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Top 3 Dental Hospitals for Your Perfect Smile

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Nowadays, knowing the top 3 dental hospitals is the best way to have the perfect smile. Follow the article below for more information.

Top 3 Dental Hospitals for Your Perfect Smile
Top 3 Dental Hospitals for Your Perfect Smile

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

A prestigious cosmetic facility is what ensures that you can have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Lots of cases in which people have dentistry services at illegal dental clinics and consequently damage their teeth and smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry Gangwhoo
Cosmetic Dentistry Gangwhoo

To ensure your health and save time, you should have dentistry services at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we provide dentistry services with the following benefits: quality services, constantly updated equipment, reasonable prices.

  • Doctors are well-trained to prevent risks when performing dental techniques.
  • State-off-the-art machinery system, equipment, and well-trained staff. Some advanced machines at Gangwhoo such as the Cone Beam CT Scanner, 3D Oral Scanner…
  • The doctors at Gangwhoo are experienced and dedicated to their field.
  • Detailed and quality warranty policy for customers.
  • The procedure is shown in detail for customers before implementation.
  • Reasonable price and no extra fee after treatment.
  • Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is committed to having a warranty policy and using the best products for customers.
  • Modern operation and other rooms ensure pleasant for customers.

Over the years, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in the top 3 dental hospitals has made a special impression when ensuring quality services for customers.

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We believe Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital can bring to you the most unforgettable experience with professional and quality dental services.

Contact info

  • Address: 576 – 578 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCM City
  • Hotline: 0901 666 879
  • Webiste: www.benhvienthammygangwhoo.vn
  • Email: info@thammyviengangwhoo.vn
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo

Dentistry Paris

In Ho Chi Minh City, Dentistry Paris is a good choice for customers who want to have dental care. With more than 15 thousand positive feedbacks from customers, dentistry Paris can potentially become the best choice for customers.

The most popular dental services at Dentistry Paris are as follows:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • Implant 4S Dental Implant
  • 3D Speed Bracket Braces
  • Nano 5S Porcelain Denture
  • Dental filling

The above services have a warranty policy and thorough examination regime, hence,  you can rest assured with Dentistry Paris.

Contact info

  • Address 1: 87 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward Cau Ong Lanh, District 1, HCM City
  • Address 2: 179C 3/2 Street, Ward 11, District 10, HCM City
  • Address 3: 97 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCM City
  • Hotline: 1900 6900
  • Website: nhakhoaparis.vn

Anna Dental Clinic

With more than 50 years in the dental industry, Anna dental clinic is a familiar name to lots of customers. Anna is proud to provide customers the best dental experience. At Anna, we ensure the following benefits:

  • Top dentists in the dentistry field of Viet Nam.
  • Advanced machinery system and equipment for precise diagnosis.

Contact info

  • Anna Center: 51 Pham Viet Chanh Street, Ward Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 2: 30 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 3: 44 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward Đakao, District 1, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 4: 193 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 5: 372 Nguyen Trai Street, Ward 8, District 5, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 6: 15-17 Vo Van Ngan Street, Ward Linh Chieu, Thu Duc District, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 7: 352 Nguyen Van Luong Street, Ward 12, District 6, HCM City
  • Chi nhánh 8: 528 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, HCM City
  • Hotline: 1800 2072 – 0932 670 222
  • Website: Nhakhoaanna.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/nhakhoaanna

Every dentistry provider has specific advantages that are appropriate for each customer. Choosing where to have dental services depends on many different criteria as long as customers choose the right and prestigious dentistry provider.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the top 3 dental hospitals for your perfect smiles, we hope you can make the right decision for the best result.

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