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Megan – 63 Years Old From Australia: Smas Face Lift And The Miracle Behind

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Smas face lift customer Megan 63 years old from Australia with a journey to find youthful skin full of spectacular at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. With the Smas face lift service, she changed her appearance in an amazing way. Follow the tale behind it!

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Trust Gangwhoo, the 63-year-old customer gets an amazing result

Recently, Gangwhoo was honored to welcome Ms. Megan, a 63-year-old customer from Australia. She shared that she came to Gangwhoo with the desire to find a youthful skin like the images she saw on social media. With great confidence and expectation in the outcome, did Gangwhoo disappoint her?

In fact, her skin before was in a serious aging condition. The skin was saggy, wrinkled and lost its elasticity. The top experts at Gangwhoo have received many similar cases like Ms. Megan. With advanced and modern techniques, Smas face lift was a miracle and a “healing remedy” for the skin in an alarming level of aging. 

Smas face lift

As expected and trusted by her, the experts of Gangwhoo did not waste her effort to fly from Australia to Vietnam for a face lift. A very desirable result, her skin became younger, elastic and firm. She was very satisfied and happy with the result after observing her face through the mirror. It was an amazing and miraculous result that she had always wanted. 

Doctor at Gangwhoo shared: “The face lift technique at Gangwhoo still keeps intact the earlobe”

According to the Smas face lift technique performed for Ms. Megan, the top doctor of Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital shared: “Unlike other units, at Gangwhoo, we apply a special technique to keep intact the earlobe for customers after face lift. Customers can rest assured and not worry about affecting their health or regrettable complications after the procedure.”

Smas face lift

Smas face lift at Gangwhoo not only helps customers have a rejuvenated, smooth and superior face. But also keeps the natural earlobe for customers, which is a special technique at Gangwhoo that few facilities can perform.

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Megan rated 5 stars, praising the quality of service at Gangwhoo

After performing Smas face lift, Megan could not hide her happiness with the result. She shared with satisfaction: “I am very pleased with the dedication and professionalism of the doctors and nurses at this cosmetic hospital. The doctors and nurses are always ready to support every step in the process of performing the procedure. I also did not encounter any difficulties, everything was answered and supported immediately. I am really satisfied”.

Smas face lift

Not only full of praise, Megan also rated the quality of service at Gangwhoo as 5 stars. She was satisfied with not only the beauty process but also the dedication and attentive care from the staff. She also added: “I will share my wonderful experiences at Gangwhoo with my friends and relatives. I believe that anyone who comes here will enjoy the care and cosmetic results as good as I do”.

From beautifying at Gangwhoo, Megan received not only youthfulness but also happiness from within. That is the beauty for confidence through smiles, eyes with rejuvenated skin beyond expectations. 

About the breakthrough Smas face lift technique at Gangwhoo

To have such a great result and make Megan happy, what is special about Smas face lift  technique at Gangwhoo?  This is an optimal cosmetic method that perfectly improves the skin and fixes all the flaws of time without causing pain, bringing many outstanding benefits for the skin.

Smas face lift

  • Lift the skin and fix the aging defects: : Smas face lift technique helps restore the natural face area, helps fix the signs of aging, creating a youthful and bright face shape.
  • Tighten the skin thoroughly: After tightening the wrinkled skin for a long time, the result is that the skin becomes firm and youthful, bringing confident youthful beauty.
  • Quick results: After only 30 minutes of implementation, customers can see the perfect cosmetic results, no need to wait long to enjoy the new beauty.
  • Non-invasive method: Smas face lift technique is performed by using endoscopy, does not damage blood vessels and nerves, ensuring safety for customers.
  • Limit bruising and pain: After surgery, the recovery process takes place quickly, helping to minimize bruising and pain, helping customers quickly return to normal activities.
  • Short recovery time: The recovery time after Smas face lift is only from 3 – 5 days, helping customers quickly recover and continue their daily life.
  • Sophisticated surgical sutures: The doctor performs surgical sutures and hides the suture lines behind the ear, ensuring no keloid scars and bringing natural cosmetic results. As well as not losing the original earlobe of the ears.

With the result of Smas face lift beyond expectations of the customer who flew from Australia to Vietnam, it is completely worth it. Hopefully, with the story of Megan’s spectacular appearance change, it will help many domestic and foreign customers feel more secure when performing face lift. As well as trust in the skills and team of doctors of Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital when performing face lift.



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