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V-Line Maxillofacial Trim – The Best Jaw Surgery Method Nowadays

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V-Line maxillofacial trim is a method that can bring a smoother and more well-proportioned face. This method is carried out quickly for the customer to recover fast. To understand this beauty technique better, follow the article below!
V-Line Maxillofacial Trim - The Best Jaw Surgery Method Nowadays
V-Line Maxillofacial Trim – The Best Jaw Surgery Method Nowadays

What is V-Line maxillofacial trim?

V-Line maxillofacial trim is a facial reshaping through surgical methods. The doctor will make an incision inside the oral cavity to trim the jawbone and make the face slimmer.

This is a modern technique that can minimize damage to bones, muscle tissue, and facial skin, ensuring safety for customers. Depending on each facial defect, the doctor will thoroughly examine and determine the most appropriate method.

Nowadays, the V-Line maxillofacial trim method can be applied to both men and women with good health (over 18 years old). The technique is not applied to patients with cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, pregnant and lactating women…

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The advantages of V-Line maxillofacial V-Line

The V-Line maxillofacial trim method is becoming more and more popular among customers thanks to the following advantages:

  • Completely correct rough chin, crooked chin,…
  • Bring a more delicate, lively, and well-proportioned face shape.
  • Standard procedure without deep invasiveness or complications.
  • Exclusive Plus anesthesia technology to ensure no pain during surgery.
  • Long-lasting result.

The international standard V-Line maxillofacial trim procedure

Understanding that customers’ safety is our top priority, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital provides the standard V-Line maxillofacial trim procedure. The procedure will be as follows:

Step 1: The doctor will directly examine the customer’s jaw condition by taking an X-Ray scanning to determine the most appropriate method.

Step 2: The doctor will use a 3D scanner to scan the whole jawbone structure. Based on the gathered information, the doctor will make a suitable surgical plan for each customer.

Step 3: The doctor will calculate and simulate the expected final result after the surgery for the customer to preview. The doctor will also answer the customer’s questions and concerns.

Step 4: The doctor will sterilize the surgical areas and the surgical tools to ensure no complications after the surgery.

Step 5: Performing the local anesthesia in the bone, tissues, muscles, and skin. This is to ensure that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

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Step 6: Trimming and adjusting the jawbone based on the measured information. Each surgery will last differently.

Step 7: After the surgery, the doctor will close the wound will cosmetic threads. The customer will be transferred to the post-operative care room to rest.

V-Line maxillofacial trim price list Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Facial paralysis 6,420 – 8,560
Korean implant temple augmentation 1,290
USA implant  temple augmentation 1,730
NANO implant temple augmentation 2,150
Korean implant chin augmentation 870
USA implant chin augmentation 1,080
NANO implant chin augmentation 1,510
Chin augmentation with securing screws 1,080
Cheek augmentation 1,300
Forehead augmentation 1,940
Cheekbone reduction 2,790
Cheekbone augmentation 2,580
Buccal fat removal 1,300
V_Line jaw surgery 2,580
Mandibular bone reduction 2,150
Chin reduction 2,150
Mandibular bone reduction + Chin reduction 3,440
Cleft chin creation 660
Gummy smile treatment 870
Chin-sliding surgery 2,150
Overbite treatment 4,290
Overbite treatment + gummy smile treatment 5,150
Overbite + Underbite treatment 6,000
Overbite treatment + Chin-sliding surgery 5,150
Lefort 1 surgery (upper jaw) 3,860
BSSO surgery (lower jaw) 4,275
Lefort 1 surgery (upper jaw) + BSSO surgery (lower jaw) 7,720
Jaw angle surgery 3,440
Chin grafting with mandibular bone 2,150
Jaw angle trim surgery + jaw body trim 3,860
Jaw angle trim surgery and adjustment + jaw body trim 4,290
Jaw trim + chin alignment correction 5,150
V-line jaw trim 3,440
V-line jaw trim + chin alignment correction 5,150
V-line jaw trim + Chin-sliding surgery 5,150
Overbite – underbite correction 2,790 – 3,220
Enlarged ear piercing correction 230
1 side dimple 190
2 side dimple 320
Lip reduction – adjustment 440
Lipo shaping (1 lip) 440
Lipo shaping (2 lip) 870
Wrinkles removal, facial correction (nose, cheek, chin) 400

Images of our customers before & after V-Line maxillofacial trim

Why should you have V-Line maxillofacial trim at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

The V-Line maxillofacial trim method is highly required for good techniques for it is one of the most complicated cosmetic techniques nowadays to ensure customers’ safety. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is the top cosmetic hospital that can provide successful V-Line maxillofacial trim surgery.

– Gangwhoo Hospital has state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment from developed countries in cosmetology. At Gangwhoo Hospital, we constantly research and apply the most advanced beauty technology to ensure the best result for customers.

– We have highly qualified doctors who have years of experience working across Viet Nam and abroad in the cosmetic industry. Our doctors are hard-working and dedicated to other works.

– At Gangwhoo Hospital, we also provide the top customer service for customers to experience.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the V-Line maxillofacial trim service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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