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8 Types of Ugly Nose Shapes That Can Be Corrected!! Standards for Beautiful Noses!

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Do you have an ugly nose shape? No one wants it. But can it be fixed? And what are the standards for a beautiful nose? Find out in this article!

ugly nose shapes

Common Ugly Nose Shapes Nowadays

Flat and Wide Nose 

A flat and wide nose is one of the common ugly nose shapes. The main feature of this nose shape is that the nose is very low, and the nostrils are large. When looking from the side or from above, the nose may not be visible. Therefore, people who have this nose shape often lack confidence when taking pictures.

Upturned and Snub Nose

Usually, this nose shape has a tip that curves upward, slightly bent. It forms an abnormal curve and exposes the two nostrils. At the same time, the short nasal bridge makes the overall nose look ungraceful, like a pig’s nose. The cause of the upturned nose is due to the development of connective tissue that makes the tip larger and more curved, resulting in excess flesh. 

Crooked Nose

A crooked nose is one of the ugly nose shapes that makes the face lack balance. The identifying feature of this nose shape is that the nasal bridge is bent, when looking from below, the tip will lean to one side and the nostrils on both sides are uneven, lacking symmetry.

Bulbous Nose

Not an exception, a bulbous nose also belongs to the ugly nose shapes. With the feature of this nose shape being a low nasal bridge, a very large tip, thick skin and two flared nostrils, making the overall face disharmonious. When you look directly in front, you only see the tip and two unsightly nostrils.

ugly nose shapes

Hawk Nose

This is another nose shape that is considered ugly; its distinguishing features include an upturned tip, large nostrils, and thick skin… Although the nasal bridge is not low, the width and length of the nose are not proportional, causing disharmony to the face.

Hook Nose

The hook nose shape usually appears in Europeans. This is a high, sharp nose shape, the tip of the nose pointing up and the nasal bridge curved. It makes the nose shape unattractive, when looking at it, you will see that the tip of the nose is too large, high, and disproportionate.

Witch Nose

The witch nose has a prominent feature that the nasal bridge is thick and long, the tip of the nose is sharp and upturned. Therefore, nose shapes like witch noses make the face look disharmonious, lacking gentleness and having a wicked look like a witch.

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Upturned Nose

The upturned nose is a high nose shape, the tip of the nose pointing up high to expose the two nostrils, when looking from the front, you will see clearly and it looks very unappealing. This makes the face less beautiful when the nose sinks in other highlights of the face.

Standards to Evaluate a Beautiful Nose

A nose that is rated as beautiful will depend on factors such as the height of the nasal bridge, the tip of the nose and the nostrils. Below are some standards for a nose that is rated as beautiful.

ugly nose shapes

  • The height of the nasal bridge: A beautiful nose needs to have a high tip, usually from 22mm to 24mm. At the same time, the height of the base of the nose is also important, it should be about 11mm. However, the height of the nose must be harmonious with the overall principles of the face to be considered beautiful and balanced.
  • Tip of the nose: A beautiful nose has the feature that the two sides of the nostrils form an equilateral triangle. The angle between the nose column and the midline is also important, it should be from 100 to 110 degrees. The length of the nose column must also correspond to 1/3 of the total length of the face.
  • Alars: A beautiful nose has symmetrical alars on both sides. The end point of the alars should lie on a straight line with the corner of the eye to create balance. The ideal length of the alars should not exceed 1/5 of the total length of the face.
  • Nostril: A beautiful nose usually has small nostril, shaped like two drops of water facing each other. However, the nostril should not be too small as it affects the respiratory and aesthetic functions of the face.

Beautiful nose shapes for men and women

For men

  • L Line Nose

This nose shape is popular and has a high, straight nasal bridge, without defects. The tip of the nose forms a 90-degree angle with the face and when tilted, it will form a clear L shape. The L Line nose gives a strong impression to the male face, attracting the attention of the opposite person. Suitable for mature and elegant styles.

  • Thai Style Nose

This nose shape creates a softness for the face. It has a high nasal bridge, small and balanced nostrils, a slightly pointed tip and pointing forward. The Thai style nose is suitable for those who have gentle and scholarly personalities.

ugly nose shapes

  • Western high nose

The western high nose is similar to the L Line nose, but with a different tip. It has a high bridge and a tip that points forward. This gives a natural and soft look, making men more attractive.

  • Straight nose

This is a common nose shape in Vietnam and Asia. It has a high and straight bridge, and a round tip that points forward slightly, creating a masculine and balanced face. It suits people who are gentle, polite and soft.

  • Highline nose

This is a good choice for people who have small faces. The Highline nose has a high bridge and a small tip. This combination creates harmony and fits the small face.

For women

  • L Line nose

The L Line nose is also suitable for women with similar features as for men. This nose gives a strong and confident look, increasing attractiveness and creating a focal point for the face.

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  • Korean nose

The Korean nose has a small tip and nostrils. Combined with a high bridge, this creates harmony for the nose and the overall face. This nose shape suits women who are gentle, feminine, and cute.

ugly nose shapes

  • Chinese nose

If you prefer a graceful beauty, the Chinese nose is a perfect choice. This nose has a high bridge, a small tip and a natural curve, creating an attraction for the face.

  • S Line nose

The S Line nose is also one of the beautiful nose shapes that many women love. This nose has a round tip, a naturally curved bridge and when tilted, the nose forms a soft S shape, adding harmony and overall beauty to the face.

Can ugly nose shapes be fixed? Will they look good after surgery?

If you unfortunately have ugly nose shapes, or your nose has many flaws, you can totally fix them normally. Because nowadays, cosmetic surgery is very advanced and can help you have a new beautiful nose that you like best.

So you can rest assured about your current nose shape. Especially cosmetic surgery nowadays has reached a new level. The results are completely natural, balanced and suitable for the face. It’s like giving you a new beautiful nose without leaving any traces of cosmetic surgery.

However, although ugly nose shapes can be easily fixed, you need to find a reputable cosmetic surgery place. This is one of the important factors that help you achieve perfect beautiful nose results.

Where to get cosmetic surgery for the nose that is beautiful and safe?

One of the most beautiful, reputable and safe cosmetic surgery places for the nose today that many customers trust and appreciate is Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. A unit that satisfies many customers with cosmetic results.

Gangwhoo owns advanced nose lift technology transferred from Korea, a country famous for cosmetic surgery. This shows that the hospital is applying advanced methods and techniques, bringing trust and peace of mind to every customer.

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The team of Vietnamese – Korean doctors at Gangwhoo has rich experience in nose lift techniques. Combined with modern technology and the skills of doctors to bring high-quality results. As well as ensuring the highest safety for every customer who performs.

At Gangwhoo always meets 5-star standards and satisfies every customer who uses nose lift service. The dedication and professionalism in customer care is an important factor. When customers always receive attention and comprehensive support in the process of cosmetic beauty.

At the same time, Gangwhoo also invests in a full system of facilities, meeting all amenities. Helping customers to experience a luxurious, beautiful and international standard cosmetic space.

In general, if you have an appeal, yet it’s not beautiful. Worry not because changing the shape of having a good nose is very simple and easy. Gangwhoo Hospital is the best place to go in order to achieve the best cosmetic result. Hopefully, with the content of the article that Gangwhoo shares above, it should be useful to motivate you to go for cosmetic makeovers to have a more perfect beauty!

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