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Jaw reduction – 4 reasons why it is right for you

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Jaw reduction - should you get it?

Jaw reduction – what is it?

Jaw reduction is a method to help improve the shape of the jaw and chin area thereby creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing face. Adjusting the bone structure in the maxillofacial area is a great way to give you a face with the most balanced proportions.

Should the jaw be trimmed?

Not everyone is lucky to have a V-Line face with perfect lines. Some people have problems with the development of the jawbone, leading to an enlarged and disproportionate jaw. Meanwhile, some other people have birth defects that make the two sides of the jaw uneven. In such cases, people often look into cosmetical intervention. And they all wondered:

Should the jaw be trimmed?

should you get a jaw reduction

Jaw reduction is a comprehensive solution to improve rough jawlines and slim the face so it appears softer and more elegant since the defects on the face are eliminated. Therefore, it can be said that jaw trimming is a good thing to do for a prettier face.

4 benefits of jaw reduction

It is undeniable that cosmetic surgery has a lot of benefits. But most of it can be summarized in 4 main points.

Here’s what a jaw reduction can brings

Benefits of jaw reduction

Helps to balance and slim the face

Through the process of jaw reduction, the face can be adjusted to create balance and slimness. Changing the structure of the jawbone helps to create soft angles and lines, bringing a harmonious overall beauty.

Shape your face the way you want

The plastic surgeon adjusts the face according to your wishes. Depending on the facial structure and aesthetic goals, the doctor can shape the chin in the most balanced and beautiful proportions.

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Increase self-confidence

The advantage of jaw reduction not only solves defects but also enhances self-confidence. When the face becomes balanced and harmonious, confidence in communication and self-confidence also increase significantly.

Highly aesthetical and long lasting results

Jaw reduction is a professional cosmetic procedure, performed by experienced surgeons. This technique ensures reliable and highly esthetic results. This is an outstanding advantage of jaw reduction that few methods can bring.

What is the step-by-step process of the procedure?

Jaw reduction is a complicated process and should be done according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health to ensure safety and aesthetic effect. Here are the basic steps in the V-line sharpening process:

Step 1: Visit and consult

The first step is to visit the doctor to assess your facial condition and be advised on the most suitable surgical option. Your doctor will also listen to your wishes to finalize a decision.

Step 2: Take 3D simulation radiograph

3D simulation X-ray technology is used to calculate the jaw bone ratio and simulate the results after V-line jaw reduction. Thereby, you can visualize the expected results and gain a better understanding of the surgical process.

Step 3: Anesthesia to prepare for surgery

Before the surgery, you will be under general anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel pain and are comfortable during the procedure. This can also be an advantage of jaw reduction because it reduces pain and discomfort during the procedure.

Step 4: Cut the jaw correctly

By using modern aesculap bone cutting technology, the jaw reduction process is performed exactly according to the previously calculated ratio. The doctor will adjust the size and shape of the jawbone to achieve the desired aesthetic result.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After completing your jaw reduction, you will receive post-operative care to ensure a quick and safe recovery. Your doctor will monitor the recovery process and provide post-operative care instructions to ensure the best end result.

Where can I get a safe and effective jaw reduction trusted by many?

gangwhoo is where you can trust

This is a cosmetic surgery process that highly demands a doctor’s professionalism and expertise. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is known for its safety and effectiveness thanks to its established reputation and many years of experience.

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Gangwhoo employed a team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons. The doctors at Gangwhoo are experts in their respective field. The ingenuity and enthusiasm of the doctors are also the trust of many people in the process of jaw reduction.

In addition to the professionalism of the medical team, Gangwhoo is also equipped with the most modern technology and equipment. From 3D simulation X-ray technology to advanced aesculap bone cutting technology, Gangwhoo uses leading tools and techniques to ensure safe and accurate jaw reduction procedures.

Not only is it a reputable surgery center, Gangwhoo also focuses on the interests and comfort of customers. From detailed consultation process, full analysis to dedicated post-operative care, Gangwhoo puts the interests of customers first. This has created trust and gratitude from those who have undergone jaw reduction surgery at Gangwhoo.

Aftercare Instructions for a speedy recovery after jaw reduction

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions about diet, medication, and post-surgery care.
  • Cold compress to reduce swelling and discomfort after jaw reduction is something that you need to apply after the first days after jaw reduction.
  • Avoid activities associated with the jaw area, such as chewing hard, biting on hard foods, smoking, to allow the wound to heal better.
  • Apply a soft diet, drink warm water, avoid hard and chewy foods. Rinse your mouth carefully with salt water or an antibacterial solution to aid in the healing process.
  • Get enough rest to give your body time to recover. Ensure daily personal hygiene by washing your face gently and not rubbing the surgical area.
  • Treatment after jaw reduction needs to monitor growth and recovery. Periodic follow-up visits and visits to your doctor to make sure your recovery is going well and without complications.

Jaw reduction brings a lot of great benefits, so if there is a defect in the jaw, you should go for a jaw reduction. This will definitely be a great solution to help you promote the most ideal beauty. Also don’t forget to connect with Gangwhoo If you have other things to ask for advices and answers, please feel free to ask!

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