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Can Rhinoplasty Overcorrection Be Dealt With?

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A slim nose can definitely bring harmony to the face. However, overcorrection not only can destroy the balanced look but also create complications. To understand more about rhinoplasty correction, let’s take a look at the article below!

Will rhinoplasty overcorrection affect anything?

It can be said that having a high nose shape is something that everyone wants. That is why so many people choose rhinoplasty to improve the shape of the nose. However, is it true that the higher the nose the better?

Recently, many customers have come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for plastic surgery to have a nose revision due to the overcorrection of the previous surgery. Many customers feel that the bridge of the nose is too big or the shape of the nose is not suitable for the face. Many customers feel pain due to the rhinoplasty overcorrection as the skin becomes thinner, exposing the cartilage.

Rhinoplasty Overcorrection
Rhinoplasty Overcorrection

The main reason for Rhinoplasty Overcorrection

  • Customer demand

Many women have come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital and asked for a rhinoplasty to be overdone just because they think that the higher the nose, the more beautiful and luxurious it will be. However, they cannot realize that a high nose is not a beautiful nose, but actually, a beautiful nose is when that nose looks harmonious with the face. Because of that, many people have to undergo nose revision, to deal with rhinoplasty overcorrection.

  • Unprofessional doctor

Doctors who are good at their profession and dedicated to their job will not perform surgery for the sake of profit. A good doctor will have to rely on the client’s nose condition to be able to design the most suitable nose shape and in accordance with feng shui.

Of course, the doctor will also know what consequences will a rhinoplasty overcorrection cause, right?

Can Rhinoplasty Overcorrection Be Dealt With?

If the nose is too high, whether it’s because of your own wishes or due to a mistake in the rhinoplasty process, there will be remedies. However, the effectiveness and safety of nose revision depend on many factors, such as the amount of time has it been after the first surgery, care regimen, and condition of the customer, etc.

Therefore, to ensure the aesthetics as well as your own safety, when aiming for rhinoplasty, you need to consider not to have your nose overdone and choose a quality aesthetic address to can perform rhinoplasty to minimize errors.

To overcome the problem of rhinoplasty overcorrection, you need to go to reputable cosmetic facilities to conduct nose revision with the same standard steps as when going for rhinoplasty:

  • First, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination and assessment of the condition of the nose as well as advise you on the shape of the nose to suit you.
  • Next, the doctor will administer anesthesia to perform the nose revision. They will make a small incision in the nose, remove the old rhinoplasty material, and replace it with new cartilage that fits the face.
  • Finish the nose correction process by suturing the incision with cosmetic sutures.

After the nose revision, you need to maintain scientific aftercare as instructed, take medicine at the right time and dose as prescribed by the doctor, and attend follow-up appointments on time.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

A place for reputable nose revision

If the rhinoplasty is overdone and you are struggling to deal with it, you need to go to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. This is a leading beauty brand in Vietnam as it applies safe aesthetic technology in correcting the shape of the nose.

With a team of experienced specialists, the doctor here will directly examine the problem of each customer’s nose. Depending on the needs of each person, the doctor will balance and adjust the shape to make it suitable for the general structure of the face.

Rhinoplasty overcorrection will be corrected by Gangwhoo’s doctor to achieve the desired result. Above all, customers can be completely assured because there is a long-term warranty for customers. For this reason, everyone will get the desired result.

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If you are suffering from rhinoplasty overcorrection, head straight to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital now! This is the facility that you should never miss out on when having aesthetic issues.

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