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Stretch Mark Removal With Standard Korea Technology

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Women after losing weight, gaining weight, or giving birth think they can shine and wear attractive outfits. But, stretch marks once again make women lose confidence. That is why Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital makes this post with the desire to help women better understand the stretch mark removal service to help women become more confident in work as well as daily activities …


The breakdown of the bonds between the tissues under the skin is called stretch marks. This phenomenon occurs when the skin is stretched excessively over a long period of time and the increase in Costisone affects the concentration of collagen in the skin. When the skin is stretched too much without help, it leads to the breaking of the bonds and the formation of stretch marks.

The skin has three layers: the hypodermis, the dermis, and the epidermis. Stretch marks appear in the hypodermis or dermis when the connective tissue under the skin exceeds its limit. This condition usually occurs due to the rapid expansion or contraction of cells under the skin. It usually occurs after rapid weight gain or loss.

Depending on the level, there will be different symptoms. Most of them are pink at first, then turn silver. These stretch marks are usually concentrated on the buttocks, thighs, breasts, and abdomen. Although they are not dangerous, they make many women lose confidence because of the lack of aesthetics.

Stretch Mark Removal With Standard Korea Technology
Stretch Mark Removal With Standard Korea Technology


Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It is the amplification of light by stimulated emission.

The method of stretch mark removal by using lasers, applying wavelengths to penetrate deep into the epidermis. In this way, it stimulates new cells to develop the process of collagen formation and regeneration. Collagen is continuously supplied, the stretch marks area will be improved by new cells, and it evens out the surrounding skin tone.

The method of stretch mark removal has been applied in many countries such as Korea, Thailand, Japan, etc. This is the perfect combination of optical energy and laser light that will remove stretch marks quickly and stimulate the formation of new collagen, helping the stretch marks gradually recover quickly and become smoother and softer.


Laser stretch mark removal is the first treatment applied in the field of stretch marks. It has advantages such as:
– Connecting and regenerating, forming collagen bonds to make the skin more smooth. Besides, the method is effective in anti-aging and helps to firm the skin.
– Laser stretch mark removal method is effective and safe, certified by the Ministry of Health for all safety and effectiveness criteria.
– The laser emits wavelengths of precise frequency, impacts the area to be treated, and does not cause skin dissection, which can improve 75-80% of the change compared to the original skin.
– The process is fast and economical. Each treatment lasts 30-45 minutes.


There are many different ways to remove stretch marks, but laser treatment is the most basic method.
– People who remove stretch marks need to have a general examination such as blood pressure …
– Using the device to examine the stretch marks, evaluate the damaged area with a dermatoscope to check the elasticity and structure of the skin.
– In the treated skin area, apply a layer of medicine, it has a local anesthetic effect, then the doctor directly shines the laser on the area to be removed.
– After the treatment is over, the customer needs to rest and the doctor will advise some things to take care of the stretch marks after the treatment.
– About two days after the laser stretch mark treatment, do not let the skin come into with water. After 3 days, you can clean the wound, use moisturizer, and sunscreen if going outside.


Fees will depend on the condition of the skin. The cost of laser stretch mark removal ranges from 10 -15 million VND.


The laser stretch mark removal method brings long-lasting results. After treatment, there is no recurrence. When the anesthetic is injected, you will not feel any pain, and will not spread to the surrounding skin.

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Laser stretch mark removal is considered a safe and effective treatment solution. After the treatment, you can still live your normal activities. It is necessary to avoid letting the treated skin area come with water for about 2 days. During this time, the skin should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth and clean water. The following things should be noted during the laser stretch mark treatment process:

– Pay attention to nutrition, besides adding healthy nutrients, do not use foods that cause irritation.
– To regenerate the skin structure after treatment, you should add more vitamin E, a beneficial substance for the skin to quickly produce more collagen.
– Regardless of taking pain relievers or using lotions and skin care routines, follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. Absolutely avoid adding drugs on your own or using external drugs.
– Limit wearing tight clothes, and ensure that the skin after the treatment is always airy and dry, only then, the cells that create new skin tissues are stimulated to form.
– Absolutely do not exercise vigorously, do sports after removing stretch marks.
– Follow up after treatment according to the schedule, and at the same time you need to notify the host doctor when you notice any unusual signs.


In Ho Chi Minh City, a prestigious cosmetic place is always mentioned as Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital. Here are the reasons why you should choose Gangwhoo for stretch mark removal:
  • Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a gathering place of leading methods, which have been tested and transferred in foreign countries such as Korea, the USA, Japan, and Europe.
  • The medical team at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital are all highly qualified professionals who have gone on long-term training courses at home and abroad in developed countries in terms of aesthetics in the world such as Germany, the USA, Korea, etc. The doctors here all have a lot of experience in removing stretch marks.
  • Five-star standard facilities are always at the forefront of updating and improving aesthetic and material equipment. Wish to bring the best quality service to customers.
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Finally, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and you go to the end of the journey to learn about stretch mark removal services. Hopefully, after this article, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital can answer the questions of many women. At the same time, the article provides an opportunity for women to get rid of their inferiority and shine to wear sexy outfits.

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