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Rhinoplasty With Autologous Fat Injection – 7 Things You Need To Know

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Rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection is a non-surgical technique of bringing a naturally beautiful and harmonious nose to the face.

The rapid development of rhinoplasty technology has given us so many more options in the techniques that we can choose from. If you are afraid of surgical intervention, you can totally choose a non-surgical method like rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection. The article below will provide you the interesting information about this technology.

What is rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection?

Rhinoplasty using autologous fat injection is the method of hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. To be more specific, this technique will take fat from the area with excess fat like the abdomen, thighs, calves, arms, etc., and inject it into the nose to elevate the nasal dorsum.

The excess fat after being taken out of the body will be handled using high technology. More specifically, it will be put into a centrifuge to get the good fat and the stem cells out.

The high-quality autologous fat will then be injected into the dorsum using a specialized tool. This technique will bring a beautiful, symmetrical, and natural nose for the patient.

What is rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection?
What is rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection?

Who should or can choose rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection?

  • People who want to own beautiful nose contours but are afraid of surgical interference.
  • Those with nose flaws like short nose, nasal hump, etc.

The pros and cons of rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection

Rhinoplasty in general and the autologous fat injection technique in particular still have certain advantages and disadvantages regardless of how modern they are.

The benefits of rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection

  • Requires no surgical intervention or invasion, limiting the amount of pain or bleeding.
  • Prevents common complications in cartilage rhinoplasty like dorsal shift, dorsal exposure, cartilage allergy, cartilage injection, etc.
  • Leaves no scars on the nose.
  • Uses modern technology to extract and centrifuge autologous to pick out the strongest fat cells.
  • Is the 2 in 1 cosmetic technique: reduce the excess on the body and improve the look of the nose.
  • Offers relatively good nose contour and corrects many flaws of the nose.

The drawbacks of rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection

  • Cannot correct the asymmetrical nose, snub nose, and deformed nose due to failed rhinoplasty or trauma.
  • Needs additional injection to maintain the result as the autologous fat will dissolve over a certain period of time.

Should you have rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection?

Pursuant to the pros and cons mentioned above, should we have rhinoplasty with an autologous fat injection or not?

You should take a careful look at your nose shape to see if you are suitable for it or not, or better come to a reputable cosmetic hospital to have the doctors diagnose the nose and tell you if you are capable of having this or not.

If you are afraid of having surgery or don’t want your face to have an open wound, rhinoplasty using autologous fat injection might just be the option for you. However, you should still think about this option carefully as the result is not permanent and require multiple additional procedures.

What need to remember when having rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection

You must keep in mind that this technique is only suitable for certain contours and cannot correct all the flaws of the nose. If your nose is big, crooked, or deformed then this method won’t do you any good.

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In addition, the result will not last very long and will disappear over time, meaning that you should prepare your money for supplemented procedures to maintain the look.

Finally, rhinoplasty with autologous fat injection requires advanced technology and exceptional doctors. Therefore, before choosing a place to have the service, you should do your research thoroughly and pick a brand with an operating license to keep your nose safe.

The rhinoplasty using autologous fat injection procedure

  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: General health examination
  • Step 3: Meticulous marking and fat extraction area determining to ensure the amount of fat is adequate yet doesn’t affect the region.
  • Step 4: Sterilization and anesthetization
  • Step 5: Fat extraction using Lipo Ultrasound
  • Step 6: Quality cells extracting for the fat injection
  • Step 7: Autologous fat injection using specialized tools
Fat extraction for rhinoplasty procedure
Fat extraction for rhinoplasty procedure

How much does rhinoplasty using autologous fat injection cost?

Depends on the facilities that the official price will vary. According to a study, the price tends to be between 20 – 40 million VND for one session.

Please remember that this price is only applied for one procedure, meaning that it will multiply if you want to maintain the beautiful contour.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – The place for prestigious rhinoplasty

Regardless if it is a nose thread lift, a nose fat injection, or a rhinoplasty surgery, you must have it done at a reputable facility recommended by many customers.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, with its modern infrastructure and exceptional doctors, is widely chosen by many as the renowned location for rhinoplasty.

Images of customers after having rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo

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We now understand the key information about the non-surgical rhinoplasty using autologous fat injection. We hope that this article will become useful to you in the future.

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