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The Price of Abdominal Liposuction and Some Important Things to Remember

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To women, having makeovers is their rightful need in this modern world. So what should they do if they wish to have a slim and well-shaped waist? It is obvious that they should seek abdominal liposuction – the most optimal solution. So what is the price of abdominal liposuction? What are the important things to remember?

How effective is abdominal liposuction?

Many ladies are upset about not having a symmetrical waist due to the excessive time of sitting or after delivery. The excess abdominal fat makes their body become disproportionate. If you also wish to get rid of the abundant fat of your abdomen, you can consider having a makeover.

Abdominal liposuction is currently very popular at cosmetic facilities. With just a small fee, you will be able to achieve the body that you desired. This is considered to be much more optimal than exercises, drawing lots of attention to itself.

What is the price of abdominal liposuction?
What is the price of abdominal liposuction?

What is the price of abdominal liposuction?

The question of the majority of customers is about the price of abdominal liposuction. As the latest technology will allow the excess fat to be quickly removed, this is the most suitable method for anyone with the need for a slim waist.

This service involves the use of advanced machinery and complex technique to take out body fat. Compared to other services on the market, the price of abdominal liposuction is rather high. However, its effectiveness will definitely satisfy your need.

Calculating the money needed to achieve a wonderful waist measurement is the right thing to do. Therefore, in order to truly know the price of abdominal liposuction, you should contact the cosmetic facility immediately to obtain the details.

Factors that affect the price of abdominal liposuction

You may wonder why the price for the service is different between facilities. There are a number of reasons as listed below:

The technology used

In countries with developed technology, advanced equipment is used to effectively and swiftly reduce the amount of fat, ensuring the safety of the patient.

Each facility will apply a different technique of abdominal liposuction. Therefore, the price is varied between the places. The better the technology, the higher the price, as well as the effectiveness. You can check out the Lipo Ultrasound technology at Gangwhoo HERE.

The option of the customer

You can choose to have liposuction on the entire abdomen, the upper part, or the lower part. The price will be given depends on your wish. For that reason, you shouldn’t question too much about why is your service cheaper or more expensive than that of other people.

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Obviously, the price of abdominal liposuction for the entire abdomen will be higher than having it at the lower or the upper abdomen. This is something that you should keep in mind.

hut mo cong nghe cao

The discount/offer

One of the most attractive policies of any service is promotion. All the centers/facilities will constantly announce new offers/promotions. To save some of your own money, you should choose to have the service when it is being discounted.

Each place will give you a different offer. Therefore, you should consider your choice carefully first. The price of abdominal liposuction is rather affordable nowadays, making it a suitable option for many. With just 20 – 40 million VND, you could totally possess the perfect body shape!

Important things to remember when having abdominal liposuction

Before making the final decision, you should do your research on the technology and technique used. The most advanced technique there is will not involve any surgery. In fact, it uses Laser and Ultrasound to break the connection between the abdominal fat and extracts the fat out using specialized equipment.

This won’t cause great pain or skin damages. In fact, you will not have to experience a long recovery. Therefore, aside from the price of abdominal liposuction, you should also get to know the technology used for liposuction.

Nex, you will need to choose a place with some reputation to it. It is best that you choose a facility that is highly recommended by other customers. A center with experienced doctors and advanced equipment will definitely suffice your need, making you more confident in having the services.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a renowned facility in Ho Chi Minh City. You can ask the facility to perform liposuction on any part of your body. With its reputation and reasonable price, you will not be disappointed. Contact us now for more details!

Why you have shouldn’t cheap abdominal liposuction

you should make your money worthwhile, especially when having makeover to boost your confidence. When it is about your body and your health, money is now just a side story.

However, the thing is that many people have placed their trust in cheap abdominal liposuction with the hope to get a good result for a very cheap price. However, they didn’t know that the obnoxious price is just a marketing way of the low-quality facilities.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Having cheap liposuction can put you in great danger of:

  • Stretched abdominal skin.
  • Infection.
  • Pain or dangerous complications after surgery.
  • Keloid scars.

Remember, abdominal liposuction is, in fact, a major operation. Therefore, it needs to meet a lot of safety requirements. For that reason, you should only seek a prestigious and licensed facility with advanced technology and exceptional surgeons to achieve the best beauty and safety.

The images before and after having abdominal liposuction at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

cong nghe hut mo

tai kham hut mo

mo bung

huy mo

hut mo bung

How to take care of your body after having abdominal liposuction

To allow the procedure to reach its full potential and the body to quickly adapt to it, you should allow the instruction given on the aftercare from the doctors.

  • Rest 1 day at the hospital for further monitoring.
  • Keep the sutures hygienic.
  • Replace the dressing frequently and exercise lightly to allow the excess fuild to go out.
  • Wear a compression garment for the first 1 – 2 months to get in better shape.
  • Drink plenty of water and supplement lots of vegetables in your daily meal.
  • Limit the consumption of products like chicken, seafood, water spinach, etc. to prevent swelling.
  • Take antibiotics and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Abdominal liposuction has been and is currently the most loved cosmetic service. With the correct aftercare and logical resting, you will soon achieve your well-shaped and beautiful body in no time.

We hope the information on the price of abdominal liposuction is useful to you. If you have any other questions related to this service, please contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to get the most detailed answer!

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