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Causes and Solutions for Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

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Sensitivity after teeth whitening is a common symptom of many people after teeth whitening. However, this is a very normal symptom, possibly because at this time the teeth whitening product is affecting the enamel causing sensitivity. The pain may disappear after a few hours.


Teeth whitening is a dental method performed to remove yellow, brown stains… in enamel and dentin. Thereby, making teeth whiter and brighter. However, in fact, teeth whitening is not about making teeth absolute white. Because the outcome will depend on the condition of the teeth and the color of the teeth before whitening.

In modern dentistry, teeth whitening includes 2 main methods:

+ Teeth whitening at home: Use teeth whitening products and whitening trays

+ Teeth whitening performed at the dental clinics: the doctor uses both teeth whitening products and rays such as laser rays, plasma rays, etc. to whiten the teeth.

Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening


1. Weak enamel

This is a common cause of sensitivity after having teeth whitening. For customers who have weak enamel and are prone to sensitivity, the sensitivity lasts longer than for customers who have healthy enamel.

In addition, customers who have oral problems such as gingivitis, overly sensitive teeth, tooth abscess, or tooth decay are also causes of prolonged sensitivity and discomfort.

2. Bad teeth whitening technique

The teeth whitening technique plays an extremely essential role. If the teeth whitening technique is not guaranteed, or the whitening product is not good, it can also cause tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening.

If during the teeth whitening procedure, the doctor accidentally lets the whitening product touch the gums, it will create a feeling of stinging and sensitivity around the teeth. Before teeth whitening, it is essential to make sure the customer is not suffering from any symptoms of dental disease and does not have sores or infections.

3. Whitening products concentration exceeds the safe level

If customers do not have teeth whitening at reputable medical facilities or clinics but at illegal clinics that use unknown whitening products instead, it will cause them extreme risks and danger. Applying manual teeth whitening methods that use high-concentrated teeth whitening products can help make the teeth brighter more quickly. However, a higher drugs concentration, it can cause more severe sensitivity to the teeth


1. Taking medications as prescribed by the doctor

When visiting the doctor, the customer should inform the doctor clearly about the current condition of the teeth, then the doctor will prescribe an oral or topical medication to reduce the sensitivity after teeth whitening.

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Currently, on the market, there are plenty of gels and oral medications at pharmacies to reduce tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening. Customers should remember that they must remember to use the full dose as instructed, they should not arbitrarily increase or decrease the dose of oral and topical drugs to avoid dangerous complications.

Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

2. Using garlic to reduce sensitivity after teeth whitening

Garlic can be used to reduce tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening. Because garlic contains allicin to relieve pain, and fluoride to help restore dentin –  protect the teeth from external factors, thereby reducing sensitivity.

Instruction: take one clove of garlic, then cut it into thin slices and rub it gently on your teeth for 2-3 minutes, then rinse your mouth with water, then the sensitivity will be reduced quickly.

Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

3. Using physiological saline to reduce sensitivity

Customers should use physiological saline from drugstores thanks to the moderate salinity. We should not make diluted saltwater at home because the concentration of alcohol and saltwater might be wrong causing a lack of sterility.

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In addition, customers should rinse their mouths with saltwater for about 5 minutes every day. They should apply 3-4 times a day to reduce tooth sensitivity at home.

4. Regularly perform oral hygiene and properly brush your teeth

Performing oral hygiene and brushing your teeth are extremely essential to prevent teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening. We should choose a soft-brustle brush to ensure no harm to the enamel to clean plaque.

5. Using special toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a toothpaste recommended for sensitive teeth, containing either Strontium Acetate or Potassium Nitrate. In addition, customers can consult the doctor’s advice to get the most suitable oral hygiene method.
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

6. Eating suitable types of food

After the customer has undergone a successful teeth whitening procedure, they should remember to limit eating foods or drinks that are too hot or too cold, and limit foods with high acidity: carbonated soft drinks, lemonade juice,… Acidic foods cause tooth enamel to get worn down and damage to the tooth surface, thereby causing the teeth sensitivity.
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

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To avoid sensitivity after teeth whitening, customers should carefully research and choose the most prestigious dental facility to have dental services carried out by the most experienced and highly qualified doctors. We hope you’ve had enough useful information about sensitivity after teeth whitening. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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