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The details about transaxillary breast augmentation

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Transaxillary breast augmentation is one of the most widely applied plastic surgery recently. Is this technique safe? Who should have it? Let Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital answer all of your questions through this article below!

What is transaxillary breast augmentation?

Transaxillary breast augmentation is a method to increase the size of the breasts by placing the breast implants into the body through the armpits. The surgeon will make incisions at the underarms area and use an advanced endoscope to insert the implants.

The implants will be at appropriate sizes to ensure the procedure to be painless, minimally invasive, and scarless thanks to the incisions made at the armpits.

The details about transaxillary breast augmentation
The details about transaxillary breast augmentation

The pros and cons of transaxillary breast augmentation

Each incision site of breast augmentation will come with its own pros and cons. Endoscopic breast augmentation is believed by many customers and experts to have safe, quick, and ensured operation.

  • Causes no damage or loss of sensation at the tip of the breasts. This technique can be done with just 1 incision at each armpit with an endoscope, ensuring that no nerve is damaged at the breasts.
  • Offers quick recovery time. Endoscopic breast augmentation doesn’t cause too much distortion to the shape of the breasts, meaning that the healing process will be quick and painless.
  • Ensures barely visible scars. The benefit of this technique is the extraordinary ability to hide the scars with tiny incisions.
  • Guarantees the perfect and natural beauty for the customers.

Some requirements of transaxillary breast augmentation

  • The surgeon must be qualified and experienced with endoscopic surgery to ensure the skillful use of equipment.
  • The transaxillary breast augmentation must be performed at a prestigious facility with certified endoscopic tools.

In conclusion, all breast augmentation techniques will leave terrible consequences if done by the wrong facility. Therefore, you will need to do your research carefully for a reputable location beforehand.

Transaxillary breast augmentation candidates

Transaxillary breast augmentation is chosen by many women nowadays thanks to the quick procedure, affordable price, and painless operation. This service is suitable for the following candidates:

  • Anyone passed puberty with small and underdeveloped breasts.
  • Asymmetrical breasts that make them look unaesthetic.
  • Saggy breasts due to illogical diet, improper care, or postpartum.
  • People who wish to have round, big, and attractive breasts.
  • Unwedded ladies can totally have this operation as this doesn’t affect the milk glands.

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Experience the safe breast augmentation operation at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Having transaxillary breast augmentation at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will not only ensure your safety but also bring about many great advantages like:

Causes no sensation loss or breast damages

This technique is performed through the armpits incision using a specialized endoscope. With a little bit of dexterity from the doctors, no invasion or damage will be made to the nerves around the breasts.

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Therefore, you should not hesitate to have this procedure just because you are afraid of damages or loss of sensation at the breasts. All will be operated with complete safety from Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

Guarantees well-hidden scars at the armpits

Having transaxillary breast augmentation is the best way to hide the scars of breast surgery. The surgeons at Gangwhoo will always make the smallest incisions possible to limit the risks of scarring, ensuring the best aesthetic results.

Uses quality implants

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we will only use certified implants with safety approval. Therefore, you will never have to worry about allergy or incompatibility after the surgery.

Before the operation could happen, the surgeon will check on your body condition and your breast sizes to advise the client with the most suitable implants. This will minimize the risks of complications and dangers that can occur to the body.

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In conclusion, transaxillary breast augmentation is both safe and cost-saving, which is suitable for those who wish to have a sexy and attractive pair of breasts with minimal scars. Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive a consultation and experience safe and beautiful breast services today!

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