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How Much Does V-Line Jaw Surgery Cost? Where Can You Get Prestige Mandible Removal?

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How much does V-Line Jaw Surgery cost? This is one of the things that many people are interested in. So what is the actual price? Follow this article to find out now!

V-Line Jaw Surgery

What is V-Line Jaw Surgery?

V-Line Jaw Surgery is a breakthrough cosmetic method that helps create perfect beauty with a more contoured and angular face. By directly intervening in the jawbone to bring many women a more symmetrical and beautiful jawbone with long-lasting effects. 

How much does V-Line Jaw Surgery cost? Is it expensive?

A common question that many people are interested in when thinking about V-Line Jaw Surgery is: “Is this method expensive? and how much does V-Line Jaw Surgery cost?” In fact, the cost of V-Line Jaw Surgery may vary at each facility. This depends on many factors, including the complexity and difficulty of the procedure, as well as the technique used.

V-Line Jaw Surgery

The V-Line Jaw Surgery method requires professionalism and high technique due to the complexity of the procedure. Therefore, the cost usually ranges from about 60-100 million VND. However, for faces with complex jawbones, the price may be even higher.

Although the price of V-Line Jaw Surgery may be slightly higher than other methods, it is still considered a worthwhile investment. Because the effectiveness it brings is completely worth it and can be maintained for a long time. That’s why the price is completely worth it for what V-Line Jaw Surgery can bring.

Check out the price list for jaw surgery in the table below:

Chin Augmentation (Korea Implant) 20,000,000
Chin Augmentation (USA Implant) 25,000,000
Chin Augmentation (Nano) 35,000,000
Cheek Augmentation 30,000,000
Forehead Augmentation 45,000,000
Cheekbone Reduction 65,000,000
Cheekbone Augmentation 100,000,000
V-line Chin Reduction 60,000,000
Chin Angle Trim 50,000,000
Chin reduction 50,000,000
Chin Angle Trim with Chin Reduction 80,000,000
Sliding Genioplasty 50,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Upper Jaw) 80,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Upper Jaw) + Gummy Smile Treatment 85,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Both jaws) 140,000,000
Overbite (Upper Jaw) + Sliding Jaw Surgery 120,000,000
Lefort I surgery 90,000,000
BSSO surgery 100,000,000
Lefort I + BSSO surgery 180,000,000
Jaw angle Trim 80,000,000
Connect jaw bone to chin 50,000,000
Jaw angle + ramus trim 90,000,000
Jaw angle + Ramus + squared chin angle trim 100,000,000
Mandible reduction + chin adjustment 120,000,000
V-line jaw surgery 80,000,000
V-line jaw surgery + Chin adjustment 120,000,000
V-line jaw surgery + sliding jaw 120,000,000
Orthognathic Surgery 65.000.000 – 75.000.000

Is V-Line Jaw Surgery dangerous? Does it have any after-effects?

The V-Line Jaw Surgery method has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as safe and does not pose a danger to life. The techniques applied have been tested and meet FDA standards after research and testing.

V-Line Jaw Surgery

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V-Line Jaw Surgery technique does not affect the nerves, so after surgery and resting for about 3 months, you can rest assured in eating and living.

Although V-Line Jaw Surgery is considered a complex technique, thanks to advances in science and technology, this method is performed safely and has few postoperative impacts and complications.

Where is a reputable and safe place for V-Line Jaw Surgery?

V-Line Jaw Surgery is a popular cosmetic method to create a slim and elegant face. If you are looking for a reputable and safe place to perform this process, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is an ideal choice for you. With some reasons why you should not miss Gangwhoo when intending to have jaw surgery, specifically including:

V-Line Jaw Surgery

Modern jaw surgery equipment and technology

Gangwhoo uses equipment and machines transferred from Korea, complying with international quality standards and recognized by the Ministry of Health. The high-tech Hi-speed Aesculap jawbone cutting machine makes the jawbone cutting process easy and fast, minimizing invasion and bleeding.

3D X-Ray AI computer technology

Gangwhoo applies exclusive 3D X-Ray AI computer technology, bringing outstanding progress in jaw surgery methods. This technology creates 3D images of facial structure, nerves, and bones in the maxillofacial region after just one scan. 

Gangwhoo applies exclusive 3D X-Ray AI computer technology

Highly qualified medical team

At Gangwhoo, you will be carefully consulted before undergoing jaw surgery. Gangwhoo’s team of experts and talented doctors have accumulated surgical experience and in-depth surgical knowledge for over 15 years. They will ensure to provide medical-standard treatment protocols that are suitable for the condition and face of each customer.

Comfortable and modern space

Gangwhoo has spacious space and beautiful decoration according to 5-star standards. When you step into Gangwhoo, you will feel the luxury and convenience of a beauty paradise.

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Postoperative care regime

Gangwhoo pays special attention to postoperative care after jaw surgery. The dedicated and attentive nursing team will directly monitor for 48 hours after surgery to ensure that no unexpected bad conditions occur.

Reasonable cost

One of the advantages of Gangwhoo is that the cost of V-Line Jaw Surgery is affordable and reasonable. You don’t have to worry too much about how much V-line jaw surgery costs. Because Gangwhoo’s criterion is to perform only once to bring lifelong beauty to customers. Owning a beautiful face can be completely achieved at Gangwhoo with a suitable cost.

Perhaps through the article, you have estimated the price range when performing jaw surgery, haven’t you? Although the price of jaw surgery is not cheap, the results are always superior and guaranteed to satisfy you. I hope that Gangwhoo’s sharing about jaw surgery will help you consider and make a right decision to perform jaw surgery for beauty.

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