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Thigh Liposuction Newly Updated Price List

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Are you losing confidence in yourself because you have large thighs? If so, thigh liposuction is an optimal solution for you, with this method, you will have slimmer and beautiful legs in no time. However, how much does thigh liposuction cost, is it expensive? The article below shall give you the answer you are looking for!

What do you know about thigh liposuction?

Thigh liposuction is a cosmetic solution that helps women have beautiful and slimmer legs and thighs and make them more confident in themselves. With this method, the excess fat in the thighs will quickly be removed by applying advanced technology. Nowadays, there are many thigh liposuction methods with different advantages. Among them, endoscopic and laser liposuction is time-saving, painless, and non-scarring. Therefore, the thigh liposuction service has attracted a lot of attention from women.

Who should have thigh liposuction?

Thigh liposuction is the solution for those who want to have beautiful and slimmer legs but cannot despite exercising and being on diets. However, to ensure absolute safety when using the service, you also need to understand thoroughly this method.

This method is only suitable for those who are 18 years or older and in good health. You should only apply it when you have tried many natural remedies to reduce thigh fat but did not get the desired results.

As for customers with cardiovascular diseases, hemophilia, history of neurological diseases, pregnancy, … They are not recommended to undergo thigh liposuction.

How much is thigh liposuction?
How much is thigh liposuction?

Is thigh liposuction dangerous to the health?

According to the overall assessment, the thigh liposuction service is relatively safe. However, this is also considered a surgery, so it is difficult to avoid risks. However, with modern equipment and professional doctors, the customers’ safety will be guaranteed when choosing this service. To ensure absolute health safety and avoid complications, you need to understand the following issues:

Have thigh liposuction at prestigious cosmetic facilities

Prestigious cosmetic facilities always conduct a general health check and evaluation before proceeding to the surgery. This is the most basic step to ensure the customers’ safety. Therefore, before undergoing thigh liposuction, you need to learn carefully about the cosmetic facility.

Choose the appropriate method with advanced technology

As we’ve known, there are lots of thigh liposuction methods. Choosing one applied with modern technology and equipment is a plus.

Doctors’ qualifications

For doctors are the ones who directly perform the surgery, they must be highly qualified, experienced in the field.

Is thigh liposuction painful?

Thigh liposuction technology is researched and tested at the American Medical Center to ensure the customers’ safety. Therefore, when undergoing thigh or bicep liposuction, the customer shall not feel any pain in the abdomen, and their health will not be affected like the older technologies.

More specifically, the vibrating suction device and modern air compressor will be used precisely, to ensure the safety of the entire body and the surgical areas.

Besides the technology used, in order to ensure that thigh liposuction is not dangerous, it is mandatory for customers to undergo thigh liposuction at hospitals licensed by the Ministry of Health according to Circular 41.

At these hospitals, they will fully meet the standards of modern thigh liposuction technology, closed thigh liposuction process, sterile equipment, post-operative care, etc.

In addition, this method will be safe if and only when performed by highly skilled doctors who can ensure the customers’ safety and the standard amount of extracted fat.

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The standard thigh liposuction procedure

Step 1: The doctor shall examine to determine the amount of thigh fat that needs to be removed.

Step 2: The customer shall have a general health check to decide whether they are eligible for the surgery or not.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The doctor shall anesthetize the surgical areas so that the customer will not feel any pain during the surgery.

Step 4: Start the thigh liposuction procedure

The thigh fat will be liquefied and drained out by a specialized straw.

Step 5: Skin tightening

The doctor shall tighten the skin to prevent sagging skin after the surgery.

Step 6: Post-operative care

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The customer will be taken care of after the sugery.


How do we take care of ourselves after undergoing thigh liposuction?

  • There may be some bruises on the skin after liposuction, but this should disappear in about 2 weeks.
  • Customers can take a shower normally after about 3 days, let the wound in contact with water with caution.
  • Avoid using stimulants such as alcohol, cigarette, beer, etc. until fully recovered.
  • Customers should avoid eating sticky rice, water spinach, chicken, etc. for the first 30 days because they can cause pus, itching, etc.
  • Massage the liposuction area with your doctor’s instructions if available.
  • Take the following check-ups as scheduled.

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How much is thigh liposuction?

In addition to the cosmetic facilities and doctors’ qualifications. The price of thigh liposuction is a big concern of many customers. However, the price of thigh liposuction may range differently. Because, thigh liposuction service also depends on many factors such as method, technology, doctor’s qualifications, cosmetic facility brand, etc.

Based on the market nowadays. The price of thigh liposuction service is ranging from 60 million VND or more. This is not a small expense, so before making a final decision, you should consider and learn more about the cosmetic facility you choose to have thigh liposuction.

ServicePrice (VND)Discounted price
Below 60cm40.000.000
From 60cm – 70cm55.000.000
From 60cm – 70cm60.000.00
From above 75cm – 80cm65.000.000
From above 80cm – 85cm70.000.000
From above 85cm – 90cm75.000.000
From above 90cm110.000.000-200.000.000
Below 28cm20.000.000
From 28cm – 35cm25.000.000
From above 35cm30.000.000
Small thigh – Below 55cm30.000.000
From 55cm – 65cm40.000.000
From above 65cm – 70cm60.000.000
From above 70cm – 75cm65.000.000
Above 75cm70.000.000
Chin15.000.000 – 20.000.000
Waist15.000.000 – 20.000.000
Armpit25.000.000 – 35.000.000
Back40.000.000 – 50.000.000
How Much is Thigh Liposuction?
How Much is Thigh Liposuction?

Why should you choose thigh liposuction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital in Vietnam is a Korean brand trusted by a large number of customers. Using the liposuction service here, you will have many benefits:

  • The thigh liposuction surgeries are carried out by top plastic surgeons. The team of doctors at Gangwhoo is highly qualified and well-trained in the top medical schools.
  • State-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment at the hospital. All technology is transferred from abroad.
  • Reasonable service prices, suitable for all customers.
  • Staff is dedicated to customer service. All information about liposuction services will be actively provided by the staff for your reference.
  • Professional and dedicated working attitude.


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With all these advantages, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is the top choice for customers who want to have a beauty makeover. For further details about our services and thigh liposuction service of Gangwhoo, please go to: https://benhvienthammygangwhoo.vn/

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