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TOP 3 Doctors for Nose Revision in Viet Nam

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You are panicking after undergoing a failed rhinoplasty, you want to look for the top nose revision doctors of Viet Nam to fix your nose? Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall provide you a list of top 3 doctors for nose revision of Viet Nam.

The nose is located in the center of the face and is considered the “soul” of beauty not only of women but also of men. But if you carelessly fall into the “trap” of cheap cosmetic services, you may get the worst consequence possible. A damaged nose not only damages you mentally but also affects your health badly. If you do not have your nose treated quickly, your nose tip may get perforated or even necrosis.


Nose revision is an extremely complicated technique. Asides from advanced equipment, the doctor must be highly qualified and well-trained for reconstructive surgery techniques. The doctor must carefully examine the damaged nose and suggest the appropriate solution.

The causes of the damaged nose:

Poorly qualified doctors or the cosmetic facility is not licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Not giving proper post-operative care or the nose gets badly damaged during the surgery.

In order to regain a beautiful nose and confidence for customers who unluckily had failed rhinoplasty, this article shall provide you the list of the top 3 doctors for nose revision of Viet Nam whom you can put your faith in.

First Level Specialist Phung Manh Cuong

Ngay bây giờ, hãy liên hệ Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo để lên lịch hẹn gặp Bác sĩ Phùng Mạnh Cường. Một cái tên quen thuộc trong giới phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ, được chị em đánh giá là một trong những Bác sĩ thẩm mỹ tốt nhất TP. HCM hiện nay. Được biết, bác sĩ hiện là Giám đốc chuyên môn tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo, một trong những thương hiệu dẫn đầu “thị trường” phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ ở Việt Nam. Với sứ mệnh mang đến một vẻ đẹp chuẩn Hàn dành cho hàng triệu phụ nữ Việt, với sự dẫn dắt của Bác sĩ Phùng Mạnh Cường cùng các chuyên gia thẩm mỹ, Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo đạt không ít những thành tựu trong lĩnh vực thẩm mỹ mũi hiện nay, đặc biệt là xử lý thảm họa do phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ gây ra. Ông được mệnh danh là “bàn tay vàng” bởi khắc phục hầu hết các ca  sửa mũi hỏng và mí mắt hỏng mà những bác sĩ thẩm mỹ khác “lắc đầu”.

Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

Doctor Phung Manh Cuong – First Level Specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. At the same time, Doctor Cuong is the president of the Korean Plastic Surgery Association in Viet Nam, With more than 15 years of working in the cosmetic surgery industry, Doctor Phung Manh Cuong has successfully brought beauty to millions of customers domestically and abroad. In 2018, Doctor Phung Manh Cuong was invited to be a visiting lecturer about cosmetic surgery at The Catholic University of Korea – the biggest Medical University in Korea. This is a great honor for Doctor Phung Manh Cuong and for every Cosmetologist in Viet Nam because Korea is considered a country with the most developed cosmetic industry in the world.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Hình ảnh khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng tại bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Gangwhoo

With more than 15 years of experience and dedication to the cosmetic industry, lots of customers have chosen to have Doctor Phung Manh Cuong perform cosmetic makeovers for them. As the leading cosmetologist of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital who has great skills in nose and eyelid revision. To ensure the best result for customers, Doctor Phung Manh Cuong only has 5 cases including consultation and performing surgery daily. Customers who want to meet Doctor Cuong must book in advance.

How does Doctor Phung Manh Cuong perform nose revision?

The combination of artificial nanoform cartilage and autologous cartilage (ear cartilage or septum cartilage) in the nose revision for customers who had failed rhinoplasty before. The autologous is used to reinforce the nose tip structure, create curve lines, make the nose tip more rounded, form columella, lengthen the nose tip. The biological Nano cartilage is used to create the nose bridge, form the Sline or the Lline nose shape. The Nano Cartilage is 100% made from ePTFE material that simulates the structure of the autologous cartilage, it is a strong material, has softness, flexibility and can firmly attach to the nasal bones. Especially, it is 100% compatible with the body and has the extreme twisting probability that helps the nose to endure any impact, external forces but still remain the original shape. The durability of the cartilage is great even after being twisted. The super thin and light Nano warp structure with soft tissues can make the customers feel comfortable and natural after rhinoplasty.

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Crooked nose bridge: Doctor Cuong shall use materials to fill beneath the nasal bone to make the nose balanced again.

For noses that underwent ear and septum cartilage rhinoplasty, Doctor Cuong shall use rib cartilage to fix the damaged nose. Thanks to the flexible structure, durability of the rib cartilage, and great compatibility with the body, this kind of cartilage shall be used to coat the nose tip and lift the nose bridge for a long-lasting and natural nose shape.

Doctor Cuong shall remove the materials if the nose bridge is too high or too low. If the nose tip is too pointed, Doctor Cuong shall remove or replace it with new material for the nose. Doctor Cuong shall remove the old cartilage and replace it with the new cartilage combining it with more autologous cartilage to cover the nose tip in case there is an exposed or displaced nose bridge.

Foreign body in the nose: Doctor Cuong shall remove it and graft more fat in the hypodermis to reconstruct the nose structure.

sua mui hong bvtm gangwhoo 1

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí


With more than 30 years of experience in the field, used to be a specialist in plastic surgery – Saint-Louis Hospital and currently working as the Head of the Plastic surgery & Maxillofacial – Centre Hospitalier de Sain-Cloud in France. After occasional works at FV Hospital, Doctor Pascal Oxeda understands thoroughly the needs of Vietnamese women.

Customers can rest assured that cosmetologist Pascal Oxeda with years of experience in the field knows how to prevent complications or treat them effieciently. Having Doctor Pascal Oxeda perform nose revision is a perfect choice for customers. Doctor Pascal not only changes the facial appearance but also recovers facial structure and makes customers look younger.


With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Doctor Nguyen Hoang Nam used to work in the USA, Korea, Doctor Nam is one of the doctors that can perform the best thread facelifts or surgery nowadays. Doctor Nam is highly evaluated in terms of qualifications and skills. Doctor Nam has successfully performed more than 12 thousand rhinoplasty cases that have more than 5 thousand cases of nose revisions and hundreds of nose defects by birth.

Based on the anthropology standards, the crews of Doctor Nguyen Hoang Nam shall shape a new nose shape for customers after rhinoplasty.

Especially, customers can take a quick glance at their new nose shape and make feedbacks before closing the wound. Hence, customers can rest assured to have the most desired nose shape.

Above is the list of the top 3 doctors for nose revision of Viet Name, we hope you’ve had enough useful information and can make the right decision for yourself.

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