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Ultra Slim Fat Reduction – The Number One Safe Fat Elimination Technology in the US

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Currently, Ultra Slim Fat Reduction technology, which has the ability to eliminate excess fat without surgery, injections, or any cutting-edge procedures, has quickly become the top choice for those who desire a balanced figure and want to “defeat” the hated excess fat that exists in areas such as the chin, abdomen, hips, arms, etc.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction

What is Ultra Slim fat reduction technology?

Ultra Slim fat reduction is the most effective non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction method available today. With this technology, excess fat is quickly and safely removed, helping you regain a slim figure in the shortest possible time thanks to the advanced CoolSculpting fat destruction technology.

The CoolSculpting device system used in the Ultra Slim fat reduction process is called the “peak” of extremely expensive non-invasive fat destruction that has been certified by the US FDA for quality and approved for use.

How does Ultra Slim fat reduction work?

According to science, after being exposed to temperatures lower than normal body temperature, fat cells will undergo subcutaneous fat breakdown. Therefore, thanks to the cold heat impact of fat destruction, the amount of fat to be removed at areas such as lower abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, chin, etc. will be reduced quickly with a duration of only 60 minutes.

The Ultra Slim fat reduction treatment mechanism through CoolSculpting technology relies on the ability to control the cold heat generation process to crystallize and break down fat cells. Thanks to this activity, fat will be converted from solid to liquid and gently excreted from the body through the excretory system. This is a method highly appreciated by experts for its safety in the list of best quality “body sculpting” solutions.

Who is Ultra Slim intended for?

The Ultra Slim fat reduction method is evaluated by experts as safe and effective for many different subjects. Specifically, the following subjects are mentioned:

  • People who are obese to localized obesity, have gone through various diet or weight loss methods, exercise, etc., or various other ways but still cannot reduce excess fat.
  • Office workers who have to sit and work all day, have little time to move so fat gradually accumulates in the abdomen, arms, legs, etc.
  • Obese people who need to reduce fat and do not suffer from serious underlying diseases.
  • People who need to reduce fat in a certain part of the body through a safe, non-invasive method but still effective.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction

Outstanding advantages of Ultra Slim fat reduction method

It is a method highly evaluated by experts along with the top trust and favorability rate of customers in choosing modern fat reduction solutions, the reason is because Ultra Slim fat reduction technology possesses the following significant advantages:

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Perfectly remove “stubborn” excess fat

Under the impact on the outer skin layer but brings effectiveness from the inside. The entire process of liquefaction by cold heat aims to break the fat link through CoolSculpting technology without any surgical incisions or causing any open wounds on the customer’s body.

In addition, after applying the CoolSculpting machine to the intervention area, not only helps balance body proportions but also stimulates collagen regeneration during this process, making the skin become firm, rejuvenated and elastic without any signs of sagging. Not only that, Ultra Slim fat reduction also helps increase blood circulation and improve digestion and excretion on the body.

No need for convalescence, no abstinence

Because there is no impact from knives or needles, it will not harm the skin as well as damage blood vessels, nerves inside the body. Therefore, you will not feel any pain and on the contrary completely comfortable like getting a fat reduction massage. At the same time thanks to this after treatment you can return to work, normal activities and do not need abstinence.

Quickly effective time

Each Ultra Slim fat reduction treatment takes place quite quickly, only takes about 60 minutes to perform at the liquefaction area you can clearly see the effect reduced from 5-10 cm. Depending on each person’s physique, this amount of frozen fat will be excreted at different rates.

Prevent risk of obesity recurrence

Unlike conventional fat reduction methods, Ultra Slim method under the operating mechanism mentioned above will help you lose weight safely through excess fat liquefaction therapy, thoroughly excreted naturally outside so not only is the risk of obesity very low but also does not affect health status.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction


The Ultra Slim fat reduction procedure is approved by the Ministry of Health.

For those who feel “heavy” in their body, the Ultra Slim fat reduction method is the perfect choice to defeat excess fat and return the most balanced body shape. Although not having to undergo invasive surgery, this method still requires many professional techniques and a high-tech equipment system to ensure the best results. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you can rest assured that the non-surgical Ultra Slim fat reduction process is highly valued and strictly monitored to ensure safety as well as the best results.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction


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The non-surgical Ultra Slim fat reduction process is performed by Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital as follows:

Step 1: The doctor will directly examine the location of excess fat and check the nature of fat (hard fat, soft fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, etc.) then ask about medical history and check health to determine whether the customer is eligible to perform or not.

Step 2: Measure body circumference and customer weight before performing, through which the doctor evaluates BMI and determines the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed.

Step 3: Before performing the Ultra Slim technology fat reduction operation, customers will experience using Sac Dien Tra to enhance detoxification ability, release energy, combined with body purification to promote effectiveness for the fast fat reduction process.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction


Step 4: First, the doctor will stick a gel patch on the area of ​​fat that needs to be treated to ensure no impact on the skin.

The main technical operations are performed in the Ultra Slim fat reduction process through the most advanced CoolSculpting equipment system today, the doctor will use machine heads to operate on fatty areas including:

– The first 10 minutes: Go ahead with Laser Pad to break down the structure of fatty areas without affecting surrounding areas.

– The next 30 minutes: Go ahead with Cavitation 40KHz with self-impact from outside to inside thick fat areas, stimulate destruction of stubborn fat tissue and liquefy for easy excretion.

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– The next 15 minutes: Go ahead with Cryo stimulates cooling subcutaneous fat cells and destroys them but still ensures no damage to surrounding tissues. From there easily excrete dead cells from the body. Through this stage, thick layers of fat have been removed as desired.

Step 5: The expert will use Angel Slimming cream to massage on the skin that has just been reduced in fat to support softening the part of adipose tissue that has just been performed, supporting subcutaneous fat excretion process, warming up the body, preventing signs of skin damage and aging and brightening dull skin areas.

Step 6: Customers will see clear results right after going through the machine and this process will continue, treated fatty areas will continue to be excreted after 3-6 months. With this method, customers can rest assured to go home right after the fat reduction process and normal activities.

After Ultra Slim fat reduction treatment at Gangwhoo, layers of fat will gradually disappear from 3-4 months and up to 25% of excess fat is broken down after only one treatment.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction


Why should customers choose Ultra Slim technology at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to be one of the cosmetic units certified by the Ministry of Health for safety. In addition, modern technology, safe implementation process and “huge” investment in Ultra Slim technology fat reduction method will bring customers the best results, fulfilling the desire to own a slim figure for a long time.

Indispensable at Gangwhoo is a team of experienced experts and doctors who have undergone many years of training in European countries. Combined with a professional working style, understanding and understanding the psychology of customers will give the best advice and aim for quality after fat reduction treatment.

For Ultra Slim fat reduction technology, the hospital invests in transferring genuine CoolSculpting technology from the leading reputable manufacturer today. Helps create cold heat, liquefy fat and excrete quickly and easily. Return to you a “charming” figure with an effective reduction of 5-10 cm.

Ultra Slim Fat Reduction


High-tech Ultra Slim fat reduction price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Currently, the cost of Ultra Slim technology fat reduction treatment is considered reasonable but still ensures quality and effectiveness with 2,000,000 VND / treatment session. Depending on the customer’s physique, the course will range from 3 to 7 sessions.

Especially, after going through the Ultra Slim fat reduction process and fully complying with all compliance according to the treatment regimen but cannot bring satisfactory results to customers as expected, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital COMMITMENT will refund all implementation costs. Therefore, customers can rest assured that the results at Gangwhoo are always guaranteed for the best results.


PACKAGE 1 1 SESSION 219 219/session
PACKAGE 2 5 SESSIONS 859 172/session
PACKAGE 3 10 SESSIONS 1,279 128/session
PACKAGE 1 1 SESSION 219 219/session
PACKAGE 2 5 SESSIONS 859 172/session
PACKAGE 3 10 SESSIONS 1,279 128/session
PACKAGE 1 1 SESSION 129 129/session
PACKAGE 2 5 SESSIONS 429 86/session
PACKAGE 3 10 SESSIONS 639 64/session
PACKAGE 1 1 SESSION 129 129/session
PACKAGE 2 5 SESSIONS 429 86/session
PACKAGE 3 10 SESSIONS 639 64/session
PACKAGE 1 1 SESSION 89 89/session
PACKAGE 2 5 SESSIONS 329 66/session
PACKAGE 3 10 SESSIONS 429 43/session


LATEX CORSET 1,000,000

Thanks to its ability to effectively improve body shape without having to undergo any surgery, Ultra Slim fat reduction can be considered a perfect solution for those who want to change their appearance but are afraid of invasiveness.

Images of customers after fat reduction treatment at Gangwhoo

Above is the most authentic information shared from Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – the number one safe Ultra Slim fat reduction unit today. If you have any other questions about the technologies and techniques applied in this method, please contact us through the following information:

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