordingly, the cases that encourage breast augmentation are:
  • Women over 18 years old want to “upgrade” their breasts
  • People who have flat, small, irregular breasts… due to genetics/congenital or accidental, external influences.
  • Those who have performed breast augmentation before but have errors, or failures.

2. Who can not do it?

In addition, women who can not do breast augmentation may include:
  • People who have just given birth or have had surgery (major surgery) less than 1 year
  • People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease…
  • Those who are pregnant, or in menstruation
  • Cases of psychological (neurological) instability
what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?
what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?


As mentioned above, the question “what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?” will depend a lot on whether you choose a reputable performing facility or not. And this question has caused a lot of confusion for people. These include, for example:

1. For the possibility of breastfeeding

For those who are still worried about the problem of breast augmentation can cause bad effects on breastfeeding. It has been proven that you can still breastfeed normally if you use the right breast augmentation method, for example, laparoscopic breast augmentation or armpit.
For those who choose breast augmentation with the areola line, it will be difficult to breastfeed, because, at this time, the nerves around the nipple have been affected, resulting in certain limitations in the production and secretion of milk.

2. For the husband and wife relationship

Breast augmentation does not affect the relationship between husband and wife, on the contrary, breast augmentation surgery to own sexy breasts makes the couple’s relationship more passionate and sublimated.
However, you should also note that it is necessary to allow the incision to heal and the implant to have more time to shape and form… to limit the impact on the breasts during the first period after surgery. The most suitable time to have sex is after 2 months or more, depending on the recovery ability and location of each person.

3. Does breast augmentation increase breast cancer risk?

No research has proven that breast augmentation will increase the risk of breast cancer.
Only in 2021, there is a case where American scientists only found an association between breast augmentation with textured implants and the risk of Lymphoma – a cancer of the lymphatic system. However, the percentage of people experiencing this condition is very small. It is estimated that out of 50,000 people who have breast augmentation, only 1 person is likely to have it.

4. Infection

Another possible problem is an infection, which usually appears 3-5 days after surgery. We can easily recognize these signs as the fever from mild to high, the area around the incision is swollen and hard, and pus draining from the mouth of the incision.
At this time to fix, the doctor will take out the breast implants to clean the festering places. And you have to wait until the pus wound is completely healed before you can put the breast implant back for the customer.

5. Bleeding

Bleeding after major surgery is, of course, a condition you may experience. These are with poorly skilled doctors and improperly performed hemostasis. Or it can also be due to other reasons such as being impacted from the outside or by exercising too hard.

what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?
what are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?

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There will be some symptoms that occur after breast augmentation, of course, because this is completely normal when we have major surgery. Accordingly, some common symptoms after surgery are as follows:
  • Swelling, bruising, bruising in the surgical area:  This condition is quite natural and almost everyone will experience it, generally, it will only last for the first few days after surgery. In the following days, this situation will gradually decrease.
  • Difficulty in movement of arms and shoulders:  In the first days after breast augmentation, you must wear a shaper shirt as directed by your doctor. But about 2-3 days after surgery, this condition will improve gradually as your body begins to adapt.
You do not need to be too worried because this is only a temporary condition after breast augmentation surgery. As the incision heals and the implant is gradually shaped… the sensation around the nipple area will reappear.


We recommend that you quickly see the doctors, in case of the following conditions:
  • Breast implants exposed
  • Round 1 has capsular contracture
  • The incision is bleeding or shows signs of swelling, bruising… for a long time, especially when festering or infected.
  • Uneven bust size (big side, small side or high side, low side)
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Nâng ngực ảnh hưởng gì không? Lo ngại nhanh chóng giải quyết sau đến “Gangwhoo”


In order not to have to worry too much about the problem of “What are the effects of laparoscopic breast augmentation?”, as well as to help the breasts heal quickly, get in shape and not appear dangerous complications… we recommend that you strictly follow principles:

  • Apply cold, warm compresses to reduce swelling and pain… as well as regularly clean the breast area with saline water.
  • Your breasts will be covered with gauze after surgery and you may need to wear a bra during the recovery period. You will likely have to wear this shirt for a few weeks or less, depending on the body of each person.
  • Abstain from playing sports, especially swimming or water sports. However, you also need to avoid heavy work for about 4 to 6 weeks to avoid displacement of the breast implants.
  • You should not sit or lie in one place for a long time, but walk gently and breathe deeply to circulate blood.
  • Within 1 month after surgery, you should not lie on your stomach or side, try to sleep on your back to fix the shape of your breasts.
  • You should drink a lot of water to purify the body and eat enough nutrients to quickly recover.
  • Must abstain from foods that affect the wound such as sticky rice, water spinach, beef, wild meat of unknown origin, poultry, eggs, and seafood for about 1 month.
  • It is necessary to limit sexual relations in the first month, or if so, to avoid a strong impact on the breast area.
  • Do not touch stimulants such as tobacco, coffee, alcohol, … and hot spicy foods such as pepper, chili …
  • Follow the care instructions given by your doctor for the best results. Take the right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time, and follow up with the doctor exactly as prescribed.

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