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What Is Temporal Cartilage Rhinoplasty? What Are The Benefits?

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You are wishing for an elegant Korean-style nose; however, your nose skin is too thin or you have gone through a surgery before with the result of having your dorsal exposed. In those cases, temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is the perfect option for you.

What is temporal cartilage rhinoplasty?

Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is the method of correcting the nose using temporal cartilage to coat the nasal bone, preventing the bone and cartilage deformity. The cartilage can also be used to fill the protruding bone and correct the nasal cartilage flaws. If the customers had had skin damage or skin redness, they can use the combination of temporal and artificial cartilage.

However, one disadvantage of having temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is that the swelling period will be much longer, reaching up to 2 months. After that, the cartilage will contract, resulting in only 80% of the original size. Therefore, if the rhinoplasty is for aesthetic purposes, the nose tip should be better coated in septal or ear cartilage.

temporal cartilage rhinoplasty
Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty

The benefits of temporal cartilage rhinoplasty technique

Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is the method that many experts and customers highly recommended because:

  • It minimizes the risk of skin puncture, deformity, dorsal exposure, and sharp nasal bone thanks to the use of temporal cartilage.
  • Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is a simple procedure in which the customers will only have to be under local anesthesia and go through a 2-hour surgery, allowing the clients to return to their homes immediately.
  • It makes use of suitable and compatible material with the patient’s body, offering the most aesthetic result without any risk of allergy. The temporal cartilage is also very flexible and durable, meaning that the result will last longer.
  • Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty helps to fulfill the 2 small bone sections of the 2 sides and the nose flaws so that the nose tip will always be beautiful and natural.

The temporal cartilage rhinoplasty procedure

Step 1: Consultation

A specialist will inspect the nose to understand its current state. In addition, the customer will also get to express their wish and need so that the doctor can come up with the most harmonious and suitable nose shape.

Step 2: General health examination

To ensure the safety of the surgery, you will have to go through a health assessment, which will allow the physician to know the patient’s condition and determine if the person is ready for the operation or not.

Step 3: Nose rendering

Being ahead of the cosmetic trends, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has updated the latest 3D simulation technology, allowing the customers to witness the future nose shape beforehand.

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Step 4: Cartilage carving

The technician will carve the artificial cartilage so that it is at the right size and shape.

Step 5: Temporal cartilage retrieval

The cartilage will be taken near the hairline, eliminating the risk of exposing scars.

Step 6: Anesthetization

With the use of anesthetic, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Step 7: Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty surgery

The surgery will be done precisely and painlessly thanks to the hands of exceptional surgeons.

The whole operation would take around 120 minutes.

Step 8: Post-operative care

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In addition to the care provided by the team of nurses after you have returned home, you must attend follow-up appointments to check up with the doctors.

What need to remember after temporal cartilage rhinoplasty

  • After the surgery, the customer’s nose will be filled with gauze that will be taken out after 3 hours. This step will be done carefully to limit the amount of pain.
  • You will have to apply ice compression to the wound for the first 24 hours. This will be guided carefully by the doctors beforehand.
  • Likewise, you must clean the wound 2 times a day with medical tools as guided.
  • The customers must return to the hospital 7 days later for suture removal.
  • Finally, for the first week, you must take prescribed medications regularly.

The renowned facility for temporal cartilage rhinoplasty

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the cosmetic facility that is ahead of applying the latest technology into every cartilage rhinoplasty. Temporal cartilage rhinoplasty is the technique of using the combination of artificial and autologous temporal cartilage. The artificial cartilage is used to shape the nose, while the autologous one is used to protect the nose tip.

Every surgery done in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is supervised carefully by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, from the beginning to the end. In addition, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also equipped with modern operation rooms that are up to the Ministry of Health standard, while the imported cartilage have to go through a series of quality check.

All of the factors above combine with the dedication to bring the best and safest services to the customers, offering the perfect and complete appearance.

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Korean cartilge rhinoplasty is the modern and effective of improving the look

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