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Top 3 Uses of Coconut Oil To Treat Pitted Scar At Home

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Coconut oil provides many nutrients that are very beneficial for the body. These nutrients not only help to nourish hair, support weight loss, and acne treatment, they also work to improve and fade scars. So how to treat pitted scars by using coconut oil?


According to experts, in the composition of coconut oil contains a lot of fatty acids, these acids can kill bacteria, stimulate collagen production effectively, prevent the growth of bacteria, and remove pitted scars on the skin.

The fat components in coconut oil will be divided into two groups:

  • Medium-chain fatty acids (caproic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid): This amount of acid is suitable to eliminate bacteria that appear on your skin and keep your skin healthy, smooth, and clean.
  • Group of vitamins E, Phenol, Phytosterol: Has anti-oxidants that can destroy free radicals.

Therefore, coconut oil is considered a natural product with effective skincare effects. In addition to the ability to skin whitening, you can use coconut oil to treat scars and dark spots on the skin.

Because of these characteristics, coconut oil is considered one of the most effective ingredients for treating pitted scars, brighten the skin, even when there are no pitted scars.

Pitted Scar Treatment with Coconut Oil
Pitted Scar Treatment with Coconut Oil


There are ways of using coconut oil to treat pitted scars and nourish the skin. They are as follows:

1. Pure coconut oil

You only need a small amount of coconut oil and apply it directly on the scarred areas of the skin every day, after a while, the scars will gradually disappear.

In particular, you should apply coconut oil every night before going to bed, this will help the skin to absorb coconut oil better and enhance the regeneration of broken cell tissues. After 1 week, you will see a great change in your skin.

Applying pure coconut oil
Applying pure coconut oil

2. Coconut oil and green tea powder

Green tea is a beauty product that has been used for a long time and until now they are still considered an indispensable ingredient in most cosmetic products. You can use leaves, powder, or tea bags to treat scars and prevent acne formation.

The components caffeine, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B will be used for killing bacteria, removing the inflamed part that causes acne to form.

Then, these components will invade the area where the cells are eaten by bacteria. These areas will be cleaned up to help coconut oil penetrate better.

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Mix 2 spoons of coconut oil with 2 spoons of green tea powder, you need to ensure a 1:1 ratio of the amount of coconut oil and green tea powder to achieve the best acne treatment effect.

You should steam your face with green tea for about 5 to 8 minutes, then quickly apply a layer of coconut oil mask at room temperature. Leave the nutrients on the face for 25 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Coconut oil and green tea powder
Coconut oil and green tea powder

3. Coconut oil and avocado

Fresh avocado contains a lot of fatty acids and vitamin E, which can be applied to treat pitted scars at home. In addition, avocado contains a lot of vitamins A, B, and C to help brighten the skin.

Coconut oil can be used with avocado to remove pitted scars, brightens the skin, and treats dark spots effectively. In addition to effective pitted scars treatment, avocado and coconut oil are also used to treat burn scars.

  • Prepare 1/2 avocado, scrape off the flesh and put it in the blender, add 2 spoons of coconut oil.
  • Before applying the mixture on your face, apply hot coconut oil on your hands and massage for 2 to 3 minutes on the surface of the skin. Then apply on your face for 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
Coconut oil and avocado
Coconut oil and avocado


Any material or substance that affects your skin can potentially lead to skin irritation. Although coconut oil is a benign ingredient, you should not apply coconut oil if your skin is sensitive.

A few side effects that you will encounter when applying coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil allergy: Some people may be sensitive to substances in plant materials that can cause conditions such as fainting, heart palpitations, rash. These allergens can penetrate through the blood vessels and travel to the heart. Users must be cautious when applying coconut oil to the skin.
  • Acne: Having acne due to improper use of coconut oil or not washing your face carefully. As a result, the pores are clogged, which causes more acne because the coconut oil is not absorbed into the skin but exists on the surface of the skin.
  • Hair growth: After applying coconut oil on the face, facial hair and mustache will form more. Therefore, the correct dosage of coconut oil should be under control to prevent hair growth.

Nowadays, with the Co2 laser pitted scar treatment method, you no longer need to worry about having scars on your face anymore. This skin treatment technology is highly appreciated by experts for its effectiveness in treating pitted scars and can be applied to any skin type. You can have this skin treatment service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.

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