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Popular Ways to Treat Keloids with Chinese Medicine

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According to ancient knowledge from the past, the ways to treat keloids with Chinese medicine are considered to be an effective method nowadays! There are many formulas rumored to be able to treat keloid scars, including both internal and external treatments.

What are the ways to treat keloids with Chinese medicine?

Different from the Western culture, for a long time, people in the East have been using natural ingredients to treat conditions based on the ability to regulate and balance the body, including treating keloid scars. To be more specific, instead of directly blurring out the keloid scars, Chinese medicine will stimulate the self-healing nature of the body.

The remedies to treat keloids with Chinese medicine consist mostly of natural ingredients like honey, false ginseng, mugwort, pennywort, etc., which have the capability to suppress the growth of generative tissues, blurring out the keloid scars.

Remedies to treat keloids with Chinese medicine
Remedies to treat keloids with Chinese medicine

The remedies to treat keloids with Chinese medicine

1. Treating keloids with mugwort essential oil

Mugwort essential oil has the ability to sterilize and prevent oxidization. Therefore, when having keloid scars, you should you mugwort essential oil to improve the condition of the scars, especially keloid scars. Mugwort essential oil can help to regulate the blood flow, soften the wound, heal, regenerate the skin, and destroy the scar tissues.

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  • How to do it:

Prepare the mugwort, after that, you grind the leaf to achieve the essential oil and rub it on the skin with keloid scars. You can leave it overnight to allow the essence from the mugwort to be absorbed into the skin, preventing the development of the keloid scars. Wash it in the morning with clean water. Using essential oil regularly will not only suppress the growth of the keloids but also disinfect the scars effectively.

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Treating keloid scars with mugwort essential oil

2. The way to treat keloids with Chinese medicine using pennywort

Pennywort is considered to be a natural antibiotic that can disinfect the skin and prevent oxidization. Therefore, pennywort will be extremely effective in cases of mild or severe keloid scars.

How to do it:

  • Take the leaf, wash it dry, and put it in a pot.
  • Use some pieces of filter paper to filter out the residue and put the water in the fridge for future use.
  • You can use cotton swabs soaked in the pennywort extract to touch the scarring areas. Let those places dry naturally and wash them again with clean water.
  • In addition, you can make pennywort water that is also very beneficial for the skin. If you find the water bitter, you can put some sugar or honey in it for easier consumption.
The way to treat keloids with Chinese medicine using pennywort
The way to treat keloids with Chinese medicine using pennywort

3. The ways to treat keloids with Chinese medicine using Brucea javanica

Brucea javanica is a type of plant that grows naturally in the jungle. You can easily buy ripe fruits of this type of plant in any Chinese medicine store.

Ingredients: 50g of Brucea javanica

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How to do it:

  • Remove the peel for the matter within.
  • Smash it fine and mix it with vaseline to create an ointment mixture by the ratio of 3 Brucea javanica and 3 vaseline.
  • Keep the scars clean and dry before applying the ointment. Use some dressings to keep the ointment in place.
  • Reapply the ointment once every 3 to 5 days.

Note: After some time, the scar will have some small cysts around it. This is to soften and minimize the scar.

This type of plant can cause allergies to some people. Moreover, using it incorrectly can cause the keloids to expand even bigger, hence you should only use this remedy after being diagnosed and approved by a doctor.

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Should you treat keloids with Chinese medicine?

Keloids are the most difficult type of scar to be treated with natural methods or Chinese medicine. You should check out the techniques using modern medicine. At the moment, skin therapy is no longer something difficult with CO2 laser technology.

A big part of the tissue structure is composed of water, allowing the CO2 Laser with a 10.600nm wavelength to be extremely easy to be absorbed. The CO2 laser can dissect the tissue structure of the skin and get rid of the keloid scars effectively. Additionally, the accumulated CO2 laser will continue to generate Collagen to make the skin stronger and smoother.

With its high concentrative power, the CO2 laser is highly recommended by experts for its safety in treating keloid scars without affecting the surrounding skin regions. With this technology, keloid scars will not only be gotten rid of but the skin will also be more evenly colored – something that traditional Chinese medicine could never do.

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If you are still questioning the ways to treat keloids with Chinese medicine, you should check out the cosmetic technology that we have at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital or contact our number 0901.666.879.

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