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Specialized Hospital For Facial Paralysis

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Which specialized hospital for facial paralysis is good? Why should you have facial paralysis treatment as soon as possible? What is the best treatment for facial paralysis? All will be answered down below

Facial paralysis is a condition that nobody wants to have. This can happen to all ages and genders. What people having this condition concern the most is to find a reputable specialized hospital for facial paralysis to have themselves treatments. But where is a quality location for you to entrust your face with? This is not an easy question to answer, especially for those who rarely care about it.

Facial paralysis symptoms 

If you want to find a specialized hospital for facial paralysis, you need to first understand the symptoms of this condition. If you are able to determine if your condition is facial paralysis, you can hit the hospital to get immediate treatments.

  • The patient has 1/4 or 1/2 of the face paralyzed. Some cases might even have a total facial paralysis.
  • The eyes cannot be closed, while the face is disproportionate to one side.
  • The person loses the sense of taste and has difficulty speaking.
  • The people cannot eat or smile properly.
  • The health deteriorates quickly, with tiredness, dizziness, and headache happen frequently. Some even experience seizures.
Specialized hospital for facial paralysis
Specialized hospital for facial paralysis

4 reasons why you should have facial paralysis treatments as soon as possible

Hitting a specialized hospital for facial paralysis as soon as possible is the advice from experts to people having this condition because if the condition persists, it can cause major problems like:

  • First, the deformities of the face will deteriorate severely. This can affect the aesthetic aspect of the patient and make them less confident in their daily life. Many even become depressed once the condition turns worse.
  • Second, facial paralysis can cause facial complications like corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, etc.
  • Third, severely damaged nerves due to facial paralysis can cause uncontrollable seizures.
  • Fourth, permanent facial paralysis is possible if not treated on time. In addition, the patient cannot control their tear glands, also known as crocodile tears.

There are many techniques applied by the specialized hospital for facial paralysis at the moment. For traditional Chinese medicine, they will combine herbal medicine and acupuncture to fix the problems. This technique’s effectiveness depends on the patient’s own body condition and requires a longer treatment time.

If you choose the modern technique at a specialized hospital for facial paralysis, you will get the result faster in all cases. However, not every hospital can bring you the outcome that you desired. You should find a reputable hospital with exceptional surgeons in facial paralysis. This will ensure that you can treat the condition to its core.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The specialized hospital with quality and reputation

When we talk about a specialized hospital for facial paralysis, Gangwhoo is the first name to pop up for many patients. The hospital is equipped with modern technology and equipment thanks to the tremendous investment in the infrastructure. One noticeable tool is the Leica microscope, which is advanced endoscopic equipment used on the nervous system.

The hospital also possesses a team of facial paralysis experts in the industry. With their years of experience working in foreign countries like Korea, America, the quality of work is undeniable.

Over the last few years, the hospital has successfully treated thousands of facial paralysis cases, ranging from those with cranial nerve 7 paralysis to complete severed nerves due to trauma ones. The team of exceptional doctors, especially Dr. Phung Manh Cuong will always prepare the safest and most effective technique for the customers. This will correct the facial paralysis completely can leave no complications in the future – an outstanding advantage of the hospital.

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If you are looking for a specialized hospital for facial paralysis with reputations to treat you or your loved ones, just pick up the phone and dial 0901.666.879. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will support you with the best and most advanced technique, offering you the perfect treatment without any complications.

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