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Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good? Top 3 Teeth Whitening Machines

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Recently, a lot of people are becoming more and more interested in teeth whitening machines. So are teeth whitening machines good? There are many opinions and reviews about this product. The following article shall provide you with useful information about this product!

Bright and shining white teeth are one of the key factors helping us to have a beautiful and attractive smile. For that reason, lots of people are becoming more and more interested in having a teeth whitening machine. So what is a teeth whitening machine? Is it good to use? Let’s find out together!

Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good?
Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good?


Teeth whitening machines normally have a compact design and are very convenient. This product can produce light rays that can activate the whitening agent so that they will penetrate deep into the teeth and make the teeth whiter.

In fact, the mechanism of the teeth whitening machine is similar to when you go to the dental clinic to have laser and light teeth whitening methods.

The bleach (whitening agent) will be put into the tray and then placed on the teeth. Then use a teeth whitening machine that releases light to activate the whitening agent in a short time.

The light of the teeth whitening machine will activate the specially formulated whitening agents to remove stains and the teeth whiter quickly (usually within 5 – 15 minutes).

When buying a teeth whitening machine, it will usually come with teeth whitening paste. This kind of paste is similar to the teeth whitening agent in dental clinics or other common pastes available on the market nowadays. Therefore, you can replace this paste with other whitening agents because you can achieve the same result with the teeth whitening machine.

Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good?
Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good?

How to use teeth whitening machines at home

  • Step 1: Before using the teeth whitening machine, rinse your mouth with freshwater, do not brush your teeth, and then clean the whitening tray.
  • Step 2: Put a sufficient amount of whitening agents on the whitening tray so that it will not touch the gums while wearing.
  • Step 3: Place the tray on your teeth, then turn on the teeth whitening machine. Leave it like that for about 10-15 minutes. Repeat every day until your teeth have become as white as you wish.

Note: You can use the teeth whitening machine to whiten your teeth at any time of the day, but you should avoid bedtime so that you don’t fall asleep leaving the tray for too long on your teeth.

White Light Machine

Made in the US, manufactured with a compact handheld design, this machine can emit blue light to activate the substances in the whitening agent to gradually remove yellow stains on teeth.

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  • Compact and convenient to use, bringing quick results.
  • The price is only 260k VND and very affordable.


  • Only effective when used with the teeth whitening agent.
  • Can damage the gums.
  • Abusing it can cause burns and damage to the tongue and gums.
White Light Teeth Whitening Machine
White Light Teeth Whitening Machine

Smilee Machine

Originating from Australia, manufactured with a compact design and similar shape to the White Light teeth whitening machine. It emits light to activate the teeth whitening agent on teeth to whiten the teeth and remove plaque.


  • Compact and convenient to use at home.
  • This machine has lots of types ranging its price from 300k – to 1,200,000 VND.


  • Difficult to control the amount of whitening agent, which can spill the agent on the tongue and gums.
Smilee Teeth Whitening Machine
Smilee Teeth Whitening Machine

Luma Smile Machine

Originating from France, manufactured with a structure similar to a mini hand drill, with a quite long handle. There is a soft rubber tip attached to the machine head, which can remove the yellow stains to whiten the teeth.


  • Easily remove stains caused after using a lot of coffee, alcohol, tea, cigarettes… in just a few minutes.
  • Compact and extremely convenient to use at home.
  • Motor with moderate intensity does not cause pain or toothache.


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  • The use time of the rubber tip is not long. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure hygiene and function.
  • Use for a long time to achieve the desired effect.
  • The price is only about 100k VND
Luma Smile Teeth Whitening Machine
Luma Smile Teeth Whitening Machine

Are teeth whitening machines good?

If you use the teeth whitening machine correctly and follow the instructions, this method will still be safe for the body and help you achieve the result you wish. However, it is very difficult to ensure that the correct amount of whitening agent is in the whitening tray to avoid spilling on the gums.

Because the gums adhere to the roots of the teeth, when the whitening agent covers the entire tooth surface, it is also likely to touch the gums.

When using at-home teeth whitening methods and teeth whitening machines, you cannot isolate the gums while wearing a whitening tray by yourself. Gums that are constantly affected by the whitening agent will gradually become sensitive, irritated, and burning in the long run, which can cause serious gum diseases.

Besides, you must find a reputable place to buy a genuine teeth whitening machine and avoid buying fake products. Instead, you may lose money for nothing but white teeth are nowhere to be seen.

Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good? According to doctors, you should have teeth whitening at dental clinics
Are Teeth Whitening Machines Good? According to doctors, you should have teeth whitening at dental clinics

That’s why you should consider it carefully when before performing teeth whitening with a teeth whitening machine. You may achieve the results you want but you must ensure the safety of both your gums and teeth as well.

To ensure the best results as well as safety, experts recommend that you should not perform teeth whitening at home but should seek the help of a dentist.

Among the teeth whitening services at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, laser and light teeth whitening technology is considered the most advanced method nowadays. The procedure takes place quickly but brings the best results with 3 – 5 times brighter and whiter teeth times than before that can last for 3 – 5 years.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about whether the teeth whitening machines are good or not. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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