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How many types of breast implant? Which implant is the best?

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How many types of breast implants? Which is the best? How much does it cost?… If you are intending to have breast augmentation, the following article is here to help.

How many types of breast implant? Which implant is the best?
How many types of breast implant? Which implant is the best?


A prosthetic implant (breast implant) is a type of implant specifically designed to change and increase the size of human breasts. In general, those breast implants are used in endoscopic breast augmentation procedures.

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How many types of breast implants“- Currently, there are many types of breast implants used in breast augmentation, here are several types of gel-filled implants that you may prefer to:

1. Nano Motiva Breast Implants

Nano Motiva implants(United States), implants for women’s breasts are owned, developed, and manufactured by Establishment Labs Motiva, a prestigious brand with more than 30 years of breast manufacturing experience.

This type of implant is 100% silicone gel filled with flexibility, elasticity, and high consistency of cohesion, having a durable texture with an average of 49000 contact points per cm2.

Benefits: Nano Motiva breast implants show high compatibility without any allergic reaction. Basically, the implants after being inserted into your breast will adhere to soft tissue naturally creating a natural breast shape.

Motiva implants are durable, and elastic, and are easily inserted through a small incision that helps minimize invasiveness.

Patients do not need to worry about silicone-gel leakage after breast augmentation as the filling gel is too thick to easily migrate outside the breast capsule into their body.

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Disadvantages: This implant is easily to be fake off, especially, since the higher risk may occur when having breast augmentation in uncredited cosmetic facilities.

How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?
How many types of breast implants? Pros and cons?

2. BellaGel Breast Implants

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BellaGel Breast implants- widely introduced in 2017, in South Korea are made of 100% silicone gel with a smooth outer shell, and a thick adhesive area that helps to form an elastic breast shape.

Benefits: High cohesion, safe material from gel-silicone, this implant is suitable for Asian Women due to its volume, giving a natural shape as well as feeling.

Disadvantages: BellaGel is not highly-recommended for those ladies having small, “flat” chests, wrinkled breast skin.

How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?
How many types of breast implants? Pros and cons?

3. Mentor Breast Implants

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Mentor Breast Implant (United States) is the first chest pocket product that is super lightweight, having a multi-layers structure of silicone gel and a transparent look.


Flexibly apply for many other breast enlargement.

No need to create a large breast cavity

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Extend naturally to form a breast shape resembling natural breasts

Breast implants are durable and can last for 12-15 years.

Disadvantages: Strenuous activities may cause breast implant displacement. After breast augmentation, patients have to wear a compression bra 24/7 in the first 3 months.

How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?
How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?

4. Nano Implants

Nano implants have two types: Nano chip and free-chip implants, chip is a single component to differentiate those implants. With Nano implants, a tiny chip storing information important parameters is inserted into implants, helping to solve several arising problems such as gel leakage, less risk of capsular contracture, or unnatural breast firmness.


Nano Chip Implant is the first-ever type of breast implant with a protective chip inserted. Thanks to a super durable 7-layer of Nano firm cover, you can freely move, and squeeze breast implants after recovery without worrying about gel leakage or rupturing.

The embedded chip stores important parameters including the patient’s personal information, date of surgery, name of the surgeon, etc., which helps to track information as well as protect the patient’s benefits when using breast implants.

Nano chip breast implants have 2 types of outer shells: Smooth and somewhat rough (feel like sandpaper). Prior to the surgery, customers will be advised by the specialists which implants are the most suitable to choose.

How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?
How many types of breast implants? Pros and cons?

5. Sebbin Breast Implants

Sebbin is an artisanally made chest pocket that originated in France. This implant has a 7-gel layer structure with a fill valve, and it allows to have either chip or without chip inserted.

Sebbin is a 100% silicon-gel-filled implants

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Sebbin breast implants show very good support for your breast with an elasticity 7,5 times compared to others, with an anti-friction outer shell, suitable for many chest platforms 7.5 times more elastic.

Cons: Due to manual processing, in general, this bag does not offer a variety of choices. Besides, the 8-layer texture sometimes makes ladies feel heavy, even chest tightness for many days after surgery.

How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?
How many types of breast implant? Pros and cons?

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Beside the question “How many types of breast implants?“, “Which type of implants is the best”  is also a concern of many ladies. In reality, there are not any implants that are known as “the best” as each implant will have its pros and cons. Moreover, this depends on the customer’s preference.

But, In terms of features, silicone gel-filled implants are considered much better than conventional implants since they can help your breast firmer and curvier.

Khách hàng sau khi nâng ngực tại "Gangwhoo" - với vòng 1 đẹp, chát lượng
Khách hàng sau khi nâng ngực tại “Gangwhoo” – với vòng 1 đẹp, chát lượng


Breast augmentation with breast implants is hard to maintain permanently. Breast implants may last for around 10-15 years. This is because, over time, the adhesive gel and implant shape gradually distorted, therefore, If the damaged implants are not removed on time, it can lead to infection, and capsular contracture.

On the other hand, high-tech chest pockets such as Nano Motiva and Mentor show superior benefits over conventional implants (15-18 years)

Before and After Breast Augmentation at "Gangwhoo"
Before and After Breast Augmentation at “Gangwhoo”


How many types of implants” and “how much does it cost“?- The following table demonstrates the breast and buttock makeover at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital:

ServicesOfficial price
Endoscopic breast augmentation – Nano implants with inserted chip85,000,000
Ergonomix Breast Augmentation95,000,000
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Arion implants85,000,000
Nipple lightening (including ointment cream)15,000,000
Nipple reduction in both sides20,000,000
Areola reduction in both sides20,000,000
Accessory breast removal (1 – 2 breasts)35,000,000
Gynaecomastia surgery for men40,000,000
Breast reduction45.000.000 – 65.000.000
Breast Lift45.000.000 – 65.000.000
Endoscopic Buttock augmentation60.000.000 – 100.000.000
Ergonomix Buttock augmentation70.000.000 – 100.000.000
Butt Lift (autologous fat graft)70.000.000 – 100.000.000


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Finally, we have come to an end of this article finding out “How many types of implants”. Now, If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by leaving your phone number in order to get a FREE consultation from our specialists!


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