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Non-surgical Ultra V Lift Nose Thread Lift

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Ultra V Lift nose thread lift is rumored to be a method of non-surgical rhinoplasty that limits all the invasion and offers high effectiveness. So what is Ultra V Lift nose thread lift? How effective is this method? Let’s us find out.

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Before we dig deeper into the method of Ultra V Lift nose thread lift, let’s take a look at how the nose will change after the procedure.

What is Ultra V Lift nose thread lift?

As technology keeps on growing, more and more techniques require no need for surgical intervention. Ultra V Lift nose thread lift is one of them.

Ultra V Lift nose thread lift is the technique that changes and lifts the dorsal without the need for any cosmetic interference. During the procedure, the doctors will insert Ultra V Lift threads under the nose SMAS to tighten and elevate the dorsal, bringing a naturally beautiful and symmetrical nose.

Ultra V Lift threads used in rhinoplasty is the material with great safety and compatibility. Another thing to notice is that the Ultra V Lift thread is approved by KDA and KFDA to be used in the procedure.

Ultra V Lift threads are widely in the cosmetic industry in many countries all over the world like Korea, Japan, England, Singapore, China, Vietnam, etc.

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Suitable candidates for Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

People that are suitable for Ultra V Lift nose thread lift include:

  • People with flat noses.
  • People with short and snub noses.
  • People with large nose tips and wide alar base.
  • People with humped noses.
  • People who want to have beautiful noses without the need for surgeries.
Ultra V Lift nose thread lift has a lot of advantages
Ultra V Lift nose thread lift has a lot of advantages

The pros and cons of Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

The advantages of Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

  • Bring a higher, more elegant, natural, and beautiful nose. The nose tip will form the gorgeous letter A shape.
  • Take a very short amount of time. You only need 5 – 20 minutes to own a natural and beautiful nose.
  • Require no surgical interference to minimize the amount of invasion, incision, and pain.
  • Has a reasonable and affordable price.
  • Use Ultra V Lift that will dissolve and stimulate the generation of collagen to offer a better cosmetic result.
  • Allow the customers to return to their daily lives immediately without needing any recovery or specific diet.

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The disadvantages of Ultra V nose thread lift

Although this technique has many great benefits, it also has certain drawbacks:

  • Can only be done for people with relatively beautiful noses in the first place.
  • Offer a short result time. You will need to have a second surgery if you want the nose to maintain its shape.
  • Cannot bring the perfect results like a surgical rhinoplasty.

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How much does Ultra V Lift nose thread lift cost?

Nowadays, the cost for Ultra V Lift nose thread lift is between 8 – 25 million VND. The difference in the cost comes from the doctors that operate the procedure, the natural nose shape of the candidate, and the number of threads needed to get the best nose contour.

The Ultra V Lift nose thread lift procedure 

Step 1: Consultation

The doctors will directly diagnose the customers to understand the flaws that require correction at the nose shape. Moreover, they will listen to the customers and explain the technique of Ultra V Lift nose thread lift.

Step 2: General health examination

The doctors will perform a general health assessment on the clients to ensure that the patient’s body is suitable for the nose thread lift. Some of the tests are blood pressure, threat rate, etc.

Step 3: Meticulous marking

The doctors will discuss with the customers on the nose shape after the procedure so that the patient will be satisfied with the result. They then draw the new nose shape on the old nose.

Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization

The doctors will disinfect the nose area to ensure it is free from infection. In addition, the doctors will apply local anesthesia so that the patient will feel comfortable during the entire procedure without experiencing any pain.

Step 5: Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

A specialized tool will be used to make sure the process happens precisely and offers the best result for the client. This step will take around 20 minutes.

Step 6: Follow-up appointments

The doctor will guide the patient on how to take care of themselves and schedule the follow-up appointments. The patient will then can return home.

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What need to notice when choosing Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

For the procedure to be safest and gives out the best result, you must remember to:

Choose quality and reputable facility

This is a must regardless of the types of rhinoplasty that you choose as the ability of the surgeons can affect the success of the procedure greatly.

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Therefore, you must choose carefully when choosing a reputable facility for rhinoplasty with good surgeons and certified operation rooms.

Choose the correct type of threads

While cartilage plays an important role in rhinoplasty, the threads are very crucial to the safety of the nose thread lift. For that reason, you must be very careful choosing the material for your procedure.

Nowadays, Ultra V Lift threads have 3 different generations:

  • Generation I – Ultra V PDO thread: manufactured using common material, offering a 6-month result.
  • Generation II – Ultra V PLLA thread: made from AHA, offering an 18-month result.
  • Generation III – Ultra V PCL thread: the latest and most advanced generation of Ultra V Lift thread, offering a 6 to 8-month result.

How to take care of your nose after Ultra V Lift nose thread lift

  • Avoid touching, twisting, or scratching the nose.
  • Maintain thorough nose hygiene by cleaning it regularly with saline.
  • Limit the contact with water for 2 days after the procedure.
  • Stop putting on makeup or washing your face and nose with soap.
  • Sleep lying flat, not sideways.
  • Take prescribed medications as guidance (if any).
  • Attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Where can you get Ultra V Lift nose thread lift?

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the top Korean-standard hospital nowadays. The hospital is licensed operate by the Ministry of Health. In addition, it also has modern and advanced infrastructure. The operation rooms are up to standard with cutting-edge tools and equipment.

The team of doctors is well-trained and experienced to perform the procedure carefully and accurately by the protocol, making sure that the nose shape will be satisfying and lasting.

Is Ultra V Lift nose thread lift painful?

Before conducting the Ultra V Lift nose thread lift, the doctor will apply local anesthesia to the nose region. Therefore, you won’t feel any pain.

Is Ultra V Lift nose thread lift permanent?

The longevity of the nose thread lift depends greatly on the type of Ultra V Lift thread involved. This period can last between 6 – 8 months but in the end, Ultra V Lift nose thread lift is not permanent.

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