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Should We Perform Tooth Extraction At Home?

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Lots of people are intending to perform tooth extraction themselves when it is loose or decayed. And since then, the painless tooth extraction method at home has been widely applied by many people. This idea seems to be very interesting but potentially dangerous.


According to folks, there are some painless tooth extraction methods at home that you can apply such as:

  • Pull a loose tooth (with a string): Wrap the string on the loose tooth and pull it hard to make the root of the tooth pop out. Then, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and then hold in your mouth with cotton on the wound for about 15 minutes.
  • Manual tooth extraction: After washing your hands thoroughly, start shaking the tooth to make it loose and easier to “fall off”. At this point, pull your teeth strongly in the vertical direction. After the tooth has been extracted, use a sterile cotton swab to cover the wound and hold it tightly for 15 minutes.
  • Extract the tooth with an apple: Use a crunchy apple (or pear or guava instead) to put it on the loose tooth, bite hard for the tooth to fall off. This is a painless way to extract teeth at home, but it is not very effective.
How To Extract Your Tooth Painlessly At Home?
How To Extract Your Tooth Painlessly At Home?


Although these painless tooth extraction methods can be applied at home, they also have dangerous complications. Specifically as:

  • High risks of missing teeth root: Even if you feel that your teeth are loose enough to be extracted, in fact, there might still be reaming tooth root, causing prolonged pain. Then you will need to have surgery to treat the pain.
  • Infection: We cannot ensure that the tools used for extracting teeth at home are sterile or not. That is the reason that can lead to wound infection.
  • Prolonged bleeding of the wound: Doing tooth extraction at home by pulling the tooth out of its position will widen the wound as well as damage the surrounding tissue. It will even lead to continuous bleeding and slow healing.

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When the doctor indicates a tooth extraction, almost all customers have the same concern about whether the tooth extraction procedure is painful or dangerous or not. Thanks to the most advanced ultrasound technology nowadays, there will be no pain during the tooth extraction procedure.

The tooth extraction procedure with an ultrasonic machine is done by using vibration force at the head of the ultrasound machine and moving around the root of the tooth. Thereby breaking the ligaments to help remove the tooth smoothly and gently, the customer will only feel a little numb in the tooth without any pain or discomfort compared to the other painless tooth extraction methods at home.

The tooth extraction procedure with ultrasonic machines also has many other outstanding advantages such as the quick procedure that only takes 20-30 minutes, is minimally invasive to the gums, helping to heal wounds after surgery quickly. teeth. Therefore, most reputable dentists and cosmetic hospitals are applying the tooth extraction method with an ultrasound machine nowadays.

How To Perform Painless Tooth Extraction At Home?
How To Perform Painless Tooth Extraction At Home?


After having a tooth extraction procedure, especially wisdom tooth extraction or damaged permanent teeth extraction, which can damage the gums. Therefore, if you do not perform oral hygiene properly, it can easily cause infection to the wound, making the wound difficult to heal, even leaving unwanted complications. To take care of your teeth after tooth extraction effectively and safely, you need to apply the following ways:

  • Reduce pain and swelling by applying ice compresses to the cheek where the tooth was extracted.
  • Keep your teeth clean, gently bite a cotton ball and hold it for about 20 minutes after undergoing tooth extraction.
  • Brush your teeth gently and avoid the tooth-extracted area.
  • Use a straw when drinking and avoid too hot food.
  • Avoid hard foods, eat small and soft foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to remove bacteria and clean the oral cavity.
  • Do not put your tongue or use sharp objects to poke at the tooth-extracted area.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 5 days after tooth extraction.
How To Painlessly Extract Your Tooth At Home?
How To Painlessly Extract Your Tooth At Home?


Currently, there have been more and more newly established dental clinics to meet the demands of customers; however, you still need to consider carefully where you should have dental services.

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