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Top 10 Cosmetic Facilities For Safe Abdominal Liposuction in HCM City

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Are you overweight? Are you starting to worry about the excess fat that will make you ugly and affect your health? Surely, you are starting to ask yourself: What is the best method of liposuction? How much is liposuction? And where should you find safe abdominal liposuction services in Ho Chi Minh City?

The following article shall answer all your concerns above:


First of all, we need to know what risks there might be after having liposuction?

Talking about the risks when performing liposuction, we need to clearly distinguish between “visceral fat” and “excess fat”, which makes the step of checking and calculating the amount of fat to be removed extremely important. If this step is not done well, the customer will easily suffer from exhaustion, bleeding, difficulty in recovering…

In fact, if excess fat is not removed properly, the liposuction tool is not in the right position, it will cause danger to the surrounding areas. If the doctor is not qualified enough to perform the liposuction procedure, which includes placing the suction tube in the wrong place, it will cause an imbalance between the body parts.

Therefore, you need to choose reputable cosmetic facilities for liposuction services. You should come to big hospitals that are fully licensed, have highly qualified doctors with years of experience in plastic surgery, and have advanced beauty technology… to ensure customers’ safety before doing any beauty procedures and liposuction.

So, where do we have safe liposuction in HCM City? Please check out the following top 10 cosmetic facilities for safe liposuction services!

1. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – One of the first Korean cosmetic hospitals in HCM City to own and implement advanced liposuction technology “Lipo Ultrasound” from Korea. Over the years, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has always been a prestigious hospital trusted by thousands of customers to have beauty services and Liposuction to become more beautiful. It can be undoubtedly said that, if you ask 10 people where to have safe quality Abdominal Liposuction services in Ho Chi Minh City, they would recommend you to pay a visit to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.
Hút Mỡ Bụng Ở Đâu An Toàn Tại Tphcm
Safe Abdominal Liposuction in HCM City – Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital
At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will experience a professional environment with international standard examination and consultation. The examination and consultation are carried out by our highly qualified and well-trained doctors from abroad. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we greatly focus on improving and updating the latest machinery systems, equipment, and beauty techniques. Annually, our doctors receive invitations from the world’s top cosmetic organizations (such as Korea, the US, Europe …) to attend seminars to research and publish scientific papers about cosmetology. Thanks to this, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has been trusted and chosen by thousands of customers across the country.

Images of our customers before & after abdominal liposuction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Address: 576 – 578 Cong Hoa St., Ward 13, Tan Binh Dist., HCM City

Hotline: 0901 666 879

Email: info@gangwhoo.com

Website: www.benhvienthammygangwhoo.com

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GangwhooHospital

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2. University Medical Center

University Medical Center in Ho Chi Minh City – has been in operation for about 20 years. It can be said that this is considered one of the hospitals with the best doctors and leading specialists. This is the reason why most customers will immediately think of the University Medical Center whenever they talk about abdominal liposuction services.

3. Tu Du Hospital

Not only famous for “Gynecology”, but we also cannot fail to mention Tu Du Hospital whenever it comes to safe abdominal liposuction services in Ho Chi Minh City. With nearly 100 years of operation and development, Tu Du hospital can satisfy even the most stubborn customers with its Liposuction services.

4. Iseul Beauyt Salon & Spa

Applying advanced technology in cosmetology and having highly qualified doctors, “Iseul Beauty Salon & Spa” is always one of the first answers by most customers (including famous artists) to the question, “Where should we have safe abdominal liposuction in Ho Chi Minh City?”.

5. SIAM Thailand Beauty Salon

With the mission of helping Vietnamese women to be “More charming  – Happier”, SIAM Thailand Beauty Salon has been and is one of the pioneers that applies the most advanced liposuction technology and beauty products to bring safe and effective beauty services to all customers.

Doctors and specialists at SIAM Thailand Beauty Salon have years of experience working in countries developed in cosmetology such as Thailand, Korea, Germany, USA… to ensure the best experience for customers.

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6. FV Hospital

FV Hospital is one of the top healthcare providers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Established in 2003 by a group of French doctors, the hospital has 150 full-time doctors, 1000 employees, serving half a million patients a year.

It is hard not to mention FV Hospital – a hospital with French standards whenever someone is in need of safe abdominal liposuction services in Ho Chi Minh City.

7. Saigon Smile Spa

Saigon Smile Spa offers a variety of beauty services, including weight reduction services. Saigon Smile Spa applies modern technology in weight reduction services, ensuring customers’ safety and final results. Customers can choose various weight reduction methods including Slimfit fat reduction, US Fusion 1-time fat reduction, Nonfat-S deep fat reduction. These are all one of the most modern methods, ensuring minimal damage and long-lasting result. Customers will have a slimmer body to confidently wear sexy and attractive clothes.

8. 108 Military Central Hospital

If you want to have a beautiful body by having beauty services at a large hospital with great seniority in the field of cosmetology, then 108 Military Central Hospital is the best choice for you. 108 Military Central Hospital with more than 50 years of operation and development, ensuring the best results and customers’ safety.

9. People’s Hospital 115

We cannot miss mentioning People’s Hospital 115 when talking about safe Liposuction services nowadays. This is a public hospital not only leading in medical examination and treatment services but also being trusted by lots of people in having beauty services such as double eyelids surgery, nose bridge lift, nose wings reduction, dimples creation, abdominal liposuction … With the advanced facility, highly qualified and professional doctors, People’s Hospital 115 will be a good choice for you to have safe abdominal liposuction.

10. Apr 30th Police Hospital

At Apr 30th Police Hospital, experienced and highly qualified doctors would be at your service, especially Dr. Vuong – a well-trained doctor specializing in Plastic Surgery at the University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach. With years of experience and has performed thousands of successful surgeries, Dr. Vuong shall bring the best result to customers, especially, in abdominal liposuction.

Please keep in mind, abdominal liposuction is major surgery, hence you must find a reputable cosmetic facility to have the highest quality liposuction service to ensure the best result and your own safety.

Direct contact to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for further consultation

  • Address: 576 – 578 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline/Zalo: 0901 666 879
  • Email: info@gangwhoo.com
  • Website: gangwhoohospital.vn
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GangwhooHospital
  • TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@benhviengangwho
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benhvienthammygangwhoo/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/benhvienthammygangwhoo

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about safe abdominal liposuction services in HCM City. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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