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Sheets For Keloid Scars – The Top 4 Most Popular Brands and Products

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You have done lots of different remedies but the stubborn keloid scars are still giving you a “headache”? Your financial capability doesn’t allow you to undergo skin therapy services? If that’s the case, you should not miss out on this article as the sheets for keloid scars will take care of your worries!

The cause of keloid scars

When the skin is damaged due to injuries or surgery, the dermis will take around 2 weeks to regenerate. After this stage, the immature keratin layer will cause dehydration, alarming the keratinocytes at the epidermis to generate cytokine.

Therefore, the fibrous tissues create a large amount of collagen to keep the water for the keratin layer. This newly-formed collagen will rush towards the wound, causing hypertrophic scars or keloid scars. Other skin regions, due to the accumulation of tissues or the abundant/lack of melanin pigments that the scars become darker or lighter than the surrounding skin areas.

What are the sheets for keloid scars?

Sheets for keloid scars look like pads to cover the scars. However, their main compositions of vitamin, silicone, and antioxidants can help to prevent and get rid of the keloid scars on the skin.

The sheets for keloid scars tend to be elastic, transparent, and very adhesive.

Their components are studied and proven to be very effective in treating and getting rid of the scars on the body. Moreover, the elements and the amount of silicone inside each sheet can prevent dehydration and limit the formation of collagen, increase the generation of new cells, and flatten the hypertrophic scars.

In addition, silicone is also very compatible with the skin, causing no allergies, infection, or inflammation. with the main component being medical silicone, you can rest assured that the sheets will not cause any harm to your skin.

Sheets for keloid scars
Sheets for keloid scars

1. Scarsheet MD sheets for keloid scars

Scarsheet is the sheets for keloid scars made by Scarguard Labs. It is the choice of many surgeons in treating and taking care of scars.

The technology used in these silicone sheets is clinically trialed to improve the appearance of the old scars and newly-formed scars. Scarsheet is used widely by burn centers, hospitals, dermatologists, and cosmetic surgeons for centuries.

ScarSheet sheets for keloid scars are known to mimic the functions of the natural skin, improving the looks of both new and old scars. ScarSheet M, with its layers of medical silicone and vitamin E, is useable for up to 6 weeks.

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Scarsheet MD

2. Scar FX sheets for keloid scars

Treating keloids with Scar FX sheets for keloid scars is considered to be an optimal, non-surgical, and low-cost method that can be done at home. Scar FX is easy to use yet brings about great skin therapy effects. At the moment, the Scar Fx of Rejuvaskin is sold in over 100 countries.

  • Scar FX sheets for keloid scars are made from premium silicone. This is the components needed to effectively get rid of the keloid scars.
  • As we have already known, silicone is a component material that is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. In addition, it also helps to prevent the loss of water on the skin, keeping it soft and regulating the generation of collagen inside the cells, and restoring the skin damages quickly.
  • The compositions of Scar FX are harmless and can be used for any type of skin of any age without causing allergies or side effects.

Scar FX

3. Mepiform sheets for keloid scars

Mepiform is adhesive silicone sheets that apply the exclusive Safetac technology of Molnlycke. This is an advanced solution to take care of the wound as it can take care of both new and old scars. In addition, Mepiform sheets for keloid scars can also be used for hypertrophic scars and keloid scars.


  • Erase keloid and hypertrophic keloids scars.
  • Prevent the formation of keloid scars or hypertrophic scars on the skin.

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Some advantages of using Mepiform sheets for keloid scars

  • It is clinically trialed to prevent the formation of keloid scars.
  • They adhere gently to the skin and new tissues, reducing the amount of pain when changing the sheets.
  • They can save lots of money because each sheet can be used for up to days.
  • The sheets are transparent, allowing the person to use them without hiding the sheets.
  • They are thin and very flexible.


4. Lady Care sheets for keloid scars

Lady Care is a type of silicone made specifically for taking care of post-operative wounds, protecting the wounds from endoscopic surgery, and preventing the abnormal generation of collagen. The Lady Care sheets for keloid scars come in many different sizes, making them suitable for many scars shapes.

The advantages of Lady Care:

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  • It is cost-efficient as the sheet can be washed and used multiple times (according to the manufacturer, 1 box and be used for 2 months).
  • It is easy to use as you will only need to place the sheets on the wound.
  • The silicone gel used is approved by FDA.
  • The sheets are manufactured in Japan.
  • It is registered for intellectual property in Japan.

Lady care

This is what we can share with you about the sheets for keloid scars. If you still have any questions about skin therapy, please contact us or head directly to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to receive consultations and advice from our experts.

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