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Should We Have A Breast Augmentation? Do’s and Don’ts

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Should we have a breast augmentation? If you intend to improve your breasts and are wondering about the above problem, this is the article for you…

Should I have breast augmentation?
Should I have breast augmentation?


Breast augmentation is considered an advanced method to help increase the size and aesthetics of the bust quickly. Today, breast augmentation is considered a popular cosmetic method and is interesting and trusted by many people.


Many people often wonder whether breast augmentation or not. Because they are afraid of pain. And actually, there will be, but the pain won’t happen during the breast augmentation (because you’re under anesthesia or sedation) but only around the time – after the breast augmentation is done because this is the time when the anesthetic has worn off.

Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không
Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không


If you are a wise person and can choose for yourself reputable cosmetic centers, your health will not be affected at all. In contrast, Breast Augmentation is major surgery, if you are only interested in cheapness, you will most likely fall into the wrong places and lack a license to practice – leading to a loss of money.


First, instead of wondering “should we have a breast augmentation?”, let’s take a look at some of the most popular breast augmentation methods today… as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method to have consideration for each method.

1. Breast augmentation with autologous fat

The procedure by extracting excess fat in the customer’s abdomen, thighs, and hips … to implant in the breast area. Breast augmentation with autologous fat is said to be an extremely optimal choice and is suitable for women who want to increase their breasts without surgery.

However this method has certain disadvantages, that is, some people don’t have enough excess fat to perform. Besides, when applying breast augmentation with autologous fat, the breasts can only increase by 1 to 2 sizes. As well as its retention of results, it is not as long-lasting as other breast augmentation methods.

Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không
Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không

2. Breast augmentation with Filler

Filler injection is considered a method capable of increasing breast size quickly without having to use tissue removal or transplantation. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which can help bind with water molecules to help create contour and line at the injection sites.

This is a method that shows high compatibility for the human body because it is refined from materials that are natural ingredients. Some other advantages of this method are non-invasive surgery, quick recovery, and reasonable cost

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3. Laparoscopic breast augmentation.

Laparoscopic breast augmentation is known as a method to help increase the size of the breast by placing a breast implant inside through a specialized endoscopic device.
Currently, there are 4 popular methods of laparoscopic breast augmentation, which can be mentioned: Performed through the armpit, navel, under the mammary line, and areola line.
This is considered the most popular method today, because of its superiority in results and long-term maintenance.
Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không
Có Nên Nâng Ngực Không


1. Should we have breast augmentation before giving birth?

For those who have not had children but intend to have breast augmentation, doctors recommend that you only do it if you plan to have children about 3 years later. If the plan to have children is too close (within the past 1.5 years), experts recommend that you shouldn’t have a breast augmentation.

2. Should we have a breast augmentation after giving birth?

If you have finished breastfeeding, breast augmentation at this time is highly recommended by doctors if the breasts have some problems such as saggy, or the breasts are unsightly, making women feel self-conscious.

3. Should people with dangerous diseases have breast augmentation?

For those who suffer from dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood dyscrasias, etc., breast augmentation should be consulted and carefully examined by a doctor. And one thing is for sure, those cases can only be performed by methods such as autologous fat, or Filler injection. As for laparoscopic breast augmentation, definitely not.




1. Modern infrastructure

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a facility that has passed 83 criteria and is rated as one of the leading cosmetic centers in Vietnam. With 5-star services and favored by thousands of customers over the years.
So for those who are still wondering whether to have breast augmentation or not? Or are you worried about safety and quality issues, “Gangwhoo” is the choice that brings you absolute peace of mind.

2. Doctors with high skills. 

At “Gangwhoo” there are many doctors with many years of experience, through training from foreign countries such as Japan, Korea… and have a good reputation in the profession.

Khách hàng hài lòng và hạnh phúc sau 60 phút đến Ganwghoo nâng ngực
Khách hàng hài lòng và hạnh phúc sau 60 phút đến Ganwghoo nâng ngực

3. Modern technology

Equipment and technology at “Gangwhoo” are the latest, directly transferred from abroad, and still regularly updated.

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4. Reasonable price

With high-class service packages and absolute safety, the cost of cosmetic procedures at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has always been evaluated as quite favorable by customers and experts. Besides, every month at “Gangwhoo” there are often promotions to show gratitude to customers who have trusted in using the service for many years.

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If you are wondering whether to have breast augmentation or not just because you are concerned about the cost, “Gangwhoo” would like to tell you the detailed price list:

Services Price
Laparoscopic breast augmentation – Nano breast implant with chip 85,000,000
Laparoscopic breast augmentation – Ergonomic 95,000,000
Laparoscopic breast augmentation – Arion breast implant 85,000,000
Lighten Nipples (Free topical medicine) 15,000,000
Nipple reduction 20,000,000
Areolar Reduction 20,000,000
Mastectomy removal (1 – 2 breasts) 35,000,000
Gynaecomastia surgery 40,000,000
Breast Reduction 45.000.000 – 65.000.000
Breast Lift 45.000.000 – 65.000.000
Laparoscopic butt lift 60.000.000 – 100.000.000
Laparoscopic butt lift – Ergonomic 70.000.000 – 100.000.000
Butt lift with autologous fat 70.000.000 – 100.000.000

Click the button right below to see the discount price list for breast augmentation services at Gangwhoo


Khách hàng hài lòng và hạnh phúc sau 60 phút đến Ganwghoo nâng ngực
Khách hàng hài lòng và hạnh phúc sau 60 phút đến Ganwghoo nâng ngực

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So we have finally come to the end of our journey to learn about “Should we have a breast augmentation?” as well as a number of other factors related to breast augmentation services. Right now, if you have any questions, just leave your phone number to get a free consultation from top experts in cosmetology!

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