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The glimpse of hope after 4 times having fail rhinoplasty

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PNO – When having rhinoplasty for the first time, T. did not expect that she has to undergo so many nose revisions due to many reasons.

T.’s first rhinoplasty went smoothly and T. was very satisfied. But the joy did not last long when about a month after rhinoplasty, T. had a traffic accident, causing her newly raised nose to drop.

Returning to the hospital to fix the broken nose, the surgery was successful, but according to her words, the nose is no longer as beautiful as it was at the beginning. However, she is temporarily satisfied with the results of this first fail nose revision

At this time, T.’s nose was slightly deformed with purulent secretion. The doctor ordered to remove the bridge of the nose immediately to prevent the risk of infection and tip shrinking. Therefore, her nose is also somewhat deformed and is no longer as natural as the original.

Having to study abroad with an “injured” nose, T. could not help but feel ashamed, so when she had the opportunity, she immediately returned to Vietnam to fix her nose again. However, this nose job caused the most serious damage to her nose.

“I didn’t expect that my nose was so horribly deformed. My nose is very severely shrunk with a scar cutting along the middle of the nose,” T. shared.

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Being aware that overcoming complications after many failed nose corrections is difficult and complicated, T. is very careful when choosing a reliable address to entrust her nose. “If the surgery fails again, I will probably have to live with this deformed nose for the rest of my life”, T. shared.

“I was very surprised by the results of my friend. After that, I learned more about the nose revision procedure at Gangwhoo. I see that the hospital has a lot of photo and video documents about successful nose repair cases. There are many cases where the nose deformity is more serious than mine, but it can still be fixed. The more I checked on the evidence, the more convinced I am. I chose to believe that this is the place that can help me correct the shape of my nose from that moment.”

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