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Top 5 Questions About Rhinoplasty That You Should Know About

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Rhinoplasty is a makeover service that many choose to have but it is also the procedure that requires revision the most. Before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, the customers must have had many questions that need to be answered. Today, we pick out the top 5 most concerning questions about rhinoplasty for our experts to explain.

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How to judge a beautiful nose?

  • A beautiful nose must be based on the golden ratio that your face has. This is pursuant to the natural aesthetic and the symmetric of your face. The golden ratio must harmoniously combine all the features of the face with its natural contour. Since everyone has a unique look, there is no room for the one size fits all formula. For that reason, before every surgery, the surgeons must study the face contour of the patient carefully to give out a suitable personalized regimen for the client.
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Nanoform cartilage has great body compatibility to prevent future complications

Do all rhinoplasty procedures the same?

  • The main purpose of rhinoplasty is to help the customers to own a high and beautiful nose contour. However, each procedure will be somewhat different. For example: S-Line rhinoplasty (cartilage rhinoplasty) is the technique that involves artificial cartilage to elevate the nasal dorsum and autologous cartilage (from the patient’s ears, ribs, temples) to coat the tip of the nose so that the shape will be natural and beautiful. In contrast, the L-Line rhinoplasty will offer a straight nose with a narrow tip, giving the letter L vibe when looking from the side. For this reason, determining the nose contour and the technique used will play an important role in giving the customer the desired nose shape.
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Choosing an unsuitable nose shape with the technique given by a low-quality surgeon will cause great consequences

* Many people believe that rhinoplasty can cause future complications that can be permanent. Do you think that this is the truth? What is the most optimal and safest rhinoplasty technique nowadays according to experts?

As the anatomy of the nose consists of cartilage, to extend the length or increase the projection requires the combination of both artificial and autologous cartilage.

Structural rhinoplasty (Nanoform) is invented to remove all the unwanted risks of using autologous cartilage or artificial cartilage alone.

The autologous cartilage will be carefully taken out of the body and will act as a support for the tip of the nose, creating the attractive round nose shape and forming the columella of the nose. Nano cartilage will be used to create the dorsum contour of natural S-Line or L-Line.

Nano cartilage can simulate the structure of the autologous cartilage and is a very durable material that has elasticity and flexibility. Moreover, it is completely compatible with the body and can be extremely twisted, allowing the nose to withstand great external damage without deforming. The surface of the Nano cartilage is super thin and light with a soft tissue layer to bring about a comfortable and natural sensation afterward.

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4D Nanoform rhinoplasty – For the elegant and beautiful nose shape.

In addition, experienced surgeons and doctors can use endoscopic rib cartilage rhinoplasty, which is a very difficult and complicated technique. The doctors will check if the patient has enough rib cartilage or not and the best location for its extraction.

The surgeon will retrieve the rib cartilage through a small incision (1-1.5 cm) to ensure the aesthetic aspect in the future. The advanced endoscopic procedure allows the customers to feel no pain and get back to their daily lives immediately afterward – a huge advantage comparing to the traditional open procedure that affects the rib nervous system, causing pain and difficulties after the surgery.

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After extracting the rib cartilage, the doctor will continue to carve and adjust the cartilage to fit the nose contour of the customer.

A small incision will be made at the columella of the nose to place the cartilage in. After that, some small adjustments will be made to reach maximum suitability. The incision will finally be closed with cosmetic threads.

How long is the recovery time before you can get back to work?

  • For people with occupations that require no communication with the clients, you can return to work after 2 days with a nasal splint and dressing. On the contrary, if you need to talk to the clients during your working hour, you will have to wait 1 week for the splint and dressing to be removed.

Where to have safe rhinoplasty?

  • Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital operates by a 5-star Korean standard and is proud to be the place that meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Health for Continuing Medical Education (CME). There is a specialized team of doctors and nurses for each field of work. They always update the latest cosmetic trend from around the world to keep up with the innovation of the industry. Each procedure at the hospital is done based on the personal features of the patient like the eyes, the nose, the distances, and the harmony of the face to ensure the best result for the patient, making your ORIGINAL self better.

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