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Rhinoplasty Silicone Removal – All That You Need To Know

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A Rhinoplasty Silicone Removal is a rather simple minor surgery; however, if a removal is prescribed as the result of a complication then it must involve more complex techniques. Let’s take a look at the article below to know more about the related information.

What you need to know before having a Rhinoplasty Silicone Removal

1. What is the silicone used for rhinoplasty? Why must the silicone be removed?

Silicone is divided into different categories: Gel, liquid, solid, and flexible. This material has many uses in our lives. In the medical field, silicone is not only the alternative material used for transplants like contact lenses, catheters, etc. but also the material for cosmetic implants.

The types of silicone used in the cosmetic field are either in liquid or flexible form. The flexible silicone is shaped to look like a nasal dorsum with white or brown colors. This stick of silicone is placed on top of the nasal bone to make the nose higher.

2. How to distinguish the types of silicone?

Using silicone in rhinoplasty will quickly fill the sunken region of the low dorsal.

  • Liquid silicone

Liquid silicone is not recommended to be used in nose makeover as it can cause complications in the future as this type of silicone does not dissolve once entering the body. After some time, it will solidify within the nose and cause infection or necrosis.

  • Flexible silicone

This is the material that is used frequently in the early days of rhinoplasty due to its flexible, durable, and shapable nature. Therefore, flexible silicone is very popular in the field of cosmetic makeover.

However, recently, the silicone material has been replaced by the Nanoform biological cartilage material which is a type of high-quality cartilage with flexible nature and forms from thousands of Nano-size holes that allow the blood vessels and cells to travel even when foreign material is placed inside the nasal cavity.

In addition, silicone material can oppose a higher risk of having complications like dorsal exposure, material allergy, dorsal slip, nose redness, or tip puncture due to the hard silicone material pressing on the nose peak skin.

Therefore, if you are facing one of the mentioned conditions, you should seek a rhinoplasty silicone removal immediately.

Rhinoplasty Silicone Removal
Rhinoplasty Silicone Removal

When should you have a rhinoplasty silicone removal?

A rhinoplasty will certainly help to form a higher and more beautiful nose contour for the face. However, in certain cases, a rhinoplasty can cause complications that must be treated using a rhinoplasty silicone removal.

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1. Unsuitable nose shape

In some cases, the nose after a rhinoplasty using silicone cartilage is not suitable for the face either because the nose is too high, too stiff, or the shape is asymmetrical.

Cases like that will not only affect the aesthetic look but also increase the risk of tightening the skin of the dorsal, causing redness on the nose. That is why rhinoplasty silicone removal is a necessary solution.

2. Undesirable nose shape

The nose after a silicone rhinoplasty is not up to expectation, or maybe because the old nose shape is no longer of your interest and makes you want to change to a different rhinoplasty cartilage material. In that case, a rhinoplasty silicone removal is very crucial in allowing you to change to a different nose contour.

However, too many nose revisions are not a very good thing as the risk of having complications rises exponentially with each revision.

3. Nose complications

Aside from the aesthetic aspects that make you want to remove the cartilage, complications caused by the silicone rhinoplasty like itchiness, redness, deformity, capsular contraction, etc. are also very dangerous.

The complications that happened after a rhinoplasty can also be caused by the unfitting body condition of the patient with the silicone material. The body rejects the foreign material and causes conditions like edema or long-term redness. If the conditions persist, the issue will get more serious and affect your health. Therefore, a rhinoplasty silicone removal is a must.

Discover the facility with “SAFE” rhinoplasty procedure

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has successfully performed many techniques of rhinoplasty. By catching up with the latest trend and sending our doctors for training in foreign countries, we promise to bring our customers the most impressive and beautiful nose shapes.

With over 15 years of experience, the team of doctors at Gangwhoo guarantees that the rhinoplasty will be done in a correct standard procedure and technique to give our clients the most harmonious and symmetrical nose shape/

Along with the standard technique at Gangwhoo, we also make use of high-quality cartilage materials imported directly from Korea, America,… with great durability and compatibility to ensure no rejection happens after some time. Therefore, you can have yourself a lasting nose without worrying about anything.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also equipped with the latest and most cutting-edge machinery to fulfill all the safety and quality requirements from the customers.

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