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The Place for Facial Palsy Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City

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Anyone who is suffering from facial paralysis must be searching for the place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City. If they can receive early treatment, their facial appearance will soon be regained. However, if the problem is not taken care of timely, dangerous complications can totally happen. Therefore, if you are wondering where to find the place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, please take a look at the article below!

The Place for Facial Palsy Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City
The Place for Facial Palsy Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City

What is facial paralysis?

Facial paralysis, or cranial nerve VII paralysis, is a condition in which a facial nerve is paralyzed, leading to the impairment of the facial muscles. This is due to the inflammation of the facial nerve that controls the facial muscle’s function (the 7th cranial nerve), causing the paralysis of part of the face, half of the face, or complete paralysis.

The cranial nerve VII paralysis can cause the patient to experience discomfort, difficulty in talking, communicating, and eating. The sense of taste, saliva glands, and tear glands are directly affected. If the condition gets any worse, it can cause ptosis, asymmetrical mouth, and the inability to close one eye. This issue can happen to anyone; therefore, it should be treated immediately with caution.

What is a facial palsy treatment?

The treatment of cranial nerve 7 paralysis or facial paralysis is a surgery that uses the fascia lata as the material to adjust the position of the dropped areas on the face. This way, the condition and its complications can be treated. This is done at the place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a very difficult technique to perform and requires lots of advanced equipment and machinery to ensure safety and precision without causing too much invasion to the body. The operating surgeon must also be someone with lots of experience and expertise to guarantee the future result.

Chỉnh Liệt Mặt Giúp Hồi Phục Đáng Kể Chức Năng Cơ Mặt
Facial palsy treatment can restore the majority of the facial functions

The advantages of the facial paralysis treatment

The treatment of cranial nerve VII paralysis is one of the most complicated operations in cosmetic surgery. The procedure can help the patient to soon regain their look and get rid of the severe complications. The benefits of the facial palsy treatment are:

  • It can take care of the condition of facial paralysis and its complications like asymmetrical mouth, ptosis, etc.
  • It can reshape the face, adjust the muscle function to return the normal functions of the muscle.
  • It applies the latest cosmetic technology to bring positive results after just one procedure.
  • It is safe, painless, non-invasive, and causes no dangerous complications.
  • The surgery is guaranteed to be gentle and comfortable.
Khách Hàng Điều Trị Liệt Mặt Sau 3 Năm
A client had facial palsy treatment after 3 years of suffering the condition

The treatment procedure of cranial nerve 7 paralysis

  • Step 1: The doctor will inspect the condition of the face and suggest a suitable adjusting technique. They will also answer any question that is related to the procedure and the future result to raise the confidence of the patient.
  • Step 2: The patient’s health will be examined via a blood test, blood pressure test, drug reaction, etc. This is done to know whether the patient is capable of undergoing the surgery or not.
  • Step 3: The surgical areas will be sterilized to allow the patient to feel comfortable at ease.
  • Step 4: The surgeon will begin reshaping the facial muscle with the assistance of specialized machinery. This process will require great precision, dexterity, and focus to prevent any mistakes from happening.
  • Step 5: The patient will rest in a post-anaesthesia care unit and will be advised on how to maintain a proper care regime for the best recovery. The doctor will also schedule a follow-up appointment to supervise the healing process of the patient.

The place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City

At the moment, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be the place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City with both quality and efficiency. The hospital has performed multiple facial paralysis treatments to bring back the normal look for thousands of customers. During the treatment, you will get to experience the following:

  • You will be operated by a team of experienced surgeons. They will evaluate and operated on the damaged areas without causing any invasions or dangerous complications.
  • The operation is done in an enclosed environment by strict international standards and under all safety regulations.
  • All the equipment will be the most advanced one to limit the amount of invasion, bleeding or damages to the other body parts. From 24 hours after the surgery, you can return to your normal lifestyle.
  • The technology applied will give you the most painless and comfortable surgery.
  • Professional customer service to accompany you both before and after the procedure.

Prof – Dr. Park Sung Yong explained the case of facial paralysis

We hope that the information about the place for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City that we just provided you with will help you soon find yourself the treatment needed. If you are currently suffering from this condition, don’t hesitate and seek medical treatment quickly to prevent the condition from worsening. We hope that you will soon regain your original look!

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