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Can You Undergo Rhinoplasty While Having Sinusitis?

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“Hello doctor, I’m planning to have a rhinoplasty to improve my nose shape, but I’m having sinusitis. Can I undergo rhinoplasty while having sinusitis, I’m looking forward to your answer. Thank you so much.”

(Ms. Thao, District 9, HCM City)

A big thanks to Ms. Thao for choosing Gangwhoo to consult your concerns. To answer the question: “Can you undergo rhinoplasty while having sinusitis?”, please follow the article below.

Can You Undergo Rhinoplasty While Having Sinusitis?
Can You Undergo Rhinoplasty While Having Sinusitis?

Can you undergo rhinoplasty while having sinusitis?

First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong – Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospitals says that anyone who has sinusitis can undergo rhinoplasty normally. Because the rhinoplasty method involves extracting the skin and soft tissues in the nose without intervening deeply into the nose structure or affecting the natural functions of the nose.

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong also explains that during the rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor shall make a cavity in the nose to put the cartilage in. This process does not affect the sinus. Therefore, you need not be worried about undergoing rhinoplasty while having sinusitis.

Images of our customers before & after structural rhinoplasty
You can undergo rhinoplasty normally while having sinusitis

Considerable cases

  • Chronic sinusitis: The customer shall be examined for their current condition, the rhinoplasty procedure shall continue if the disease is not too severe.
  • Acute sinusitis: Cases in which the patient is suffering from a stuffy nose, runny nose, signs of infection, or pus in the sinuses, the patient must be treated completely from sinusitis before having rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can ease the sinusitis

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong shares that in many cases, having rhinoplasty can ease sinusitis. Especially cases in which the customer has an up-turned nose that directly causes sinusitis by exposing the nasal cavity to the external habitat.

The rhinoplasty technique shall help narrow the nasal cavities and prevent them from exposing to external habitats.

In addition, there are cases in which the customers have sinusitis due to the low nose, crooked nose, or deviated septum, the rhinoplasty technique can also improve these conditions.

Nâng Mũi Bọc Sụn Khắc Phục Bóng Đỏ Đầu Mũi Tốt Nhất Images of our customers before & after cartilage rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty can ease sinusitis

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about whether you can undergo rhinoplasty while having sinusitis.

If you are looking for a place for good rhinoplasty services, please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – the top cosmetic hospital for nose revision and rhinoplasty nowadays.

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