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How much is the price of a breast lift – The breast lift price list of 2022

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Breast lift is currently the most optimal solution for women with saggy breasts after labor or due to deterioration. When choosing this technique, you may concern about the price of a breast lift. This article will show you the answer to this question!

What is a breast lift?

Some women have the desire to become a mother. However, after some time of laboring and nurturing the baby, combined with the effects of deterioration onto the breasts that they will face a certain degree of sagginess. This will affect the appearance and the mental health of a woman.

Therefore, a breast lift is currently chosen by many to deal with the sagginess, helping the ladies to achieve a pair of sexy and beautiful breasts.

At the moment, there are 3 methods of performing a breast lift:

  • Breast lift by using breast implants: The surgeons will open the breasts to place the specialized implants to shape the breasts and improve the condition of sagginess. This is suitable for most women as there are a variety of sizes for them to choose from.
  • Breast lift by using fat injection: The surgeons will take the excess fat from other parts of the body, centrifuge it, and reinject it into the breasts to lift them.
  • Thread breast lift: This technique uses biological threads to attach and tighten the breasts, lifting the breasts’ structure and returning them to their rightful position.
How much is the price of breast lift?
How much is the price of breasts lift?

How much is the price of a breast lift? The best price for breast lift possible!

For women, when thinking about having a breast lift, concerning its price regardless of the technique used is a very normal thing to do.

According to the statistics, the price of a breast lift is not fixed and can change drastically. The average cost for a breast lift on the market is between 65 to 85 million VND (the cost of breast implant and reshaping excluded)

The latest price list of breast lift

Endoscopic breast augmentation – Non-Nanochip implant75,000,00045,000,000Permanent
Endoscopic breast augmentation – Nanochip implant85,000,00065,000,000Permanent
Endoscopic breast augmentation – Ergonomix95,000,00085,000,000Permanent
Inverted nipple correction (1 side)10,000,000
Nipple reduction (2 sides)10,000,000
Areolar reduction (2 sides)10,000,000
Supernumerary nipples removal (1 – 2 nipples)35,000,000
Gynecomastia surgery40,000,000
Breast reduction45,000,000 – 65,000,000
Breast lift20,000,000 – 80,000,000

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At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the cost of a breast lift will be between 20 – 80 million VND. This is due to the impact of the following factors:

Factors that can affect the price of a breast lift

The sagginess of the breasts

treo nguc sa tre

the price of a breast lift depends greatly on the sagginess of the beasts. For severe sagginess, the cost will be much higher and vice versa. There are 3 grades of sagginess as below:

  • Grade 1 sagginess: The nipple is aligned with the mammary folds (the nipple is 2 – 5 cm lower than usual).
  • Grade 2 sagginess: The nipple is lower than the mammary folds but still higher than the lowest point of the breast (the nipple is 5 – 10 cm lower than usual).
  • Grade 3 sagginess: The most severe type of sagginess in which both the nipple is at the lowest point of the breast (the nipple is lower than usual by over 10cm)

Before entering the operation, the doctors will inspect and evaluate the level of sagginess to suggest the technique used and the cost for the breast lift.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The facility and the surgeons

The facility and the surgeons can also impact the price of a breast lift. This is because breast lift is a complex procedure that cannot be done anywhere by any hand.

Only at a prestigious facility with experienced and capable experts that a breast lift can be done successfully and safely. Therefore, the price of a breast lift at these places will certainly be higher than that of a low-quality facility.

The breast lift technique

The cost will also be various depends on the technique applied.

At the moment, breast lifts using an implant or fat injection are the 2 most expensive with few differences at the price of 40 -80 million and 40 – 60 million, respectively. The cheapest technique is the breast lift using biological threads with the price of a breast lift being 35 – 45 million.

Những yếu tố tác động đến chi phí nâng ngực sa trễ
Factors that can affect a breast lift

Important things to remember when having a breast lift

In addition to considering the price of a breast lift, you should also keep these things in mind when having the procedure:

Choose a prestigious facility

Certainly! Regardless of how complicated or simple the service is, you still need to choose a reputable place with qualified experts and well-equipped infrastructure.

Choose an advanced and modern breast lift technique

Before having a breast lift, you should listen to the analysis and advice from the specialist to pick out the most suitable technique for your condition. It is best that you choose the latest method to ensure the safety and the aesthetics of your body.

Follow the guidance of the doctors

After having a breast lift, you should stick to the instruction given by the doctors on how to take care of and protect the breasts after surgery. This way, your breasts will quickly recover and be in shape.

The rumor about an amazing place for breast lift

It is obvious that you would also want to know about the most suitable and quality facility to have a breast lift right?

If you still don’t know which place should you go to, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital might be the perfect option for you.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is trusted by many customers to be a place that performs their makeovers, include those of the breasts and breast lift.

A team of exceptional experts

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a facility that is licensed by the Ministry of Health with a team of experienced and well-trained surgeons.

All the doctors at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital have received training and study during their time in developed countries like Korea, America, etc.

All of the breast surgery, in particular, and cosmetic makeovers in general at Gangwhoo are advised by Korean experts, resulting in the most satisfying outcome.

Advanced infrastructure

In addition to the team of wonderful experts, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also heavily invested with the 5-star operating rooms and sterile equipment to aid the surgeons during the surgery, bringing the best advantages for the patient.

A safe and standardized procedure

The breast lifting procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is enclosed and up to standard with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: General health assessment
  • Step 3: Breast measurement and calculation
  • Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization
  • Step 5: Breast lift
  • Step 6: Aftercare guidance
  • Step 7: Follow-up appointment and result assessment

The result of some of the most satisfying breast lifts

Check out how our customers have had their lives transformed after having the makeover at Gangwhoo!

The customer’s result after having breast lift at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

treo nguc sa tre

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

treo nguc sa tre 1

treo nguc sa tre 1

treo nguc sa tre 2

treo nguc sa tre

What are the press words on Gangwhoo’s breast lift?

How to take care of the breast after an augmentation or breast lift

This is a video on how to take care of the breast after a breast augmentation or breast lift, as well as the guidance on how to wear a compression garment from Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

How to take care of the breast at home

How to wear a compression garment

How much is a breast lift without implants?

According to our survey, a breast lift without implants will be around 70 million for one operation. This will also change somewhat depends on the technique.

How much is a breast lift with implants?

A breast lift with implants is the technique used to deal with saggy breasts by open the breasts and place the implants inside. The cost of this on the market is under 100 million VND.

How long do you have to wear a breast compression garment after a breast lift?

For mild to moderate breast lifts, the duration of wearing a compression garment is between 3 – 4 weeks.

For a more severe case of breast lift, the patient will have to wear it much longer with the best period being 12 months. During this time, the client should not do heavy exercises to avoid the condition from reoccurring.

Final words

Through this article, we hope that any women, especially those who are suffering from saggy breast due to childbirth or deterioration are informed about the price of a breast lift. We hope that this information will be useful to you reader as well. Thank you for your time.

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