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How Long Until Dimpleplasty Result Is Natural? – [Experts Explain]

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How long until dimpleplasty result is natural is the question from many customers that have the intention to create dimples, boosting charm point to their appearances. Let’s take a look at the article below to find out the answer to the period until dimpleplasty result is natural.

How long until dimpleplasty result is natural?

Dimple surgery is a minor technique that creates dimples base on a very natural mechanism of the facial skin and muscle every time we smile. Since this is just a minor surgery, very little invasion is required, and thus the amount of bleeding and swelling will be reduced, offering the best safety. However, it does not answer the question of how long until dimpleplasty result is natural.

Unlike the traditional methods of dimpleplasty that requires incisions on the outside of the skin, leaving very ugly scars. The modern technique of dimple surgery needs only a tiny incision inside the oral cavity, creating the dimples using the connective mechanism between the muscle and the facial skin so that natural dimples will be created every time we smile without causing any pain or scar.

The entire procedure will happen in a very short amount of time so that the pain and swelling will disappear after a few days. After one month, the result will be natural and you can be very satisfied with your new look without worrying about how long until the result is natural anymore.

How to take care of your dimples for them to be natural quickly

To own the most satisfying and natural dimples, you must pay very close attention to your way of taking care of them. You must do the following:

  • Have a logical diet
  • For the first 2 – 3 days, you must have soft or liquidy food like soup, porridge, etc.
  • During the first month, you should stop eating some products like water spinach, chicken, etc. as they can make the dimples heal slower, taking more recovery time.
  • You should also avoid eating spicy or hot food, as well as stop drinking beer and alcohol as they can make an ulcer developed on the dimples area.
  • You should eat more nutritious products like beans, eggs, milk, etc. Food with fiber like vegetables and fruits is also recommended. Supplement yourself with more vitamins and drink at least 2 liters of water daily to purify the body, allowing the dimples skin to recover quicker.
  • Have scientific care and routines

You should apply ice for the first 2 – 3 days, then move to hot compression for the next few days to subside the swelling.

You should avoid doing intense action at the mouth muscle, as well as eating hard and chewy food.

You must keep oral sanitary and wash your mouth with saline to keep the bacteria from growing and infecting the skin of the dimples.

Note: You should take medications and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled so that the result will be most desirable and perfect.

Standard dimple surgery procedure

As stated above, dimpleplasty must be done in a standard procedure to give out the best result. The scar-less process consists of the following steps:

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  • Step 1: Consultation and meticulous marking

Before the surgery can happen, the doctors will diagnose, perform health assessments and give feedbacks on the contour of the customer’s face. From that, a suitable ratio will be given for the dimples to be natural and symmetrical.

  • Step 2: Anesthesia

The entire cheek region will be sedated, keeping all the pain and discomfort away from the patient during the procedure. Therefore, the client will feel very comfortable and awake.

  • Step 3: Dimpleplasty

The surgeon will perform a specialized technique, bonding the skin and the face muscle with a special type of thread to create the sunken area on the cheek, This entire step will take place inside the oral cavity.

Whenever the patient smiles or talks, dimples will appear on the face in the most charming way.

The total time needed for the dimple surgery is 15 minutes max/

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Where to get beautiful and natural dimple surgery in Ho Chi Minh City

Along with successfully making use of the non-surgical dimpleplasty technique, Gangwhooo also has a team of experienced and skillful specialists as the foundation of all the procedures. Many customers trusted and choose Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the most reputable and trustworthy facility in Ho Chi Minh City to have their non-surgical dimple surgery.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the place with all the factors needed to be chosen as the answer for the question: “Where to get the most beautiful dimpleplasty in HCMC”.

  • Advanced technology: The non-surgical dimple surgery is up to Korean standard and approved by the Ministry of Health to be operated.
  • A team of experienced experts: They are always ready to perform the procedure directly.
  • Support from the cutting-edge equipment: This is to ensure the surgery happens quickly and gently without causing any bad scar or long recovery.
  • Professional service: Gangwhoo will always stay hospitable and friendly towards our customers whenever they do dimple surgery or other makeovers.

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Until Dimpleplasty Result Is Natural

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Call our hotline 0901.666.879 directly or sign up to receive consultation on how long until dimpleplasty is natural from the leading experts.

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