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Surgeon for Facial Palsy Treatment in Vietnam

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There has been a rising need for answers about what is facial paralysis, the procedure of facial paralysis treatment, or a good surgeon for facial palsy treatment in Vietnam. This article will help you to answer these questions and provide you will all the information that you need.

Khách hàng chỉnh liệt dây thần kinh số 7
Treating a case of 15-year facial paralysis.

What is facial paralysis? What are the causes of this condition?

Facial paralysis, or peripheral paralysis, is the condition in which the 7th cranial nerve of the face – the nerve that controls the functions of the facial muscles – is paralyzed, leading to nervous damages on the face and functions impairment. Facial palsy can happen to any person, although children under 15 and seniors over 60 are less likely to suffer it.

Facial paralysis can affect the daily life of a person more or less as it can cause difficulty in eating and talking, causing the philtrum and the face to be asymmetrical.

The reasons why someone has this condition can be either sudden cold exposure or the inflammation of the 7th cranial nerve. viral infection, complications of shingles, and other side effects of stroke, diabetes, or any damages to the nasopharynx and the skull base (nervous tumours).

Facial paralysis is a condition that can occur to any people
Facial paralysis is a condition that can occur to any people

The facial palsy treatment procedure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

In cases of facial paralysis, if the patient is careless, the condition can cause some serious complications and become significantly harder to treat. Likewise, if the treatment or the diagnosis is not correct, serious complications like seizures, inflammation, or corneal ulcers. To have the condition treated safely and entirely without any complications, the patient should treat it as soon as possible at a reputable facility.

The doctors will figure out the causes and determine the condition of the patient to have the most appropriate treating technique. There are 2 types of treatments that can be combined together: internal medicine (using medications) and external medicine (physiotherapy, acupuncture, and muscle exercises) to bring about the best effectiveness and clear improvement for the patient.

The specific details of the treatment will be as below:

  • If the condition is not acute (as it will recover after some time of acupuncture and physiotherapy); the surgery will be done to attach the cranial nerve 7 with the 12th facial nerve to restore the function of the paralyzed nerve.
  • If the condition has been persisted for 2 – 3 years, doctors will appoint external surgery (move the opposite part of the 7th cranial nerve to support the recovery. However, this will not have a very good effect. The use of artificial material can also be used but there will be pain)

Dr. – Prof. Park Sung Yong explained a case of facial paralysis

The best surgeon for facial palsy in Ho Chi Minh City

To receive the best diagnosis and treatment, you should head yourself to Gangwhoo – a place with the reputation of treating thousands of cases with a long-term condition.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – the first-level specialist at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, HCMC, is known for his effective facial paralysis treatment. He is the best surgeon for facial palsy treatment who is currently working in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital in Vietnam. Gangwhoo has been helping many customers with crooked mouths and long-term paralysis to regain their look. The results of years of research with Korean experts is to use natural material (the fascia lata) to adjust the symmetric of the face.

The surgery is done under local anaesthesia. Therefore, the patient can feel the change in facial muscle during the entire surgery. This is a very minimally invasive surgery and can be done in just 40 minutes yet can still bring a great and immediate outcome without causing any complications like swelling, pain, irritation, etc.

The results of facial paralysis treatment performed by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

Regain the look after 15 years living with the condition

Khách Hàng Điều Trị Liệt Mặt Sau 3 Năm

The advantages of having treatment by the best surgeon for facial palsy treatment in Vietnam

  • Recover the majority of the functions of the face (closing the eyes, smiling, talking normally, etc.)
  • The face will be more symmetrical and harmonious than before. This will bring back the confidence in talking for the patient.
  • No scars or surgery signs will be visible afterwards.
  • The surgery will be done safely with minimal invasion to avoid future problems like pain or complications.

In addition, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also built upon its reputation with a team of experts. Some of them even have had over 15 years of experience and a long training period in Germany, Korea, France, etc. Dr. Phung Manh Cuong – the surgeon for facial palsy treatment in Ho Chi Minh City is a prime example of this. He has helped many patients to regain their looks after having facial paralysis.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also equipped with the best infrastructure, sanitary equipment, and luxurious rooms to give the best and more dedicated services to the patients.

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong is known to be the man with “golden hands” in treating facial paralysis in Vietnam. With his dedication, dexterity, concentration, and carefulness, he is definitely the person that you should think of when having the condition yourself.

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