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Who Is The Best Surgeon For Incisional Blepharoplasty?

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Who is the best surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty? Who has the safest technique? Check out the content below to make your choice clear!

Incisional blepharoplasty is one of the hottest makeover services nowadays. This is the solution for women to have the most beautiful eyes. However, what makes many of them wonder is that who is the vest surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty. If you are new to the cosmetic industry, this certainly is a tough question to answer as one bad choice can lead to major consequences.

Why are so many people seeking the best surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty?

Each person has their own reason to find a good surgeon. However, it is certain that their final goal is to have a beautiful pair of eyes after the surgery. Moreover, a good choice will help you to avoid unwanted complications caused by low-quality doctors. Some of the side effects that can be listed are:

  • Pop-eyed after the surgery. This usually happens because the surgeon removes too much skin during the procedure, causing the orbicularis oculi muscle (eyelash muscle) to be over lifted.
  • In many cases, the surgeon undercorrect the surgery, meaning that he/she was unable to remove all the saggy skin. This causes the eyelid to drop after the surgery.
  • Scars are also very common complications, especially if done by the hands of an inexperienced surgeon.
  • Beeling can occur if the procedure is not up to standard. This, if is not treated immediately, can lead to infection or dangerous side effects.

Factors that you should consider when choosing the best surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty

Knowing all of the risks above, it is very obvious that everyone wants to find themselves the best incisional blepharoplasty. However, among thousands of doctors, how is the best bet for your surgery? If you are still having difficulty choosing one, you can filter them out using these 4 requirements. We hope that this will come in handy.

Has operating license

This is the first factor that you should consider when choosing a doctor in general and a plastic surgeon in particular. They must be licensed by the Ministry of Health as this will prove that they are qualified with expertise. This will also ensure the safety of the surgery and avoid unwanted complications.

Is specialized in eyes makeover

If you want to find the best surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty, you must choose among the people specialized in eyes makeover as they will have more in-depth knowledge. In addition, their experience in the field is also something that you should not disregard.

Is dedicated to their work

Talent is certainly something crucial. However, you should also choose someone with dedication to their work. Before the surgery, the surgeon should inspect your health, suggest the most suitable technique for your appearance, condition, and finance. Only a surgeon who can fulfill these requirements can be trusted.

Is supported by advanced equipment

The equipment and technique involved play the important role in the quality of the procedure. Therefore, when choosing your surgeon, you should find a facility with modern infrastructure and clean operation rooms. Only then can your result be as expected.

Where to find the best surgeon for incisional blepharoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City?

With all of the elements above, can you pick the place to entrust your eyes with yet? If not, you can always contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. This is the leading unit in applying Korean advanced technology. Moreover, this is also the place where Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – a first-level specialist in plastic surgery – works. With his 15-year of experience, Dr. Cuong and his team have performed many beautiful and safe blepharoplasty.

benh vien tham my gangwhoo 5
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

All of the doctors at the hospital are well-trained with great expertise and each of them is specialized in a specific field. In addition, they are also very experienced and dedicated in the field of work.

But that’s not all. The blepharoplasty technique that Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is currently applying is transferred directly by Korean cosmetic experts. Therefore, the results will not only be beautiful but also extremely safe.

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Incisional blepharoplasty results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

bang gia cat mi bam mi 1

cat mi han quoc 2

cat mi 4 in 1

cat mi

When you entrust your eyes in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital and in the hands of Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, you will certainly be satisfied with the result. Moreover, you will also receive the best support from the latest technology. With our great discount and promotion, we offer the most cost-saving and quality procedure in the industry nowadays.

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