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Latest Korean Shoulder Liposuction Technology

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Are you feeling upset because the excess fat in your shoulders is affecting your daily life and work? So, you decided to learn the method of shoulder liposuction. However, this fat liposuction method is still quite new, making you feel a little worried…

To have the answer to all the concerns you are having, please refer to the article below!


As you know, being overweight is not only causing an unsightly appearance and inconvenience in movement but also causes dangerous diseases.

This is a cosmetic method to quickly remove excess fat in the shoulder areas from the body – usually used when measures such as diet and exercise are not effective or for those who wish to get rid of excess fat quickly.

Considered a miraculous method for those who are overweight, “liposuction” has been and is still considered one of the most top-quality fat reduction methods aside from other methods such as taking weight loss pills or essence injection.

Shoulder Liposuction
Shoulder Liposuction


Shoulder liposuction is recommended for people over 18 years old, who do not suffer from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, smoking, etc., who have fat accumulated in the shoulder for many years due to many reasons.

In addition, those who are having difficulties in their lives such as moving, dressing, loss of aesthetics, risks of obesity… due to excess fat are also advised by doctors to have liposuction to improve the quality of life.


According to Dr. Park Sung Yong (working at Ganwghoo Cosmetic Hospital), shoulder liposuction is a major surgery service. Therefore, to ensure customers’ safety and the best result. The shoulder liposuction must be carried out as follows:

  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

The customer will be examined by a doctor for excess fat accumulation in the shoulder area. At the same time, the doctor will measure the amount of fat that needs to be removed and determine the most appropriate shoulder liposuction method.

  • Step 2: General health check

Shoulder liposuction is a major surgery service, so before the procedure, the customer will have a general health check including ultrasound tests, blood tests, and drug reaction tests, …

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  • Step 3: General anesthesia

The doctor will perform general anesthesia or pre-anesthesia to ensure a safe surgery and the best result.

  • Step 4: Shoulder liposuction

The customer will undergo should liposuction in the closed sterile operating room. Specifically, the doctor will start to liquefy and soften hard fatty tissues and directly remove the liquefied excess fat from the body with specialized medical equipment. Thereby ensuring no risks of fat re-accumulation.

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  • Step 5: Post-operative care

After liposuction, the customer will rest in the post-operative room and will be taken care of by the nurses. After the customer’s health condition is stable, they can leave the hospital after being given medications and being instructed on how to have a proper diet and scheduled for follow-up visits for re-examination.

Should and Armpit Liposuction
Should and Armpit Liposuction


How much is shoulder liposuction? The price of shoulder liposuction will fluctuate depending on the health condition of customers and the quality of the liposuction method. However, normally, the price of shoulder liposuction will range from 40 to 300 million VND. And certainly, it cannot ensure the quality and safety of shoulder liposuction at cosmetic facilities that offer a lower price because liposuction is a major and complicated surgery service. Therefore, it requires highly advanced equipment, machines, and doctors’ qualifications.


In fact, the same as abdominal liposuction, shoulder liposuction is a major surgical procedure; hence, it is also risky.

The possible risks after undergoing liposuction can be mentioned as improper liposuction leads to contour irregularities and loss of aesthetics. In the worse case, it may cause infection, bleeding, swelling, toxicity, necrosis, damage to cells and blood vessels… even a few severe cases may lead to death.

It is due to the above reasons that you need to put your trust in reputable and quality cosmetic facilities to have liposuction. Price should not be your concern because you have to understand that Liposuction is a major surgical procedure, so it always includes a complicated implementation procedure. Therefore, you should avoid cheap liposuction services to ensure your own safety and liposuction results!

Shoulder Liposuction
Shoulder Liposuction


According to Dr. Park Sung Yong: “Any surgery takes time to recover – and shoulder liposuction is no exception. The recovery time depends on lots of factors such as the type of surgery, the doctor’s qualifications, quality of the surgical equipment and machinery, and the self-care plan at home after the surgery.”

in addition to the quality of the cosmetic facility, the equipment, and the doctor… the recovery after shoulder liposuction will also greatly depend on your self-care plan. Accordingly, you need:

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  • Clean and disinfect the wound with cotton, and take the medicine at the right time and dose prescribed by the doctor.
  • Soak the fluid and change the bandage regularly so that the area where liposuction is performed stays hygienic. When you notice that the fluid has stopped flowing or stopped completely, you should cover the wound with a bandage to heal quickly.
  • Avoid exercising intensely but should not be too lazy. Doing light exercises as instructed by the doctor to push the fluid out better.
  • Wear compression latex to prevent the harm and injury caused by intense activities in the liposuction areas. Thereby helping the cells and muscles linked back together… making the recovery process faster.
  • Getting enough sleep (8 hours/day) to avoid stress. Because mental health also plays an essential role in the recovery process.
  • You should have a healthy and scientific diet. Your meal should include soft food such as crushed porridge, cereals, smoothies, or fruit juices. Your daily meal should also include stews, green vegetables, fruits, types of beans, soybeans, black beans… to make the skin firmer and recover faster.
  • You should also avoid foods that cause itching and foods that can cause fat accumulation such as wine, beer, tobacco, water spinach, beef, chicken, sticky rice, carbonated drinks, fast foods, fried and greasy foods; Besides, it is also necessary to limit starch in each meal such as rice, vermicelli, noodle soup, pho, bread…
  • Avoid strong seasoned foods or sweets.


Speaking of the safest and most effective liposuction technology nowadays, it is a sin not to mention Lipo Ultrasound – Korean technology. For years, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital hospital has always been proud to bring the most advanced liposuction technology to customers. We have served and successfully carried out liposuction for thousands of customers for years. Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital at 576-578 Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh District, HCM City to have a consultation now.

Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital (approved by the Ministry of Health with 83 criteria, Gangwhoo is ranked as the top cosmetic facility in Vietnam), you will have the opportunity to experience the most professional beauty services under the Korean 5-star international standards (5 Korean stars). We have the top highly qualified doctors in the plastic surgery industry. We also greatly have state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment to ensure the best experience for customers. Every year, our doctors are invited to attend international conferences, research, and scientific publications on plastic surgery as well as long and short-term business trips to developed countries such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, or Korea…

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about shoulder liposuction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance from our specialists!

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