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The advanced rhinoplasty technology transferred from Korea

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PNO – Possessing a beautiful natural nose shape that is 100% compatible with the body and allowing the nose to withstand forces even when twisting the nose… are the outstanding things that Nanoform rhinoplasty technique can bring about. This is a technique transferred from Korea that is exclusive to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, replacing the previous technique of rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage or artificial cartilage, which has many limitations before.
According to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – The Director of Gangwhoo Hospital, in the past, plastic surgery used autologous cartilage or 2 types of artificial cartilage.
Autologous cartilage such as ear cartilage, septum cartilage, or rib cartilage, etc. is chosen as the material for nose augmentation because of its high compatibility with the body. The downside of using autologous cartilage is that if the nose is raised too high or there are no blood vessels to nourish the nose, it will become crooked or self-absorbed over time.
Những hạn chế khi sử dụng sụn tự thân là sẽ xảy ra hiện tượng cong vẹo hoặc tự tiêu
The limitation of autologous cartilage is deviation or self-absorption

Artificial cartilage is a hard material. If it cannot withstand external force or is incompatible with the body, the nose may be inert or fibrous due to the inability to penetrate the material, leading to the body’s reaction and rejection. Aesthetically, because from a template, autologous cartilage rhinoplasty will create faces that are different but have similar features.

Uncover the advanced technology transferred from Korea

At Gangwhoo Hospital, the Nanoform rhinoplasty combines the use of Nanoform cartilage and autologous cartilage to apply for various nose shapes, eliminating the unnecessary risks of autologous cartilage and the inert or fibrous condition caused by artificial cartilage of the nose.

At Gangwhoo Hospital, doctors will carefully dissect autologous cartilage and use it to strengthen the nasal tip structure, create curvature, make the nose beautiful, round, and high, and help the nose tip to be stretched and closed. Nano bio-cartilage will create the bridge of the nose, creating a naturally beautiful S-line or L-line shape.

cong nghe nang mui tien tien chuyen giao tu han quoc 2
The Nanoform rhinoplasty technique is the perfect combination of the use of Nano cartilage and autologous cartilage

Nano cartilage is made of 100% ePTFE material, simulating the structure of the autologous cartilage, which is a durable, soft, flexible, and firmly attached material to the nasal bone. In particular, the nano cartilage is compatible with the body and has the maximum twisting ability, allowing the nose to withstand all impacts without being deformed. The ultra-thin and ultra-light Nano mesh surface structure that integrated soft tissue layer provides a comfortable and natural feeling after the surgery.

In addition, Gangwhoo Cosmetic  Hospital applies high-tech endoscopic surgery in the process that requires only a small incision (1-1.5cm), making it non-invasive to surrounding areas. The time to perform surgery is shortened to only 60-90 minutes, leaving no scars after surgery. After about 1 week, the wound will heal and the nose is stable and beautiful.

Be yourself, but better

The technique involves the combination of nano cartilage and autologous cartilage will improve the flaws of the nose even for those with troublesome body conditions.

  • Short columella, blunt nose tip, low dorsum projection.
  • The tip of the nose is deformed due to an accident, causing the columella and dorsum to nearly disappear.
  • The nose is crooked or humped.
cong nghe nang mui tien tien chuyen giao tu han quoc 3
The technology and equipment at Gangwhoo

Understanding the customer’s requirements through the consultation and examination process, the doctors at Gangwhoo will simulate the shape of the nose with the effective support of VECTRA XT3D technology to help customers preview the procedure and the results of the augmentation in advance. At the same time, it will analyze the excellent combination ratio between autologous cartilage and nanoform cartilage for customers to choose from.

The operating room is absolutely sterile. Advanced equipment is the first impression when a customer enters the operating room of Gangwhoo Hospital. With the anesthesia technology at Gangwhoo Hospital, customers will not feel pain and are fully awake. They can see their nose shape gradually getting better after each action from the surgeon.

cong nghe nang mui tien tien chuyen giao tu han quoc 4
The team of experts and staff at Gangwhoo

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be the facility to constantly apply the latest technology and trend

Technical equipment is synchronously imported from reputable manufacturers from the US, Korea, and Europe to ensure safety, efficiency, and aesthetic results for customers. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the team of doctors and nurses are experts in all fields, are updated with the latest aesthetic knowledge, and always keep up with the development of the world’s cosmetology industry.
With each procedure, the doctors at Gangwhoo propose the most suitable choice and services based on the sizes of the eyes, nose, and the distance between each feature to ensure the harmony of the face.
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